February 2013

house_well-11(NOTE: This post is an updated copy of my 2012 post [see also: 20112010,  2009,  2008])

(Check our your property value using the official Fairfax county link.)

THE BASIC SUMMARY: Our real estate assessment stayed the same. No up or down. To. the. dollar. That’s fishy. Seems like perhaps values went down slightly, but Fairfax County wanted to keep the tax revenue going. A 0.00% increase (house went up 0%, land went up 0%), which is obviously less than the average of yearly gains (5.8% a year on average, as of 2 years ago), and slightly less than last year’s 3% increase. Our house value increased $0 a month. That would make this the 4th worst year for our investment return, and the worst return of the last 3 years as well. But we’re still way ahead.

In 1999, we bought the house at  $141K.
In 2000, we  were  assessed  at  $142K.
In 2001, this  grew   by 3.5% to $147K.
In 2002, this  grew   by  39% to $205K.
In 2003, this  grew   by   3% to $211K.
In 2004, this  grew   by  24% to $261K.
In 2005, this  grew   by  34% to $349K.
In 2006, this  grew   by  13% to $395K. [addition basically complete]
In 2007, this  grew   by   3% to $406K  (peak)
In 2008, this dropped by   7% to $375K. [addition officially complete]
In 2009, this dropped by   3% to $364K.
In 2010, this dropped by  18% to $298K. (ouch)
In 2011, this  grew   by   3% to $307K. Finally a gain! 
In 2012, this  grew   by  ~3% to $316K.
In 2013, this   remained      at $316K.

We’re 22% down from our peak value. (But not 37% like 3 years ago)

The house is still worth 2.36X more than we owe on the mortgage (2012=2.32X,2011=2.27X).

We still owe $133.9K on our mortgage [2012=$136.1K].

In 2013, we owe about $2000 less on our mortgage than we did the prior year. [2012=we owed $700 MORE than the prior year due to refinance costs].

So we are still ahead (assessed value minus what is owed on the mortgage) by $182.0K. (2012=$179.8K, 2011=$171.7K, 2010=$163K).

However, our gain in getting ahead was only $2.2K this year, far less than previous years’ gain in being ahead. (2012=$8.1K, 2011=$8.7K).

We’ve lived here 13 years now, so that’s a running average of getting $12,997 ahead each year. This running average has been declining: 2012=$14,903,2011=$15,609.
Per month, that is $1083 ahead each month. [2012=$1249,2011=$1300] ahead each month.

Our mortgage is down to $1025 from  $1300 (refinanced), so this place seems to literally be paying for itself: It’s value goes up more each month, on average, over the entire time we’ve lived here… Than how much we pay each month!

(Of course, the addition wasn’t free, it was about $80K, so we’re really only $102.0K ahead (2012=$99.8K,2011=$91.7K), or only $7,283 ahead per year (2012=$8,317,2011=$8,336), or only about $606 (2012=$693,2011=$694) ahead each month. Still not shabby.))

These people who say houses aren’t a good investment don’t know what they’re talking about. Even if it’s value drops 90%, you’re still getting 10% more of your money back than if you were renting! And we’re sure as hell doing better than dropping 90%… We’re getting double our money back, assuming value holds.

We also have way more living space than people who pay the same amount: 2500 sq ft @ 1025/mo = 41 cents per square foot per month. People in this area (inside the D.C. beltway, or inside D.C. itself) are often paying rates 3-4X as much per square foot month.

Here’s the new graph:

2012’s graph:

2011’s graph:


Broken down via land vs. building:

2000: $71K
2001: $71K
2002: $90K (+27%)
2003: $100K (+11%)
2004: $150K (+50%)
2005: $184K (+23%)
2006: $166K (-10%) [addition completed]
2007: $166K
2008: $184K (+11%)
2009: $166K (-10%)
2010: $148K (-11%)
2011: $148K
2012: $152K (+2.7%)
2013: $152K

2000: $71K
2001: $76K (+7%)
2002: $115K (+51%)
2003: $111K (-3%)
2004: $111K
2005: $165K (+49%) [addition possibly counted here]
2006: $229K (+39%) [addition completed]
2007: $241K (+5%)
2008: $192K (-20%)
2009: $198K (+3%)
2010: $150K (-24%)
2011: $159K (+6%)
2012: $164K (+3%)
2013: $164K

FOOTNOTE: 2006 was about when the construction was mostly finished, but due to problems with it being completely finished, it might not have been legally counted as finished until 2008.

RANDOM NOTE: The Google Chart Playground is very, very useful. Saves a lot of manual page refresheses…

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ABUSE OF AUTHORITY: Philly Cop Found Not Guilty for Punching Woman on Camera

Fucking ridiculous. That is all.

Let us remember Philadelphia Police Lt. Jonathan Josey as the violent thug that he is.

Let s remember Judge Patrick Dugan as the judge who ruled police can punch us in the face if we are holding a beer.

LINK URL: http://www.photographyisnotacrime.com/2013/02/26/philly-cop-found-not-guilty-for-punching-woman-on-camera/

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Here’s an old story… The year was probably around 1991 or so.

1991ish - Clint's room - Clint - close-up - 0446

me, 1991ish

I would skip lunch every day during the week, so that I could pool my lunch money in addition to my $2/week allowance and be able to afford a new cassette each weekend at Potomac Mills

1991ish - Ravi's random picture of some girl from Potomac Mills jewely store - we dared him - (by Ravi S) - 0440

Random hot ‘older’ chick (now younger than me, I bet) that we dared Ravi to take a random picture of. Potomac Mills Mallrat days, 1991ish.

Occasionally, I would buy an album simply because I’d heard someone mention the name, or because I thought the cover art was good. Especially if it was on a label I liked, like Noise Records.

20080419 - Sabbat concert at Jaxx - 154-5494 - Clint & his autographed albums

Dreamweaver: One of the greatest albums of all time.

There was no real way to find out about music. Everyone else’s taste sucked. For instance, to get my first Misfits album, I asked punks in the record store which one I should buy. They sent me home with Earth A.D.. Yay.

1990ish - The Misfits - Die Die My Darling - front cover - black on white (traced by Clint)

Earth A.D.: A great Misfits album to start with. If you can handle that, the rest will be easy. Here’s a drawing I traced from the Die Die My darling 12-inch vinyl single. DDMD is also on Earth A.D.

So anyway — this week, I decided to buy Slip It In, by Black Flag. Without knowing at all what it sounded like.

To this day, I can’t STAND Henry Rollins, OR HIS FUCKING NECK. (Except his open letter to Ann Coulter. That was awesome.)

Suffice to say, I was incredibly, incredibly disappointed with this album. I found it to be one of the most annoying, grating things that I’ve ever heard. And I was someone who pretty much listened exclusively to speedmetal (as it was called then, today, thrash metal more accurately describes the specific metal I would listen to).

20080704 - X-Day at Brushwood - 161-6150-diptych-161-6151 - Crock Of Shit

”What is this shit?!?!?!?!”

I tore the cover up into tiny pieces. I then consumed each and every tiny piece, until the entire album cover had been eaten. Since I thought it was shit, it was fitting to use my body to turn it into actual shit.

20070610 - Jess & Nate's wedding - (by Casey) - Carolyn, Clint eating his tie - 541908297_3ec954bb08_b

Sometimes I eat weird things. Like a whole piece of paper during class in college once, ’cause I was so hungry and I don’t cut class.

I then broke apart the plastic cassette. I stretched the tape out from my best friend Sam Watson‘s house, all the way to my house.

path of Black Flag cassette tape

path of Black Flag cassette stretch

Never before have I destroyed music in such a total fashion.


the Album Tacos version of this album would have tasted much better…

Anyway, the title refers to one of my best Halloween costumes. This would be around 8th or 9th grade, when I took a broken cassette or two, and covered myself in cassette tape, and simply went as “Cassette Man”. I did this with blank tapes that had broken from overuse or abuse. It was a pretty cool costume, and I bet no pictures of it exist :/

1991ish - Clint's room - Sam, Clint - playing guitar - 0441

Me & Sam Watson, 1991ish, making ridiculous music that I could stand far more than Black Flag’s ”Slip It In”.


 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link]

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): Reality TV suddenly becomes important.

PEOPLE: Directed by actor/producer/writer/director Peter Berg (who directed Hancock, and stars in Chicago Hope). Written by a 2 Caprica + Battlestar Galactica + Deep Space 9 + Star Trek:TNG writer/producers.

The 12 crew members are played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (captain) (Black Hawk Down), Kerry Bishe (Scrubs), Joy Bryant (Parenthood), Jose Pablo Cantillo (Verona in Crank, a cop in Disturbia, and of course 1 ep of Nip/Tuck, like sooo many people), Ritchie Coster (The Chechen in Batman:The Dark Knight), James D’Arcy (Exorcist 2004), Clea DuVall (!!!!) (21 Grams, But I’m A Cheerleader, The Grudge, The Faculty, Can’t Hardly Wait, Heroes, Carnivale), Gene Farber (4 eps of 24), Sienna Guillory (Inkheart, Jill Valentine in Resident Evil:Apocalypse, The Time Machine), Erik Jensen, Nelson Lee (Blade:The Series), and Omar Metwally (Rendition). The “virtual man” is played by Jimmi Simpson (Bob from The Invention Of Lying, Lyle The Intern on David Letterman 2008-2009, 2 eps of Carnivale, 3 eps of 24).

QUIRKS: Virtual reality. Space travel. Reality TV. And all in the first 15 minutes! I really don’t think these 3 things have EVER been combined! Being on a spaceship with 5 billion viewers of a reality tv show based on you being on a spaceship? Way to add to the stress!

VISUALS: Dry and sterile. This is about being trapped in a metal cylinder [a space ship] for 10 years. Though the activation of the Orion Drive was pretty damn cool.

BAD STUFF: Very very interesting, but the fatal flaw is that the movie just… stops. There really should be more. Carolyn didn’t feel robbed, but I did a bit. I was told to think of it more as a pilot movie, due to the fact that things don’t *REALLY* conclude. I listened to this advice, but never realized that it REALLY IS a Made-for-TV pilot. The movie literally ended without me realizing any of the subplots were even close to being properly concluded. It’s too bad this wasn’t picked up as a series. But they should be more clear that it’s a pilot, when marketing it. Of course, I could have done more research, but I avoid doing that, because I want to avoid spoilers.

GOOD STUFF: The psychology. The virtual reality / computer bug / 2001 angle. The Hollywood / reality TV angle. The save the human species angle. The Parkinson’s Disease angle. There are SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS GOING ON in this. I see now that it is because they were setting up multiple plots that would take full seasons to come to fruition, but really, it was kind of nice that it was so chock full of interesting happenings. This is, perhaps, an example of what TV has to offer that movies don’t. (Despite the fact that I thought this was a “real” movie when I was watching it.) I don’t watch much sci-fi TV — and it’s not a leading category for my movies either (that would be comedy) — but if this was a series I would be a faithful viewer ’til the end. This could have been a Firefly-level happening, had FOX not been so typically stupid about picking up series.

CONCLUSION: This would have been a 5-star movie if it had not ended so abruptly! That is, had it been a movie and not a pilot.

Clint: Netflix: 4.4/5 stars (a high 4). IMDB: 8.4/10.
Carolyn: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10.
The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 6.5/10, Netflix: 2.6/5 stars (Netflix‘s predicted rating for us was 3.4/5 stars).

RECOMMENDATION: Sci-fi people should check this out! It’s much more psychology-based than effects-and-action-based, which is how science fiction SHOULD be.

SIMILAR MOVIES: Almost seemed like a combination of Pandorum (without the horror elements), 2001 (the movie), Avalon (2001), and the movie Live! (without the political elements).

COINCIDENCES: While talking about the earth being uninhabitable in 100 years, showing red circles in the Gulf Of Mexico followed by a BP station collapsing is quite interesting, what with the current Deepwater Horizon oil well catastrophe currently happening as of the writing of this blogpost.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Several people I knew had seen this, and had good things to say about it. (more…)

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RELIGION: Cardinal Roger Mahony: I Forgive Those Who Are Angry at Me for Covering Up Child Rape

What a piece of shit. This guy is worse than the worst child molester you can imagine.

The commenters are right: The Catholic Church needs to be charged under RICO organized crime laws.

If you tithe, you’re paying for rape. Period.

LINK URL: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2013/02/17/cardinal-roger-mahony-i-forgive-those-who-are-angry-at-me-for-covering-up-child-rape/

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