I was so annoyed that this album became popular RIGHT after I started listening to it. I actually had a copy before they ever had a video on MTV. Then they became super-mainstream.

Still, this is my favorite Alice In Chains album – and frankly, the only one I think is truly worth owning and KNOWING.

Without further adieu, here is a listing of the songs in the Alice In Chains album “Facelift”, in order from best to worst. Yes… This probably took me 40 minutes to evaluate and verify! Sweet love my labor…


01_We Die Young [JtC’s #2]
04_Bleed The Freak
06_Love, Hate, Love
02_Man In The Box
07_It Ain’t Like That [JtC’s #3]
03_Sea Of Sorrow [Parthena’s favorite]
12_Real Thing [they should’ve fleshed out the structure more]
05_I Can’t Remember [possibly the best bridge on the album, though]
09_Put You Down
11_I Know Somethin’ (Bout You)
08_Sunshine [JtC’s #1]

I will accept other submissions of other peoples’ rankings, but you MUST *actually* evaluate all the songs. That means comparing one song to the song next to it, bumping it up one, and doing it again and and again until everything is sorted. This is very similar to a bubble sort.

Here is the full album on youtube:
Mark I’s commentary on why this ISN’T the best Alice In Chains album (he’s wrong!): I like it a lot less than “Dirt”, which I gave 3.5 stars. It has some decent songs (“Man In The Box”, “Bleed The Freak”), but for good stretches of the album I find it too turgid and inert. Plus some of the lyrics are just dreadful. However, it does have Staley’s zombie vocals going for it, which are instantly recognizable and idiosyncratic. Tho AIC’s and Staley’s sound where pretty much the main template for the godawful abomination that was/is post-grunge ):
So I say: 3/5 stars. 6/10.

Autumn S’s list:

It Ain’t Like That Anymore [my #5]
Man in the Box [my #4]
I Can’t Remember [my #8]
We Die Young [my #1]
Sea of Sorrow [my #6]
Sunshine [my #12]
Bleed the Freak [my #2]
Love, Hate, Love [my #3]
Put You Down [my #9]
Real Thing [my #7]
Confusion [my #11]
I Know Somethin’ (Bout You) [my #10]

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