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Got up around 7:45AM, made it out driving by 8:25AM and went out until 1:28PM for a total of 5h3m (3h16m spent driving, 1h47m at sales).

Spent $97.75 plus ~$14.58 gas for 54.3 miles of driving (12.7 mpg @ $3.41/G), for a total cost of $112.33.

We drove to 52 yard sales, stopping at 26 (50%) of them. We made 27 purchases (51 items) for a total estimated value of $770.52, leading to a profit/savings of $658.19.

So in essence, we multiplied our initial investment by 6.86X.

(Also, if you think about it, the profit counts for even more when you consider that we have to earn $770 on the job, pre-tax, in order to take home the $658 in cash that we saved. How long does $770 of disposable income take to earn, vs the 5 hrs we spent here?)

Anyway, this works out to a *post-tax* “wage” of $130.33/hr as a couple or $65.17/hr per person.


[Yes, writing in the 3rd person, because Carolyn & I co-authored this.]

Clint had shaved his facial hair into a handlebar mustache the day before… He had also added some fake blood coming from his ear all the way down his neck. This is something he does while drinking with friends. But then he decided to go yardsaleing like that. Also: Clint was wearing a Celtic Frost shirt with a prominent pentagram on it.

20100727 - Clint's mustache - Cyclohexane-style - IMG_1419

The best part was when we went to a church bazaar. Walking inside of a church, interacting with youth volunteers, all while visibly “bleeding” and wearing a pentagram and handlebar mustache. Fun times.

Despite going go 26 yard sales, only two people total commented on the fake blood. Both were female. The one asked questions about who Celtic Frost was, and what kind of music they were. When we were walking away, she said, “Have a Celtic day!”

Also, a few people commented on Carolyn’s glow-in-the-dark Misfits shirt.

This whole expedition was amazing in that it was amazing that we even got out of bed… Friends came over at like 7:30PM, we were drinking by 11:30PM, and up until 4:15AM or so! Somehow Clint roused out of bed at 7:45AM WITHOUT EVEN FEELING TIRED.

When we got the bowling balls, and the car ramps, we arranged them in the trunk in such a way that the bowling balls kept rolling around inside the ramps. It was funny how much noise they made. Every time the car accelerated or decelerated…. You had a 1-second bowling ball roll sound. One would think it was the sound of damage being done if one did not know what was causing it.

We had to use Carolyn’s phone to navigate at one point because we’re dorks and didn’t think about how you could cross over Rolling Road and go straight. Derp.

There was a really nice-looking blue acoustic guitar for $50 that we didn’t buy. It was the nicest shade of blue I’ve ever seen on a guitar in person.

There were tons of Walking Dead graphic novels that we missed by 2 minutes.

There was a pair of the original Hulk Hands for $10. We could have completed our set, and we called Sean to see if he would be interested in the other one, but we all passed. They were being sold by a single-mom woman who was being kicked out of her rented house in 30 days, and she had all kinds of cool stuff (the swords, lizard costume gloves). Clint spent a long time talking to her, and she thought he was in his 20s. Nope… I’m 39, ma’am. (I didn’t actually call her ma’am.) She had all the Dragon Ball Z action figures that Clint bought to prank his DragonBall-Z-loving co-worker by hiding them all over his cube. (Only to receive an announcement 2 hours later that they were replacing our cubes with pathetic little kiosks.)

Clint saw the fur rug and asked for the price. When the man said $10, Clint consulted with Carolyn. She got out and looked at it, and they decided to go ahead and get it, so Clint paid for it. While Carolyn picked it up and started taking it to the car, the man yelled at Carolyn that she didn’t pay for it, and she pointed at Clint and said, “He paid.” Then the guy was like “Oh, I thought you meant that other rug…” He decided to go ahead and let us have it for $10. I wonder if Clint being bloody and handlebar-mustached had any effect on the negotiation of the situation.

20130427 2026 - yardsale booty - our haul - IMG_5096

click through for the booty…


  • $15.00: blacklight fixture and bulb, 4′, Blacklite Bolt (EV:$34.99) – we can ALWAYS use more blacklights. MANY more! Bulbs cost $14, so this was like getting a fixture for $1.

  • $10.00: ramps, car, metal, Sears part 94-8003, 164552, 10/92, 7000 lb gross vehicle weight for the pair, 4200 lb capacity for the pair (EV:$44.99) – I REALLY REALLY need to change my oil. BADly. Already have plastic ramps, but I’ll feel less likely to die with metal ones.

  • $10.00: rug, fur, 58×58″ (EV:$85.49) – Oranjello LOVES this ‘fur’ rug, plus it REALLY glows in the blacklight.

20130429 - Oranjello likes the fur rug - IMG_5134
20130429 - Oranjello likes the fur rug - IMG_5132

  • $10.00: bowling ball (2): blue sparkly, labeled with Angie, Columbia 300, 12lb, 7F02724 (EV:$0.99); gray sparkly, Galaxie 300, 14lb, c7x51796 (EV:$2.99); bowling bags (2), pair of bowling shoes, blue ; notebook: Note-perfect Steno 6×9″ 80 sheets, (EV:$0.86); wrist brace, Dick Weber, Wrist Master II, pat. no 4047250, large fit (EV:$16.00) – my parents decorate their yard with these


  • $8.00: cat food (3 bags), Nutro Natural Choice, Indoor Active Health, Oceanfish flavor, 7 lbs (EV:$20.69), Nutro Max Cat, Adult, Roasted Chicken Flavor, 3lbs (EV:$11.24), Nutro Max Cat, Adult, Salmon Flavor, 16lbs (EV:$32.39 for 14lbs, so 36.96 at 2.31/lb) – and thus begins the era of much cat puke. Pukachittykat!

  • $5.00: fan, Honeywell, 12″ diameter, black with chrome trim, (EV:$19.99) – this is close to the most we’ve ever paid for a fan!

  • $5.00: game, The Way Things Work, David Macaulay (EV:$17.57) – seems fun to play a few times then give away to, say, Sagan when he’s 5-8 or something

  • $5.00: boombox, with real speakers, Sony, model# CFD-758, serial# 151934, CD Radio Cassette-corder, ac:120v 60Hz 40w, DC: 12V flashlight battery size D R20X 8 or equivalent, DC: 6v flashlight battery (computer/clock) size AA r6x4 or equivalent (EV:$49.99), a cassette tape was still in it: Polo Negrete “Mi Testimonio”. We gave it to Sean. – This is a pretty awesome boombox, because the speakers are removable. So now our kitchen boombox (which receives our 24/7 music via FM) has speakers on opposite sides of the kitchen, so it sounds in stereo instead of mono

  • $4.00: hot dogs (2) (EV:same. Hell, these would cost way more in a ball park so maybe I should be counting some savings here)

  • $3.00: game, Reminiscing, Twenty-First Century Master Edition, 1950-2000 (EV:$16.53) – to make our parents feel old

  • $2.00: paint sponges, leaves, 6×6″ (2), 2.5×1.5″ (2) – full Sponge Prince set, basically (EV:$10, but these originally went for $55!) – Wow, there is a video of these in use!:

    Mom used to paint with this kind of stuff.

20130427 2029 - yardsale booty - decorative paint sponges - IMG_5099

  • $2.00: work light, orange (EV:$15.97) – Our 10-cent one finally broke. So shameful having to pay TWENTY TIMES as much. The British guy who sold it really laughed and made a hallaballo about our hesitence to spend so much.

  • $2.00: donuts (2) (EV:$1.50, I mean, I hope they weren’t selling these at a loss)

  • $2.00: hot dog, long, with chili and cheese (EV:same)
  • $2.00: paperweight/orb, clear glass with pattern, ~3″ height (EV:$7.99) – Mom likes this kinda shit

  • $1.00: corkscrew, large, 20.25″, corkscrew part is ~18.75″ (EV:$29.99) – Okay, this is really an antique post hole auger, except it’s done in corkscrew style. We had to get this for our sommelier friend Chablis!

20130427 2035 - yardsale booty - Star Trek 2, large corkscrew (post hole auger) - IMG_5126

  • $1.00: 3 stickers, 2 Simpsons: Mmmm…Floor Pie 2005 3×4.125″, 100% Bart 2005 4.125×3″, 1 Darth Vader 4×4″ (EV:$1.00*3=$3) – Simpsons on our side-surround speakers, Vader on Clint’s computer’s window

  • $1.00: stool, 24″ folding stool w/ vinyl padded seat, 20100416, 4468137631, 37801blk1, barcode scan brings up Cosco Basic Stool (EV:$11.99) – Carolyn had to actually call the 1-800 number to figure out how to fold it. This is a good replacement for the EXACT SAME STOOL that someone ruined during a Cards Against Humanity game at a party we threw. Twice the size, half the price.

  • $1.00: game, Reminiscing, Millenium Edition, 1940-1999 (EV:$19.95) – to make our parents feel old (again)

  • $1.00: paperweight, scorpion, sparkly blue background, 3.25″ diameter (EV:$2.00) – a much larger (and bluer) (and sparklier) version of the same paperweight I use at work

20130427 2033 - yardsale booty - scorpion paperweight - IMG_5122

  • $1.00: sword, toy, 36″, 11.5″ hilt (EV:$13.29) – Utterly useless, but too cool to refuse.

  • $0.50: action figure, He-Man Man-At-Arms McDonald’s, bendable legs, arm, twisty waist, head, 4.5″, 2003 (EV:$3.67) – never had a He-Man action figure before!

  • $0.50: action figure, He-Man, Skeletor, McDonald’s, bendable arms, legs, twisty waist, head, 4.5″, 2003 (EV:$6.00)

  • $0.50: toy, xylophone (EV:$5.69), but ours has 8 notes. This thing is pretty addictive, actually. I don’t know if I can part with it.

  • $0.50: plastic figurine, Bart Simpson, dressed for church, 3.5″ (EV:$5.49 but ours doesn’t have the accessories, so we’ll say $3) – for our shelves

20130427 2032 - yardsale booty - Simpsons stickers, Darth Vador sticker, scorpion paperweight - IMG_5109

  • $0.50: toy, stuffed, South Park: Kenny, 14″ (EV:$5.95) – because we have the rest of them in this format

  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Majin Buu, 6″, partial soft rubber body, Irwin (EV:$10.95) – pranked my office co-worker with all these DBZ figures!
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Frieza, silver, Burger King, 2000, 4″, rotating waist (EV:$1.99)
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Goku, blonde long hair, red pants with holes, 5.5″, bendable joints, Irwin (EV:$14.90)
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Gohan, blonde hair, Saiyan armor, 2003, 6″, bendable joints, turning head (EV:$14.95)
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, 6.5″, bendable joints, twisty waist, ankles and wrists, 2004, (EV:$16.16[based on avg of the others])
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Majin Buu, sumo wrestler, squishy shorts, 5.5″ (EV:$14.99)
  • 20130427 2030 - yardsale booty - Dragon Ball Z action figures - IMG_5103

  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Goku, blonde hair, red suit, blue shirt, bend legs, 5.5″, 2003 (EV:$15.55)
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Goku, blonde hair, no shirt, red pants with holes in knees, bendy legs, shoulders, 5.5″, 2001 (EV:$19.99 but ours isn’t mint in the box, so we’ll call it $10)
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Gohan, blonde hair, brown suit, gray rubber cape, bendable joints, 5″. 2004 (EV:$16.16[based on avg of the others])
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Goku, transparent fire hair, fire shirt, 5.5″, 2002 (EV:$24.99)
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Goku, Super Saiyan 4, with tail, bendable joints, 6.5″, 2004 (EV:$19.99)
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Goku, black hair, big head, tiny body, 2″ (1.5″ is head) (EV:$16.16[based on avg of the others])
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta, black hair, blue pants, white shirt, bendable joints, 5″, 2003 (EV:$15.00)
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Gotenks, blonde long hair, 4″, 2002 (EV:$9.95)
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Cell, green, bendable arms, elbows, legs, 6″, 2002 (EV:$30.00)
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta, blonde, shorter, spiky Bart-Simpson-like hair, brown shirt, blue pants, bendable joints, 5.5″, 2004 (EV:$18.00)
  • $0.25: action figure, Dragon Ball Z, Goku, bendable arms, legs, twisty head, 5″, 2002 (EV:$14.99)

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* EV stands for “Estimated Value”, which I estimate by looking things up in Google Shopping/Google/Amazon/Ebay. I don’t always deduct for an item being used, unless it’s actually in worse condition in a way that matters. For example, I estimate books at the cover value. I also try to only count shipping if it’s the type of thing that would need to be shipped, and only if the price isn’t “fixed” (i.e. 1 cent items that cost $10 to ship would not be $10 in person).

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