movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] One of the lowest-rated movies we have ever decided to watch. People sure hate sexual deviancy!

PLOT SUMMARY: Here’s a summary. It doesn’t quite capture what this movie’s about, but it’s certainly an informative summary.

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): [highlight for spoilers] Perverts can only fall in love with other perverts.

PEOPLE: Written, directed, and starring newcomer Brad T. Gottfred.

QUIRKS: VERY VERY VERY quirky. Indie feel. Very sexual, but much more about the psychological aspect, rather than being pornographic. Did this movie even show boobs? (A: Yes, but not memorably so.)

It’s listed as a drama, but in fact, it’s kind of a dark comedy.

VISUALS: The animated sequences were interesting, and reminded me a bit of the 2 John Cusack films (One Crazy Summer, Better Off Dead) that broke into animation a lot. The animation was deliberately simple: Stick figures. They depict the book he is writing — a box about stick figures having sex a lot, and then looking for a portal into the 3-dimensional books. But on a grander scale, the book that he is writing is a metaphor for the events of the movie itself, as is his neighbor Theodore who lost his dog, also named Theodore.

There’s a lot of orgy scenes [compared to most movies] during the beginning, but hardly at all in the 2nd half.

MORALS: The moral was interesting, as part of it was about how couples should indulge each other in their crazy sex fantasies — kind of a progressive message compared to most movies about alternative sex. Usually, in film, anyone who has alternative sex ends up with their life completely ruined. It just comes off as Jesus-influenced bullshit. It’s nice to see something more realistic for once.

GOOD STUFF: Even the dad turns out [highlight for spoilers] to not be a douche. (Not as much of a douche, anyway.) That was nice.

NEUTRAL STUFF: Uh, wow. The post-credits scene throws a monkey wrench into things and really opens up some questions and makes you wonder if maybe he’ll get those orgies too. Or was that just another fantasy? :) Or was his lesbian roommate never real in the first place? Just someone to have orgy fantasies about? It makes the movie more confusing, yet better. The scene is separate for a reason–you don’t have to consider it to be as important as the rest of the movie :) But wow, way to throw a total monkey wrench into things. Very interesting.

BAD STUFF: Definitely a bit low budget compared to what comes out of Hollywood; this is an Indie film to be sure.

It also had an odd religious angle, which is an automatic negative. However, this angle wasn’t intolerable as such things are in most movies. It actually added heart. It actually wasn’t really a bad thing, other than me being against spirituality. But that’s mostly because spirituality is 99% bullshit — This movie actually had some good spirituality in it, something that fits in the other 1%. Still intangible and pointless, but of greater depth of meaning than most movies that have a spiritual angle.

CONCLUSION: I found this to be quirky, oddly comedic, and even a tiny bit spiritual in a way that isn’t as annoying as 99% of film spirituality. It’s almost a coming of age film masked by a backdrop of INCREDIBLE QUIRKINESS [including sexual quirkiness, and animated stick figure interludes] and surrealism. Most people didn’t like this, and I think they’re dead wrong here. This was a great movie.

Clint: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 7.4/10 (a high 7).
Carolyn: Netflix: 3/5 stars. IMDB: 7/10.

The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 2.5/10! 2.5! WOW THAT’S LOW!. For Netflix: 2.1/5 stars (still pretty low). Apparently most people actually don’t like this movie!

RECOMMENDATION: If sexual deviancy and indie quirkiness doesn’t put you off, you might like this. If sexual psychology interests you, even better. Most people didn’t like this, and I think they’re FUCKED. Or maybe not getting fucked enough :) Or maybe having too much vanilla sex…

SIMILAR MOVIES: The movie Splendor subtly reminds me of this film, what with non-standard sexuality being embraced. The movie Control Alt Delete reminds me of this film even more, what with someone’s abnormal sexual fetishes at odds with their quest for a romantic soulmate [highlight for spoilers] who, as it turns out, is also sexually “deviant” as well (in both movies).