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UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): Satan’s power is AWESOME!!

QUIRKS: Based on a Marvel Comic book.

PEOPLE: Directed by Mark Steven Johnson (who wrote the alright Elektra and directed & wrote excellent Daredevil movies, and also wrote Grumpy Old Men, which I never saw).

Ghost Rider was played by Nicholas Cage (who has a Ghost Rider tattoo in real life, that had to be covered up! IRONY!). He also wrote some sections of the script. His stage name, Cage, is named after Luke Cage. He named his son Kal-El in real life! He lobbied hard to be in this movie. (Plus, I hear he needs money…)
The devil was played by Peter Fonda. Quite an interesting devil compared to normal.
Young Roxanne was played by Raquel Alessi, who was in Miss March. Older Roxanne played by Eva Mendes, who was in the movie Live!.
The caretaker was played by Sam Elliott (The Stranger from The Big Lebowski, Lee Scoresby from The Golden Compass, Up In The Air, Hulk 2003).
Blackheart was played by Wes Bently, who was in Weirdsville.

VISUALS: YESSSSS!!!!!!!!! Wow. I don’t think they could have done a better job on Ghost Rider’s live-action depiction. It was nothing short of epic.

MORALS: Don’t make deals with the devil! And watch out for his pointy clipboard.

Also, there’s a neat moral aspect of someone becoming an evil monster powered by the power of Satan, and turning around and using this power to destroy evil and help good. We were quite reminded of The Toxic Avenger movies, where the evil power of toxic waste creates a monster that is an evil-destroying hero.

GOOD STUFF: The special effects. The total badassery of Ghost Rider. Satan.

BAD STUFF: A few of the common superhero movie tropes are used here in a predictable fashion. “I am legion.. we are mannnny”, could have been better. Some predictable plot points. A lot of people find these types of movies cheesy to begin with. A lot of the dialog is cheesy to people who haven’t read comics. The villains weren’t real villains from the comic, and may as well have come from Smallville. Tons of people hate this film with the burning hate of 1000 suns. Indeed, most of the IMDB forum posts are about people hating this. I’m glad we’re not them.

CONCLUSION: It wasn’t perfect, but it was damn entertaining. The power of Satan compels you! Everyone seemed to hate this one in particular, and we seemed to love this one in particular. This is better than most of the Marvel comic book movies.

Clint: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 8.4/10.
Carolyn: Netflix: 4.6/5 stars. IMDB: 9/10.
Kinda strange how I gave it more stars, but Carolyn gave it more IMDB rating. But I loved it slightly more than her, despite finding possibly more flaw in it.

The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 5.2/10, Netflix: 3.2/5 stars (Netflix‘s predicted rating for us was 3.4/5 stars, but no, we loved this!). Why was this so low rated?!?!

RECOMMENDATION: If you liked the DareDevil movie, this is by the same director, with its similarly dark moments (power of Satan and all). That might be a good litmus test, though there are plenty of people who liked one while hating the other. If you consistently enjoy comic book movies, check this out.

SIMILAR MOVIES: A sequel is in the works for 2011. Actually, it should be out by the time this review is posted :)

MOVIE QUOTE: Johnny Blaze: My daddy once said, “If you don’t make a choice, the choice makes you.”

COINCIDENCES: (Ghost Rider, Flapjack S3E05) 2 videos in a row with souls flying around, mention of sulfur and brimstone, plus in Flapjack they drink candy out of alcohol glasses.

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