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PEOPLE: Relatively unknown newcomer directors and writers. Starring Adrien Brody (The pianist in The Pianist, The Village, Splice, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Thin Red Line) as the douchey psuedo-leader of the pack. Alice Braga (Beth in Repo Men, Anna in I Am Legend, Blindness) as the only female soldier in the group. Topher Grace (Eric Foreman from That 70’s Show) as the awkward, comedic-relief, doesn’t-seem-to-belong-here medic character. Oleg Taktarov (a sidekick bad guy in National Teasure) as the Chechen. Walton Goggins (House Of 1000 Corpses, The Bourne Identity) as the cocaine- and rape-lovin’ convict. Louis Ozawa Changchien as the Yakuza badass. Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (Tizzy from Benjamin Button) as the Sierra Leone douchebag. Danny Trejo (Machete, Fanboys, Smiley Face, Breaking Bad, and over 100 movies) as the Mexican. Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus from The Matrix, The Silver Surfer, Mystic River, Apocalypse Now) as the crazy dude they run into.

PLOT SUMMARY: Random soldier-types from all around the world get dropped off in a jungle, to be hunted by Predators. This isn’t really a spoiler, as this is apparent in the first 5 minutes of the movie.

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): [highlight for spoilers] Human prey fails to make it home.

QUIRKS: A sequel.

VISUALS: You get to see a lot of Predators–including their faces. And a couple other species. But for the most part, Predator movies just show you jungle, jungle, and more jungle. This seemed pretty consistent with Predator 1–but with better special effects, of course.

MORALS: Not in the jungle, no. Survive. Kill or be killed. Put your allies at risk to increase your changes of living. Do anything.

GOOD STUFF: It’s a fucking Predator movie. These things are so badass!

BAD STUFF: Some complained that this was too close to Predator 1. But this is not even a remake; Predator 1 [highlight for spoilers] doesn’t even take place on the same planet. It takes place on Earth.. Topher Grace’s character wasn’t really necessary, and didn’t add much to the movie. Kind of pointless. Everyone said Laurence Fishburne was too fat and well-groomed for the character he played. I’m not sure what people were really expecting here. It’s a predator movie. They’re all basically the same thing. If they weren’t, it wouldn’t be a Predator movie.

It also seemed like the Predators killed some people way too slowly, for how brutal they are. This seemed to be used to allow the plot to advance certain ways. I’m used to them shooting someone and having the person more or less gib into a bunch of blood-gravy.

This movie certainly got people talking: The IMDB forum has over 245 PAGES of threads. Wow. I think it’s uncommon to see more than 20 pages for most movies. Obviously a lot of people were hyping up their expectations for a long time. That’s a surefire way to be disappointed in a film.

CONCLUSION: Yup! Awesome Predator action, as usual.

Clint: Netflix: 4.4/5 stars. IMDB: 7.8/10.
Carolyn: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 7.6/10.

The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 6.8/10, Netflix: 3.7/5 stars (Netflix‘s predicted rating for us was 3.9/5 stars).

RECOMMENDATION: An obvious must-see for all Predator fanboys… Or even people who love hunting.

SIMILAR MOVIES: Predator 1, Predator 2. NOT Aliens Vs. Predators, which is quite different from this.


Cuchillo: This is hell.
Royce: Last time I checked you didn’t need a parachute to get there.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Jsun said he liked it almost as much as Predator 1.

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