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PEOPLE: Same director as Toy Story 2 (but not 1). Same writers as Toy Story 1-3. With Tom Hanks as Woody. Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear (a shame–I prefer Patrick Warburton from the show). Joan Cusack (High Fidelity) as Jessie. Ned Beatty (Homicide:Life On The Street, Replikator, Superman 1-2) as Lotso. Don Rickles and Estelle Harris (George Costanza’s mom in Seinfeld) as Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head. Jodi Benson (Tula in the Pirates Of Darkwater, Ariel in The Little Mermaid) and Michael Keaton as Barbie and Ken. Wallace Shawn (“INCONCEIVABLE!” from The Princess Bride, Heaven Help Us) as Rex. John Ratzenberger (Cliff from Cheers) as Hamm the pig. John Morris continued playing Andy, which is weird because it’s the only named character he’s ever played in a movie. Mr. Pricklepants is played by Timothy DaltonN (The King’s Whore, James Bond). Also with Whoopi Goldberg (and nobody noticed or cared!).

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): [highlight for spoilers] Shitty toys finally get thrown away…then tortured.

QUIRKS: A sequel in the same vein as the last 2 Toy Story movies. Highest grossing animated movie of all time, breaking $1B.

VISUALS: Amazing Pixar animation, as always. Some scenes were damn near photo realistic. How long until CGI becomes indistinguishable from photo realism? And what will they do then–purposely mar it up a bit in order to keep it from looking “too” real? WISH WE’D SEEN THIS IN 3-D! They had to recreate all their models from scratch, though this was only a result of the fact that they were unable to edit the original 1995 models due to technical glitches. Haha.

WILHELM SCREAM: Yup! We missed it, too :/

SOUNDTRACK: Not remarkable.

MORALS: Sometimes duty is better than taking the easy way out. This becomes even more apparent when you find out the easy way out is actually the hard way out :)

GOOD STUFF: First time I ever gave a shit about Barbie’s love for Ken. It was actually really awesome in the movie. “It’s like we’re… made for each other.” Hah! So obvious, yet so great to see that animated.

Best Mr. Potato Head scene in any movie ever.

Heart. So… much… heart… it hurts. It HURTS.

But above all: It was fun. And interesting. And entertaining. All the things one would expect from a Pixar A-movie. And yet, even still, it surpassed my expectations.

BAD STUFF: Nothing! I mean, everyone already knows their prejudices with this movie: Kid animated film. I don’t think there’s anything really bad here.

CONCLUSION: I’m pretty sure this was better than Toy Story 2, which I barely remember, but wrote a one-word summary for in 2004: “Strong”. WTF does that mean? Anyway, I think this was more than just “strong”. This was pretty awesome. More toys (302 characters in this film), more action, and now dealing with the hard process of getting rid of one’s toys.

Clint: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 8.6/10 (a low 9).
Carolyn: Netflix: 4.6/5 stars. IMDB: 8.6/10 (a low 9).

The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 8.8/10 (18th highest-rated movie ever, though I would expect this number to go down in the future).
Netflix: 4.5/5 stars (Netflix‘s predicted rating for us was 4.4/5 stars–slightly lower. Which is a decent prediction, really.).

RECOMMENDATION: If you liked the first 2 Toy Story movies, you can’t miss this one! It’s better than Toy Story 2, I think!

SIMILAR MOVIES: Toy Story 1-2.


Andy: Now Woody, he’s been my pal for as long as I can remember. He’s brave, like a cowboy should be. And kind, and smart. But the thing that makes Woody special, is he’ll never give up on you… ever. He’ll be there for you, no matter what.

Barbie: Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from threat of force!


Dad loved it – gave all 3 movies in the trilogy 5/5 stars.
Kenneth Huey: “Some amazing moments towards the end, quite moving.”
Mistar Sistar says: “Littal iDRMRSR rilly dug this flick, too. He was 5 when the first one came out. Still one of his obsessive fave series!”
Normal Jean really enjoyed it.


Outlaw Vern’s review, funny as usual. This is the best review of this movie! Go read this now!!

Armond White hated it!

Sexism and stereotypes?

It’s about the apocalypse!

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