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PEOPLE: Same director as the original.

PLOT SUMMARY: In a future time when most human thought has been accelerated by artificial intelligence and external memory can be shared on a universal matrix, Batou, an agent of the elite Section 9 Security Force and a being so artificially modified as to be essentially cyborg, is assigned, along with his mostly human partner, Togusa, to investigate a series of gruesome murders.

QUIRKS: Existential anime cyborg mystery action.

VISUALS: Astoundingly good. The visuals give this movie a +1/10 bonus. This is some of the best non-cgi animation around.


MORALS: What does it mean to be human?

POLITICS: Don’t trust the military-industrial complex! This is the same lesson almost every sci-fi movie I watch lately.

GOOD STUFF: Good animation. Good actions — when it happens.

BAD STUFF: Just like the first Ghost In The Shell, this was eye candy with a very thin plot. There were several long drawn-out boring parts that only made the viewer suffer through boredom. “Why do I care, again?” was something I asked myself several times. Apparently there is a parade sequence that took them a year to create. I don’t even remember it! It’s hard to pay attention when you’re bored out of your mind.

CONCLUSION: A film made passable only by its great animation.

Clint: Netflix: 3/5 stars. IMDB: 7/10. (Due to +1/10 bonus for visuals.)
Carolyn: Netflix: 3/5 stars. IMDB: 6/10.

The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 7.6/10, Netflix: 3.7/5 stars (Netflix‘s predicted rating for us was 3.3/5 stars–right for Netflix to know we’d like this less than average).

RECOMMENDATION: Skip it if you care only about the story; watch it if you care only about the animation.

SIMILAR MOVIES: It wasn’t obvious to me at first, but Surrogates covers some of the same areas as this movie. However, a much better choice for a similar movie would be… Blade Runner. It covers the issues of what it means to be human.

MOVIE QUOTE: “There’s loyalty that protects secrets and loyalty that projects the truth. You cannot serve both masters, so which loyalty is yours?”Mood: full
Music: Voivod – Project X