Inspired by the Facebook meme to “stop negativity by posting flowers”:

“Ignoring or rejecting the negative always of life is a certain pathway to ruin. Anybody with a solid grasp of philosophy whether it be religious or secular should recognize the importance of reflecting on the harm and trouble that may have been avoided. I’m no fan of this cultural movement to sugarcoat things. Adversity is the best teacher that I ever had, and were it not for many hard lessons and much reflection on my own responsibilities for the outcomes that caused me and others to suffer, I don’t believe I would be a person that many would welcome into their lives. The ugliness we expose here is medicine for those who have willfully failed to recognize their own responsibility and have not effectively corrected for their errors. This is necessary and important and we should lose no momentum in our struggle to represent the values that we need to better the balance of society in our nation. Flowers are nice, but not as nice as being able to trust those sworn to protect us to do so with expert judgement and compassion for the innocent.”

-Jess ByrdToo good. Had to save it.

Music: King Diamond – Amon Belongs To Them