VIDEO: MOVIE: REVIEW: The City Of Lost Children (1995)

Watched in 2004, but never reviewed on this blog.

This is an AMAZINGLY GREAT, VISUALLY SPECTACULAR, twisted, anachronistic fairytale, from the director of Amelie (2001) and Delicatessan (1991). This was the movie he made in between those. (Let’s not talk about Alien:Resurrection.)

“A scientist in a surrealist society kidnaps children to steal their dreams, hoping that they slow his aging process.”

That doesn’t even begin to address how awesome this movie is.

The cinematography is amazing.
Ron Perlman before he was known to me is amazing.
The sets are amazing.
The concepts are amazing — things never thought of in any movie I’ve ever seen.
Even the children are great.

There is a scene as twisted as one of the murder scenes from Strange Days, yet this movie is almost a fairy tale.

This could be a Tim Burton movie. But it’s not. It’s better ;)

Native rating: 7.7/10, 3.7/5 stars.
Our rating: 9/10, 5/5 stars.