BEWARE of Eliminator-brand blacklights!

As a lifelong owner of blacklights, I’ve not owned worse blacklights. It is unfortunate that I bought 12 of them. 5 failed within the first 2 months. They also don’t cooperate with x10 controllers very well, causing them to turn on and off spontaneously. The Ebay seller – Blue Haze Entertainment – dicked me around, played games, straight-up lied about replacements coming (as a stall tactic to avoid repercussions), and ultimately lost a Paypal dispute (PayPal Case Number PP-003-363-521-445 was adjudicated in my favor, returning $118.74 of the $284.97 I spent, but of course at least one more failed after that, & I won’t get THAT money back, or the money I paid to have mounts installed that match the mount points on this specific model).

Blacklight bamboozling at their best. Stay away from Blue Haze Entertainment, their shitty blacklights, their shitty customer service, and their shitty business practices.

Blue Haze Entertainment store, Eliminator lights, blacklights.

July 18, 2014.