Claire: 2.6/5 stars, 5.4/10.
Carolyn: 2.6/5 stars, 4.6/10.
Native ratings: 2.9/5 stars Netflix, 3.3/10 IMDB (ouch!!).

From the makers of Movie Movie, comes Not Another Movie Movie.

Just kidding.

This was an utterly generic Friedberg-Seltzer spoof movie. They have done many before this, and they are universally reviled as some of the worst comedic movies — oftne in the IMDB lowest 100 movies ever — Yet they KEEP GETTING MADE OVER AND OVER AND OVER. And we keep watching them. Somehow they keep getting money and keep making movies that usually get IMDB-rated in the 1-4 out of 10 range. How? I don’t know. Maybe people like me. I legitimately enjoyed the movie, even if a lot of the jokes were groan-inducingly bad. It was still a comedy in a sea of boring dramas, celebrity bullshit, and lame-ass infotainment.

Anyway, think of the difference between the best Robot Chicken episode, and the worst episode of Mad:TAS (the animated Mad Magazine cartoon; a “poor man’s Robot Chicken“). That is how big the difference between a GOOD spoof movie (Airplane, Scary Movie) and a BAD spoof movie (this, Epic Movie, Date Movie, etc) is.

This falls in the bad category.

It’s still a pill that can be swallowed if you just want some *STUPID* mindless entertainment. And if you’re a big Hunger Games fan (we are), it probably helps get this pill down. And also the alcohol we had.

But man, there were some painful moments, for sure. GROAN-inducingly bad jokes. Jokes that just aren’t funny. You sit through them in order to get to the ones that are funny. I don’t mind too much because I still laughed a lot.

The sad truth is I will probably keep watching any movies these guys make. But I’ll reserve them for a weeknight that I feel like drinking a beer during….

Carolyn’s thoughts: This was pretty bad. The jokes were forced, and it just seemed like they were trying way too hard. There were some slight laughs, but that couldn’t save it overall. The outtakes at the end were good, though. [She rated it almost the same as me.]

Written and directed by Jason Friedberg (Scary Movie 1-4, Disaster Movie, Epic Movie, Meet The Spartans, Vampires Suck) and Aaron Seltzer (Scary Movie 1-4, Disaster Movie, Epic Movie, Meet The Spartans, Vampires Suck).

Maiara Walsh (Zombieland, Mean Girls 2) as Kantmiss Evershot.
Lauren Bowles (True Blood, 9 eps of Seinfeld ,1 ep of Curb Your Enthusiasm) as Effoff.
Brant Daugherty as Dale, Kantmiss’s boyfriend.
Diedrich Bader (Batman in Batman: The Brave And The Bold, Zeta in The Zeta Project (and that 1 ep of Batman Beyond), Vampires Suck, Meet The Spartans, EuroTrip, Napoleon Dynamite, Office Space, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Batman in Mad, 11 eps of The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy, 6 eps of Napoleon Dynamite, 4 eps of Ultimate Spider-Man, 3 eps of Gargoyles, 3 eps of The Green Lantern-TAS, 3 eps of King Of The Hill, 1 ep of NTSF:SD:SUV::, 1 ep of Gravity Falls, 1 ep of Arrested Development, 1 ep of TripTank) as President Snowballs.
Cody Christian as Peter Malarkey.
Theodus Crane (Big Tiny in 3 eps of The Walking Dead) as Cleaver Williams, the former survivor turned anchor.