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Those files have been moving on and off since Thursday. Heh heh. Anyway… I might just go against what all my previous decisions have been based on and just build a computer from scratch myself. I’m starting to realize that the effort of compromise is far more painful than the effort of doing it yourself. This is true in areas other than the computer as well. Many areas. Maybe it would have been easier to just upgrade my old computer.. But.. I need a case that can physically contain all my stuff; the other wasn’t cutting it. I’m eyeing the Abit IP35 motherboard, which has optical digital audio out (7.1) on the damn motherboard, as well as two ethernet ports, 6 internal & 2 external SATA harddrive connectors. And probably an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 CPU. Yawn.

New problem arose last night… I noticed that on the TV-out of the “new” computer, the entire right side of the screen is cut off.  You can’t even see the tray.  When watching stuff with subtitles, it is very obvious that you are missing the right 8% of the screen or so.

So I activate the ATI Catalyst control panel.. and… IT NEVER COMES UP.  Of course, this is the first time (since I installed it 2 days ago) that it doesn’t come up.  And rebooting didn’t fix it. And that is the ONLY place you can change screen orientation — you can’t do it in control panel.  Not with these drivers.

I guess my only option is to completely uninstall my video card drivers, re-install, and hope it comes up that time.  Christ!

So, last night the 750G #2 and 500G drives dropped off of Carolyn’s computer.  Two different SATA drives on two different SATA controllers, both of which still have one drive per controller still working.  This basically eliminates all the TV shows we want to watch, forcing us to choose different things to watch.  I had just moved the music off of it, to the “new” computer, about an hour before the drive ceased to exist.  I hope Carolyn’s computer didn’t kill them, or she will have to be doing a LOT of dvd restoring for YEARS of our television watching.  I guess we are destined to NOT be able to have all our harddrives in a computer until we buy a NEW computer.  PuegetSystems is expensive.  I need to move on a new computer.. NOW.  I really don’t want to have to spend $3,000 on it though.

I WANT MY WINDOWS KEY TO WORK GODDAMNIT… wtf. No, Control-Escape isn’t good enough for me!! It was my meta key for winamp…. I don’t want to use the stupid buttons. I like normal keys, damnit.

Girder sucks, but it’s all I know. I can’t believe that Girder under XP can’t capture the Windows keyboard, but Girder under 2K can. Laziness has prevented me from downgrading XP to 2K, but more and more, I just find more things I hate about XP. Now that my XP machine has become my primary machine… I am half-tempted to re-install windows. But, in the interest of the short-term, I will try to live with this crap. I have for 2.5 years already; just not as my primary computer. (more…)

Okay, we made the decision to move all the music from Carolyn’s computer (called Magic), where it was recovered off its original 120G drive, onto her newest 750G drive. Since Hell is now in charge of playing music now that Storm has died, it makes sense for the music to be on that computer. Otherwise, everytime Carolyn reboots, the music will stop. (more…)

It’s official. I now have 1,000 times the harddrive space that I had 10 years ago, when I lost a 4G drive that still hurts my soul deeply to this day due to some of the journals that were forever lost, such as my dreamlog (among others I wont speak of). But anywayYay…4 terabytes! (more…)

Day 3 of repairing our computer setup. (more…)

Dead computer. No way to watch what I want to watch, listen to what I want to listen to, or do what I want to do. But we have a spare computer in the kitchen. What next? (Please read on, this is serious stuff!:)) (more…)

So, my primary computer (named Storm) died Monday morning at around 5:30AM, while Carolyn & I were asleep downstairs on the couches. This is the most significant non-data-destroying hardware failure of my life, in terms of personal impact.

This machine is how we listen to music (used 24 hours, since Carolyn currently isn’t working), how we watch all our video entertainment (we have dvds and vhs to fall back on, but haven’t used them in several years), and in general the most important piece of hardware in the house.

In hindsight, I never should have upgraded the CPU. Greg Z, you followed in my footsteps: Beware.

My case generally ran at a temperature of 160 degrees, but this was within the defined fault tolerances for my CPU. Anyway, here’s some of the crap I’ve had to deal with since it broke… Geek warning… (more…)

Pointlessness warning! I found an old file stating in way too much detail what my computer configuration was in 1998. Figured I’d post it here as a backup/old-school-computing memory, so that I could delete the file without a feeling of loss.  I’m gonna add some comments in red (11 yrs later!) to make fun of the past. (more…)

x10 switches we used to have over our bedThe one cool side-effect of the addition being finished is that the additional wiring seems to have made X10 home automation modules again functional for the upstairs. Sometime in 1999 or 2000 or so our house suffered “x10 death” upstairs, where everything stopped working. The wireless 4-switch light-switch we had over our bed (which we kept re-arranging, and moving the switch with us, which was so damn convenient) stopped working and everything.

x10 lamp module - lets you dim lamps - only 2 prongs requiredThat was around when we started implementing The Clapper for the bedroom — 2 claps = lights on/off, 3 claps = fan on/off. But that recently blew in a thunderstorm (new wishlist item!). Thus the need for an extra X10 2-prong lamp module vs the 3-prong appliance modules — most of our plugs up here are only 2 prongs! Plus, the lamp modules let you dim non-dimmable lights, which is really good for ambiance.

But anyway, the best part of all this is is — the automatic, motion-sensing hall-light is back. (more…)

So Carolyn’s computer died last night.  We think it was the SATA controller.  120G drive is decimated.  250G drive had some problems, with maybe half a gig of files de-sorted from their proper place.  300G drive doesn’t seem recognizable, but we’ll see.  750G drive is completely indeterminate.  Read on for more… (more…)