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Transgender, heterosexual, homoromantic, polyamorous, kinky, slutty, sex-positive, atheist, leftist, neurodivergent, anti-racist, anti-homophobia, anti-transphobia anti-capitalism anti-drugwar anti-republican, nerdy, married, punk rock, stoner woman. has figured me out, based on me answering over 1300 questions about myself. It says I am: more aggressive, less into sports, more arrogant, geekier, more progressive, more extroverted, less moral, less literary, less old-fashioned, less organized, sloppier, less spiritual, less trusting, more political, & more competitive. (It also says that compared to people my age, I am: sloppier, more aggressive, less trusting, more arrogant, more political, less old-fashioned, and geekier.)

23 Responses to “About Clio”

  1. Mike Says:


    Just thought you (and your readers) would get a kick out of this funny new animated series, which answers the rarely-asked question, “What if George Bush and Saddam Hussein were college roommates?”

    Check out the debut episode at

    Hope y’all enjoy it. Thanks for watching!

    — The iLaugh Comedy Consortium

  2. uncutdiamond Says:

    Hey Clint, you asked me how I found your page, I think. Just randomly, I guess. I liked your blog on Family Guy, I think. With Carol Burnett. Does that ring a bell? Anyway, I’ve been checking back on it. Good site.

  3. amelie22 Says:

    Hello from Austria,

    i love your picture on flickr, thanks that i can use it for my blog, it was nothing bed what i wrote in text in contest with this foto ;-)


  4. Edward Mills Says:

    I just saw this comment on TechCrunch:

    “Is TechCrunch ever going to go back to, y’know… NEWS? TechCrunch has simply turned into a mouthpiece for the latest iPhone products.

    After a year of RSS-subscribing, I’m ready to unsubscribe. I don’t need 5 iPhone articles a day. It’s not the 2nd coming of Christ. It’s barely even interesting.

    This is just like a 24-hour network dedicated to apple advertisements now.”

    I think this every time I read Techcrunch these days, it’s beyond infuriating. I thought I should let you know that you’re not alone.

  5. found your page doing a Google Image search for “Emporer” Welp, the Boredoms are on now…gotta go i liked your site

  6. Man! Are you for real? My name is Clint, too. And, my wife’s first initial is “J” and our last initial is “L”. So, I frequently use the initials “JCL” on documents, etc. So, when I saw your blog called “ClintJCL” I almost freaked!

    Anyway, nice blog!

  7. Tatiana Prophet Says:

    I like your graphic on the masthead.

  8. Lila Says:

    Okay, I am laughing. My website isn’t real… yet. However as I’m about to publish an adventure book for kids this could change.

    Any who – I love the green Matrix effect on the masthead

  9. Lila Says:

    And Edward: The second coming of Christ has already happened.

  10. ZeppelinJugend Says:

    Classic ommissions from The Bible:

    The prophet Daniel is looking down the tunnel of time & has a rather disturbing vision…he sees an Egyptian Priest, NOT Jesus, being exhaulted on the Holy of Holies… ….oh shit!

  11. Matthew G Says:

    wait, people still use myspace?

    1. Clint Says:

      I’ve logged in at least once this year, haha. It won’t let me change my email to get notifications, because it wants me to click a link at my old email, which I don’t have access to. Stupid MySpace!

  12. jeff bushaw Says:

    will you consider reviewing my new feature film “from hollywood to hollywood?” i hope so. please contact me if you would like a copy.

    thank you


  13. Trxsta Says:

    Hi Clint

    I dont know where you are located but since your site is world wide you might know some Canadian animation fans out there (and even be one yourself!)

    Spike and Mike’s sick and twisted animation festival is coming up and promised to be super great. March 2 and 7 nationally

    1. Clint Says:

      So sad to see a child exploited…

      1. Lisa Says:

        He isn’t exploited… He is in love with my iPhone and iPad. He can figure out things on both devices I didn’t even know. He tells me “Where’s my iPad mom?” I give him the – ‘You didn’t pay for that glare”. LOLZ, seriously it is a great tool for my son who has ASD. He now communicates better and it has helped him tremendously. You should check out the research on how iPads are helping people with Autism. It’s progress. And like any toy or entertainment device moderation is essential. Smile! We good?

  14. mriza Says:

    Hi Clint,
    Btw, your blog archive.. wow June 2004, i don’t even know how to use internet in that time.

    1. Clint Says:

      Hehe.. I was on the internet in 1991, online in 1988 :)

    1. Clint Says:

      Wow, that is really interesting, but no, I don’t think that is him. :)

  15. tgz Says:

    Is there a good way to get in touch with you these days? I’d like to ask you some BBS-related stuff for a museum called Bloop, if you’re interested.

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