My God Microsoft Songsmith is straight from hell. These “Reverse Karaokes” where they substitute in computer-generated music over the original music, but leave the original vocals, are like a train wreck. This is what MTV is like in Hell. This must be what it’s like to be tone deaf and have no taste in music. No, strike that. Even a tone death person with no music taste should still be horrified by what can be done. Oh, the horror. This particular one had me, Carolyn, Tabbitha, and John The Canadien laughing our ASSES off. I was crying by the end.

This Metallica song, Blackened, known by many, doesn’t have an official music video. So the guy made one. My God, it adds to the horror of Microsoft Songsmith-generated music by also adding funny visuals:

And if that had you in tears, you might want to see The Ace Of Spades, by Motorhead — with very soft [Microsoft Songsmith-generated] music:


Nirvana‘s In Bloom:

“Kurt would kill himself again after listening to this shit.”

Yes… I think Kurt would.

Ian: There’s a Sonic Youth one too. (more…)

At this point, I proclaim this video to have medicinal properties–because I feel much better after watching it:

Oh. My. God!! (more…)

The original:


The parodies:



What is EggGASM? Just click to find out! This is a delightfully subversive–yet harmless–spin on the old Easter tradition. After all, the Christians stole their holidays from the Pagans, for the most part. Let’s steal it back. And while we’re on it — let’s make sure Halloween (my favorite holiday) stays alive too.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Simpsons screenshots, side-by-side with the movies they’ve referenced. Quite interesting — I did not know all of those references. The photos start HERE. peer-reviewed journal research article behind the news stories about antidepressants working no better than a placebo. This link was going to disappear from New Scientist story (New Scientist wants a subscription), so I needed to save it. Speaking of mental health, apparently if you take Garfield out of Garfield, you get a comic strip about Jon Arbuckle: A deranged schizophrenic man who talks to himself. It’s twistedly funny. Check out this comedy gold: Garfield minus Garfield. And also speaking of crazy — you know the RIAA lawsuits against the very fans who fund them? These were for the artists, right? WRONG! No artist has seen a penny. Just like the karaoke licensing scam, the artists don’t actually get any of this money, so it’s foolish to support such licensing under the guise of “protecting the artists”. So here’s the article: RIAA Keeps Settlement Money, Artists May Sue., the RIAA isn’t as bad as Asshole Officers James Bryant and Chris Webley of Coquille — some guy broke a windshield, so, during the arrest, they broke his neck. He is now on a respirator for life. Of course the police think this is totally acceptable — after all, the guy swung at them! (Or so they say.) What this article doesn’t mention is that it’s more dangerous to be a fisherman, taxi driver, or garbage man, than it is to be a cop. They hurt people not out of self-defense, but unjustified paranoia. Douchebags!

Okay, I didn’t even listen to Pixies a year ago, and still only know 1 album, but I have to say that “Hey” is a damn good song, like my favorite song for the past few months. So I was watching a different cover of the song on YouTube every day, and… Well, you just have to experience it for yourself. Listen for the dying cow after “been tryin’ to meet you”:

Please find the comment that says “you sound like a dying cow in the beginning” (2nd page) and click the thumbs up. Carolyn can never hear this song again without imagining a cow. Best comment ever.

It’s very funny when tiny minds collide, and cops have firefighters arrested for hurting their pride. ZbigniewBrzezinskisuch examples today, which surprises me a lot. Also, yet another sucker tasering — weren’t tasers supposed to replace deadly force? Isn’t that how they pushed them on us, in the beginning? Sometimes people who use slippery slope arguments are right, and civil rights is invariably one of those areas. Also, make sure the check out the Scientific Valentines, since it is valentines day. Carl Sagan saying “I’ve been Sagan all my love for you” is just too good. (more…)

i can haz websiet? 24: 1994 Pilot – Jack Bauer saves w/AOL. The Library Of Congress is on flickr! Virginia House Of Delegates Passes Salvia Divinorum Ban. WAKE UP: It’s Safer to Be a Cop Than a Farmer. Taser death. Sucker-tasing of innocent caught on cam. “Human Fear” weapon uses pheromones. (more…)