Board Games

Brettspielwelt! QuakeLive! A borrowed PS3! Our first dice game in a long time! Our summary of the games played in 2011.


Bobby Fischer. Officers joked about dying man. Scientology Sued. Stripper jailed after saying 13yo raped her. Coward cops shot 1-leggedc man. (more…)

Ryan reviewed Robo-Rally on his blog. This is a great game! So great that it used to be $300 on Ebay! Fortunately, it is now back in print for about $50, with some slightly improved rules. I have played this game with people who have played it for 20+ years (Jason), people who like board games, and even with complete non-gamers (Tabbitha won!) — and it has always been liked. It hurts the brain a bit, too. Actually, it hurts the brain a LOT. (more…)

Today: How to fix the strap on your Nintendo Wiimote controller, and Gnostica, a kick-ass pure-strategy game using Tarot cards and Icehouse pieces. (more…)