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Brettspielwelt! QuakeLive! A borrowed PS3! Our first dice game in a long time! Our summary of the games played in 2011.


It’s taken me 954 tries and over 7 years, but I finally got a “5” (maximum) moderation for a slashdot comment! The trick might have been that my comment was so confusing that people found it interesting. But it really specifically pointed out why the person was wrong… Yet even I have to read it at least 2 times in a row to really ‘get’ it. That’s the beauty. So, the article was about the 10 most important games ever. (more…)

I could go on and on about it, but you wont get it unless you follow the link. Basically, you must keep the drunk guy from falling over by moving your mouse left and right. You cannot see the pointer. My record so far is 75M.

 (See comments for updated link.)