I’ve been recycling my spaghetti/pickle/etc jars by ripping the label off and dishwashing them, then using them to store leftovers, nuts & bolts, medicine, etc. etc. Tons of uses for these things. So I decided to try eating some soup out of it, instead of a bowl, or the jar-dimensioned, square-topped tupperware that I often use [it’s not looking as nice as 5 years ago].

* It was kind of hard to get the last solid bits, as it’s a bit hard to spoon to the bottom of a tall jar. (2 points) WINNER: BOWL, TUPPERWARE.

* Soup bowls may be low with a wide open top so that you can lick the food. I like to get ALL my food, I almost always lick clean anything I eat off of. This was not possible with the spaghetti sauce jar. (2 points) WINNER: BOWL.

* Drinking it was easier and could be done with a single hand. (2 points) WINNER: JAR, TUPPERWARE.

* My spoon afterward sits in it and won’t fall out. Since I eat upstairs and dishwash downstairs, spoons falling around is a consideration. (1 point) WINNER: JAR, TUPPERWARE.

* Looks nice. Glass rules. (1 point) WINNER: JAR.

*** I’ve analyzed this about as much as I can. The jar may be more suited to a brothy soup that you can drink, one that doesn’t have beans and bits in ’em. Then you don’t really need the spoon at all. But I don’t really drink broth, so nevermind.

*** POINTS: ***
JAR: 4

Looks like I should just stick to the tupperware container. Shit. Plastic just beat glass. So much for being green (more…)

I asked Eli what I could do with some meat and naan. We actually use ground turkey, not ground beef (red meat bad)… But same diff if you’re used to it. Anyway, here was his advice:

If you have ground beef, and some canned tomatos (always good to keep, they taste great no matter what season), and any kinda starch. That makes a pretty good deal.

You can make a hash, brown some of the ground beef in a bit of fat, throw in the tomatos (sauce and all), broken up Naan (or leftover cooked rice, really any cooked starsh), toss anything else in the way of spices, veggies, or whatever. Heat until hot and eat.

It takes a while to get the liquid ratio right.
If it’s too dry pour in some lite beer, chicken stock, or water if you must.
If it’s too soupy add more starch, or let it cook down some.

To be really fancy, break some eggs or cheese, or buttered bread crumbs on top and throw it under the broiler until it’s crispy.

Bang, instant dinner!

Thanks, Eli, the oral oracle. Now I’m hungry! :) (more…)

So, Saturday night at midnight I began my birthday celebrations. I’m 34 now. (more…)

I’ve never burped and had it taste like burnt plastic before. WTF?!?!?!

In possibly-related news, Carolyn cooked a new meal tonight, “scalloped tomatoes”. It was the best vegetarian meal I’ve ever eaten. We were both completely stuffed with only 400 calories. Of course we were both hungry again in 4 hrs, but that’s usual for me.

And, even less related: that new “Sunflower” vegetarian restaurant on Route 7? Teh suck! There’s sooooo many vegetarian meals I could have enjoyed, but they managed to screw every menu item up….There was nothing good. I stared at the menu for 20 minutes, made my best guess, and could barely get it down. I tried others’ meals, and every one was completely unpleasant. They even made noodles with tomato sauce that had something crunchy and disgusting in them — I didn’t know you could screw up noodles, but apparently if you pay, you can get a cook skilled enough to do so. Crunchy noodles? Okay, I admit it: I’m anti-crunch most of the time. The *company* was great (shoutout to Meagan/Glen/Angel/Ian/Lauren/Ryan) but I wont be convinced to return. Ever. They hardly had any foods that used my favorite veggies: tomatoes and cucumbers. Everything was mushrooms or other weird veggies I’ve never heard of. How about a standard Ceasar Salad? Is that so hard? Ugh. Carolyn’s scalloped tomatoes were 10X better than anything Sunflower had to offer. Sunflower should totally serve this recipe.

And yes, I originally just wanted to post about my burp, but it unexpectedly turned into a rant when I realized the burp came from vegetarian food that was far better than that I’ve paid for. Time to edit my subject line! Sunday for my birthday I’m checking out Rio Grande with my family — should be good. I love Mexican food (yes, it’s Mexican, not Peruvian or Salvadorian) more than any other ‘genre’.

And 10 films the US Government would rather you not see … educate yourself. (Add “The Power Of Nightmares” to the list!). Scotch egg. Cops drug-raid wrong house based on description; can’t be bothered with having an address. Cartoon censorship. (more…)