I created a command, “after month”, that would edit a text file; I then created calendar reminders to remind me to edit that every month. The result is that I now can look back in my life and have a textual sense of what each month was like. Pictures are great, but there are lapses in pictures, and I shall be keeping text summaries as well from now on.

In addition, so that the post is not “dry” and pictureless, I will include graphs of my music listening habits for the year as well.

ALSO: Summary of our yard sale stats for the year.


I created a command, “after month”, that would edit a text file; I then created calendar reminders to remind me to edit that every month. The result is that I now can look back in my life and have a textual sense of what each month was like. Pictures are great, but there are lapses in pictures, and I shall be keeping text summaries as well from now on. Also included will be my graphs of music I listened to, because all text is kind of boring. (more…)

20100503 – Netherlands – Amsterdam, Paradiso
20100505 – CH-Geneva, PTR-Usine
20100507 – France – Limoges, CC………M John Lennon
20100508 – France – Rennes, Antipode
20100509 – France – Tourcoing, Le Grand Mix
20100512 – GB-London, Electric Ballroom
20100514 – Italy – Parma, Circolo Onirica
20100515 – Italy – Roma, Init
20100521 – Hauzenberg bei Passau, 29. Pfingst Open Air NEW!!!
20100716 – B-Dour, Dour Festival
20100717 – FR-Montmartin Sur Mer, Chauffer Dans La Noirceur
20100910 – Berlin, Berlin Festival

Oh who am I kidding? If I go somewhere, it’s going to be Amsterdam.

BTW, these are Atari Teenage Riot reunion tour dates. They’re probably not doing it again, and this is the only time in 10 yrs that they’ve played. (more…)

Two minutes devoted to those who don’t have jobs: Don’t feel bad about it.

Also, we went to Freezepop last night. Man, the Velvet Lounge is the worst venue ever. But at least the show was good. They have their QY70 again; there’s a new member named Christmas, who’s so friggin’ cute it’s ridiculous–it was her first tour night ever, in her life.; Sean P. Drinkwater walked into the crowd with his keytar, and made Carolyn hit a couple keys on it (then she recoiled); They played 3 new songs I’d never heard; Liz Enthusiasm was sick, and messed up a verse during one of the songs [but I don’t fault her for it], Sean P. Drinkwater was playing with his new keytar, annoying the hell out of Liz, Even their old songs sounded better, as they seemed to have more complex arrangements: It was almost like hearing a new song. Among the songs they played that I recognized were Bike Thief, Super Sprode, Science Genius Girl, Plastic Stars, Stakeout, Brainpower, Less Talk More Rokk, Get Ready 2 Rokk, and closing with some Christmas song.

The best Freezepop concert was still their AnimeUSA show, where they had huge screens showing the band playing, and played to a room easily filled with 1000 or more people. Then they played at Chief Ike’s, which I called the “smallest venue ever”. But Velvet Lounge is even smaller than that! If they come back to AnimeUSA, I’m definitely going to see them there again, it was way more kick-ass than the other 2 tiny venues!

To see every concert I’ve ever been to, go to my List Of All Concerts page.

Also, check out my songkick profile, which is a site devoted to cataloging what concerts one has gone to. (more…)

John The Canadien’s review really sums it up (he went with us). But this was an epic concert for me!

This was my 81st concert.

The 4th and 5th full albums I’ve ever seen performed live.
(The last two were also 20th Anniversary Tours! Pixies:Doolittle and They Might Be Giants:Flood.)

The 2nd time I’ve seen Testament (first time was 20 years ago).
The 1st time I’ve seen Megadeth, despite being a fan since 1988.

1991ish - Clint's room - metal clippings, guitar pick - 0471
^ Megadeth and Testament magazine clippings on my bedroom wall, parents’ house, 1991ish.

The 3rd concert that’s actually had TWO bands I REALLY care about play [others were Jane’s Addiction/Nine Inch Nails, and Celtic Frost/Type O Negative].

The 8th and 9th Guitar Hero songs that I’ve seen live after playing ’em in Guitar Hero. (Peace Sells, Symphony Of Destruction). :)

…And my 3rd Megadeth shirt :)

Megadeth was one of my first 2 metal bands (not counting Guns N’ Roses), though my friends had, at the time, tricked me and told me the Megadeth side of the cassette was Metallica, and vice-versa. But the deception only lasted a week or so, back in late 1988.

Carolyn wore the Megadeth shirt that I bought in 1988 / 8th grade, one of my Original Four Black T-Shirts [Megadeth, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Anthrax]. I wore a newer Megadeth shirt that Carolyn’s brother Jay (or one of his friends) gave to me in the late 1990s.

2000ish - Carolyn, Clint - front yard - 20 - we has mail
^ 20 year old Testament concert shirt that I could not find in time for the concert

I was actually more excited about Testament than Megadeth. I think The Legacy (1987) is a better album than Rust In Peace. The music isn’t as complex and well-written, but the songs just strike home a bit better than the Megadeth ones. Regardless, these are 2 albums I’d love to see live… and Megadeth played some of their best songs from other albums. Wake Up Dead, Peace Sells, and Set The World Afire are among some of my all-time favorite Megadeth songs. And In My Darkest Hour and Symphony Of Destruction are pretty damn good too.

As for Testament — Chuck Billy plays mean air guitar on his mic stand! I thought I was looking at someone playing a guitar, and then oops! It’s a mic stand! Haha. Too bad that Alex Skolnick is busy touring with the Alex Skolnick Trio… He’s tied with Randy Rhoades for my favorite guitarist, and the replacement guitarist just wasn’t as good. I couldn’t tell during the show, but I could tell watching the below video of Over The Wall on Youtube. He simply didn’t do Skolnick’s solos right. But the mix was bad enough at 9:30 Club that I at least couldn’t tell while I was there.

And I moshed for the first time in ages!!!!!!

Shirtless, sweaty, drunken moshing during the closing climax of “Peace Sells”. My shirt came off at the beginnign of Megadeth, haha. Kind of out of character for me, but as I get older, my cold-bloodedness and lack of any thermal regulation is really getting to me. Surprisingly, I survived the pit intact. Had a stitch in my stomach afterward, but am glad to report no mosh-related soreness the next day. I did, however, have considerable headbanging-related soreness the next day.

Amazing show! This was one of the best concerts in my life!!

Afterward, John & I bought some $10 “bootleg” tour t-shirts, which basically seemed to be official shirts that had the tag cut in half. Maybe they were misprints? Well, doesn’t that increase the collector value? There’s simply no way I’m paying $35 for a t-shirt. Ever. $20 was pushing it. $15 is a sure thing. But $10? I’m in!

And as we drove back, I shouted out “Polaris” and “Next thing you know, they’ll take my thoughts away!” at many random D.C. pedestrians. Goddamn. Great night. Then Carolyn, John The Canadien, and I went to 7-11, got taquitos, came home, watched the newest episodes of Kids In The Hall:Death Comes To Town and Family Guy. John fell asleep, so Carolyn opted to watch Nip/Tuck, staying up to a record late time of 3AM. She wakes up at 7:30AM, yet chose this fate. Of course, a nap was promised the next day. And John had the day off. And I didn’t exactly recover gracefully either. GOOD TIMES!

^ Testament: Over The Wall (live)

^ Megadeth: In My Darkest Hour [ending only]

Not a lot of pictures of this concert seem to exist online, but there are some that start on this page. They are only 500px in resolution, however.

The setlist for this concert is posted HERE.

To see every concert I’ve ever been to, go to my List Of All Concerts page.

Also, check out my songkick profile, which is a site devoted to cataloging what concerts one has gone to. (more…)

I saw someone else post a month-by-month list of their favorite pictures from the year. What a good idea! I shall jump on that bandwagon, too. So here are some of my favorite pictures of 2009, month by month, all from my flickr (but NOT all taken by me).

I’ll try to keep it to 2-5 pictures a month.

I also will be including New Year’s Eve (2008->2009 transition) as it’s own month, since I usually don’t get my pictures up in a timely fashion.

Click any picture to follow through to my flickr, where it will be explained in much more detail. Or hover over the picture for a [very] brief summary. (more…)

We went Saturday. It was good, but not as good as last year’s show.

My description of the concert is posted HERE.

Some pictures are posted HERE.

To see every concert I’ve ever been to, go to my List Of All Concerts page.

Also, check out my songkick profile, which is a site devoted to cataloging what concerts one has gone to. (more…)

[Washington Post review that makes fun of Trent some.] Do I really even need to review this show? No. It was inconvenient, expensive, but most of all: AMAAAAAZING! One of the best shows I’ve ever seen!

20090228 - Carolyn's 33rd birthday party - 178-19 - Clint - Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking - shirt & cd longbox - (by Christian D)

remember CD longboxes? How many still have theirs?

20090609 - Jane's Addiction - Dave Navarro (playing guitar), Perry Farrell - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3615167709_c60f1e1a41_o

I’ve been waiting to see Jane’s Addiction for about 20 yrs; I got into them during my freshmen year (1989-1990), when their 2nd album (Nothing’s Shocking) was out — before their first album was even available at record stores due to it’s poor circulation prior to their rise to popularity. Darren and Debbie met up with us, and of course a few other people I knew were there too.

20090609 - Jane's Addiction - Dave Navarro (playing guitar) - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3615151377_8c46347ced_o

Nine Inch Nails was really good — but we had to rush and listen to With Teeth and Year Zero over and over again for a month straight prior to the show. Meanwhile, we forgot to listen to The Slip, only listening to it for 2 hrs in the car on the way up to the show. So the Nine Inch Nails songs weren’t all instantly recognizable to us.

20090609 - Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor (playing guitar) - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3615187069_3066809f80_o

Still: It was amazing to hear Sin, March Of The Pigs, Something I Can Never Have, The Becoming, Burn, Gave Up, Wish, Survivalism, Dead Souls, The Hand That Feeds, Head Like A Hole, and even Hurt. Hurt is sooooo overplayed, and soooo lacking in energy or complexity — I could live without it. Yet Trent made the song touch me more than it has in years.

20090609 - Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor (singing, playing guitar) - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3616034700_5123d50b9e_o

We did not enjoy 999,999, 1,000,000, Letting You, or Echoplex as much. And I could care less about La Mer. They also played Right Where It Belongs and The Way Out Is Through.

20090609 - Nine Inch Nails & Jane's Addiction concert - NINJA - Nine Inch Nails - 08 - Trent Reznor (playing keyboard), Robin Finck (playing guitar)

Jane’s Addiction was the highlight of the show for us — and the last band to play.

20090609 - Jane's Addiction - Dave Navarro (playing guitar), Perry Farrell (singing) - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3615241927_c7a0cedd21_o

They played Three Days (which has always been too long for my attention span, but was amazing live), Whores (yes!), Ain’t No Right , Pigs In Zen (with improv different than the Nothing’s Shocking “some people…should die” improv OR the debut album’s “I just want to fuck!” improv), Then She Did…, Up The Beach, Mountain Song, Been Caught Stealing, Ocean Size (yes!), Ted, Just Admit It… (yes!), Summertime Rolls, Stop! (overplayed, but made me shake my body like a madman), 1% (yes!), and Jane Says.

20090609 - Jane's Addiction - Dave Navarro (playing guitar) - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3615980208_2ae3e663e7_o

Much like Nine Inch Nail’s “Hurt”, I’ve become tired of Jane Says due to it being overplayed, not complex (3 chords), and lacking the energy of the rest of the songs on the album. And like Nine Inch Nail’s Hurt, they played this song last, and made me realize just how much I like it again. Both bands pulled that off! I still would have preferred Chip Away, though.

20090609 - Jane's Addiction - full band - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3616085072_8bed81202e_o

Here are some links to, which hosts setlists with buttons that automatically load youtube videos for each song:


20090609 - Jane's Addiction - Dave Navarro (playing guitar), Stephen Perkins (playing drums), Perry Farrell - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3615973372_de1eccdfbf_o
20090609 - Jane's Addiction - Stephen Perkins (playing drums) - 3616094316_c2da501d24_o

Unfortunately, Darren got the lens to his glasses moshed out. About 20 minutes later, Carolyn actually found it! Very scratched up, unfortunately.

fans look for DArren's glasses

fans look for Darren's glasses

And then there was that bitch…

Here’s Carolyn’s recount of the stupid bitch: “I was standing right up front in the second row and Clint was behind me? The rude girl came in from the left of me & Clint during the Jane’s Addiction set. All of a sudden, this girl comes over from the left of us and started shoving over on me.. I was like “WTF?” At first I thought a mosh pit was happening, but that girl kept pushing and pushing, and I was being shoved into the girl in front of me and the guy behind me… suddenly I was squeezed out to behind the guy who was next to me, and that girl TOTALLY YANKED MY SPOT!!! She was soooo rude! I was like bitching at her in her ear but I doubt she heard me. She’s lucky I’m not a violent person or she could have been punched… but then we might have been kicked out so that would have sucked.

20090609 - Nine Inch Nails & Jane's Addiction concert - NINJA - Jane's Addiction - 14 - Dave Navarro (playing guitar), Perry Farrell (singing), Stephen Perkins (drumming)

Eventually, some people pushed from behind, so Clint pretended to be pushed harder than he was and squeezed her out and got her back. Then I got my spot back, and all was well. She kept putting her drink close to my boob after that, so I was like “Hmm, is she doing that on purpose?” Eventually she left, so good riddance! I was so pissed. I had never felt so angry in my life. I had to force myself to get over it and get back into the nice groove of Jane’s Addiction!

20090609 - Nine Inch Nails & Jane's Addiction concert - NINJA - Jane's Addiction - 07 - Dave Navarro - smoking

Oh yeah, I was hoping she would karmically get my gum that I dropped onto the floor there stuck to her shoe. But I had wrapped it in its wrapper so that probably didn’t happen.”

Don’t worry Carolyn. If she had taken your spot the rest of the concert, MY gum would have been in her hair at the end of the show [once getting kicked out was not a possibility]. I’m tired of stupid bitches shoving their way in to spaces we’ve staked out for 30 minutes. Last time that happened, I had to pour my drink on a bitch. That was epic, and ohh so satisfying. Especially when she spilled my drink on some girl’s girlfriend, and that girl got in her face, and then she got security, and security refused to kick us out.

20080223 - cd longboxes - Nine Inch Nails: Pretty Hate Machine, Jane's Addiction: Nothing's Shocking, Ministry: The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste, Gwar: Scumdogs Of The Universe, Type O Negative: Slow, Deep And Hard, Atari Teenage Riot: Live In Philad

20090609 - Nine Inch Nails - Justin Meldal-Johnsen (playing bass) (Something I Can Never Have) - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3615173891_d1a87d64e1_o

And then there were the parking lot antics…

Funny story, some random guy was walking around selling t-shirts… Clint having decided that no shirt in history is worth $35 opted to not get a tour shirt. But for $10, why not?! He got one.

So there was a group of 4 people (3 guys and a tiny blonde chick) in the car next to ours. They were drinking and smoking pot, and we were waiting around for the parking lots to empty — sitting in a line full of cars is stupid. One of the guys bought a t-shirt… then like 5 minutes later, he was like, “What??? this is a sweatshirt!” He was like “What the fuck? I held it before I bought it! It was like some magic trick!!” He was bitching and moaning quite loudly about it. Clint went over and was like, “Let me see”, but just touched it to feel that it was a sweatshirt, and was like, “Yeah, that sucks. But still, these go for more than the t-shirts, so you could probably sell it on Ebay.”

These guys were bros.

20090609 - Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor (singing) - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3615192399_31a8dfa67b_o

So anyway, brohan was finally like, “I don’t want this damn sweatshirt, I’ll give it to you for $10”. Then he said 45. So Carolyn was like “Yeah, medium sweatshirt.. why the fuck not?” She gave Clint $5, and Clint paid the guy and gave Carolyn the sweatshirt. Clint was still kind of hanging around between the two cars, while Carolyn was relaxing in the passenger seat (Clint drove home).

At some point, the tiny blonde girl started hitting on Clint and getting closer and closer. With 3 other drunk and stoned bro dudes around, Clint simply backed up as he did not want any misunderstandings. At one point she was like, “I’ll bend you over!” Is this an offer for a spanking? I do like blondes….

20090609 - Jane's Addiction - Dave Navarro (playing guitar) - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3615977252_69b05c14ca_o

Finally, Carolyn opened up the sweatshirt and was like, “This isn’t even a NIN/JA sweatshirt!!! It’s some dumb sweatshirt!” It said “Tattooed mom” on it. “That guy totally gypped me!”

postcard - Janes Addiction - Jane

Clint, however, wasn’t going to stand for that… He went back to the guy and then the girl (who was pretty drunk herself) was like, “Wait. She thought she was getting a Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction sweatshirt. This is just some random sweatshirt! Can I get my wife’s $5 back?” The guy was kind of a dick, basically like, “I don’t think so. I got ripped off and I’m just passing it on.” “Pay it forward, right?”, Clint sarcastically replied. At the time, he realized $5 was not worth fighting over, but was planning on finding a big rock and pelting their [much nicer than ours] vehicle with it on the way out. Do belligerant marijuana-carrying drunk kids going to convince the cops to arrest anyone but themselves? Quite unlikely.

Postcard - Janes Addiction 2

Around this point, the blonde was in Clint’s face, going, “C’mon! Let’s go! Blow for blow!” Apparently she’d gone from hitting on him [in front of her boyfriend?] to wanting to fight him.

20090609 - Jane's Addiction - Perry Farrell - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3615156333_47a8386b18_o

Anyway, the bro dude wasn’t completely unfriendly, other than being completely willing to screw someone out of $5 to pass off 50% of his $10 screwage. He had also walked around the parking lot for 10 minutes earlier, looking to start a fight with the guy who ripped him off. He asked to see the sweatshirt anyway, just so he could find out what it really was. He opens it up: “Tatooed Mom?!? What the fuck?!?! Tattooed Mom???

“Yeah, it sucks!”, I agreed.

Postcard - Janes Addiction 3

“WTF? That’s my shirt!” It turns out that this sweatshirt was the crazy little blonde’s shirt, and the shirt the guy bought was in the car all along… No wonder he called it a “magic trick” earlier. He gave crazy blonde her shirt back. Clint then asked for his $5 back, and finally he gave it to him and Clint gave it back to Carolyn and said something to the effect of “see what happens? If you’re not interested in buying something, don’t buy it just because someone’s offering it.”

20090609 - Jane's Addiction - Stephen Perkins (playing drums) - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3615269301_5821a955aa_o

That chick was funny too.. When Clint went up to them to talk, she was almost hitting on him ….then she got somewhat belligerent when Clint was trying to get the $5 back.. The guy was nice about it, but the girl was like, “Don’t start with me!”

…And then at the end when Clint had the $5 and she had her sweatshirt, she was like, “Nice tryyyyy, bro… Nice tryyyyyy! You almost pulled it off! Nice tryyy, bro!”, as if we were the ones trying to pull shit. She was trashed.

Postcard - Janes Addiction 4

Then she got behind the wheel of this SUV, which was all but 2 feet from the back of Carolyn’s car. Not wanting to get hit, I started to rapidly get in the car and put the keys in. Then they had to physically pull her out of the driver’s seat.. This process took at least 2 minutes. Once she wasn’t in the seat, I went back to relaxing. We don’t leave until the parking lot is completely empty and there are no delays. We breezed out of there with 0 traffic whatsoever merely by waiting 30 minutes. 90% of people sat in line for those 30 minutes! To quote Sex Pistols, “Blind acceptance is a sign… of stupid fools who stand in line.”

20090609 - Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor (playing guitar) - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 3615995804_5582cd6d80_o

Anyway, the people introduced themselves to us… We sat on the side of our car laughing our asses off… Shook hands… Said, “This is funny.. We’re never going to forget this crazy shit!”, and all-in-all it worked out.

But we almost had to pay for someone else’s stupidity. A tattooed mom sweatshirt is the last thing we want, as we have no intention of being either of those things.

My collected pictures from this show start HERE, or simply click through any of the pictures here. I didn’t take any of them, but got permission to repost them, and processed them to look better with photoshop.

To see every concert I’ve ever been to, go to my List Of All Concerts page.

Also, check out my songkick profile, which is a site devoted to cataloging what concerts one has gone to. (more…)

This was the 2nd time I’ve seen Kreator, and the 1st for Carolyn. My first time was 19 years ago! Stupid parents wouldn’t let me go to The Bayou in MD alone, so I made my dad wear my Danzig shirt (which I no longer have–wtf?). This time was much easier. It’s only an 11 minute drive to Jaxx!

We arrived just in time, almost missing it because Jaxx has no clue when their own bands go on and gave us conflicting info (11PM, then 10PM). All this means is that everytime we go to Jaxx, we’re going to call at least 3 times to get a range of answers. (sighs)

Anyway, it was your typical metal show. My foot hurt, I leaned against the wall a lot, and was recovering from the gastrointestinal distress of all the freakin’ food we ate at Evan‘s cabin this weekend. We had napped earlier in the day, but were still pretty tired. And stone cold sober. I can’t believe Jaxx removed the water fountains so they can sell $2 water bottles. I think that should be a violation of code.

The setlist was weird. Some roadie named Taz put his name into every song. Maybe I should start putting the word Taz into every worTaz I sayTaz?

Metal Chris, a friend of mine (through Shannon’s sister Summer) who I haven’t seen in a few years… And still didn’t see even though he was 20 feet from me, took some videos (as well as the above setlist picture):

Violent Revolution:

Destroy What Destroys You:

Enemy Of God:

Terrible Certainty:

During the encore… For Flag Of Hate… They brought out… Hate cheerleaders. Shirts with “H”, “A”, “T”, “E”, and fucking pom poms. If you haven’t seen dudes waving pom poms around at a thrash metal show… Well… Actually, you might be lucky.

He also had the “honor” of having a 300lb guy cheerleader stagedive onto him. It was Rob Dukes, the singer of Exodus. No, Jaxx doesn’t usually allow stagediving, but when you’re part of the band’s crew (I assume), and it’s the last song… What are they going to do? This happens around 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Dude basically jumps into the camera filming the video:

Flag Of Hate / Tormentor:

Pom poms are NOT metal. So it’s good to know that not every band takes itself so seriously.

Here are some more pictures from Metal Chris:

Miland Mille Petrozza

Miland "Mille" Petrozza

Miland Mille Petrozza And Sami Yli-Sirniö

Miland "Mille" Petrozza And Sami Yli-Sirniö

Christian Speesy Giesler And Miland Mille Petrozza

Christian "Speesy" Giesler And Miland "Mille" Petrozza

Sami Yli-Sirniö

Sami Yli-Sirniö

To see every concert I’ve ever been to, go to my List Of All Concerts page. (more…)

So, Carolyn, Christian, Parthena, and I saw Freezepop Thursday 4/16/2009. It was Carolyn & I’s second time seeing Freezepop, and Christian & Parthena‘s 1st time. It was the smallest venue I’ve EVER seen a show at. The band was just hanging around like normal people.

20090416 - Freezepop concert - (by Christian) - Carolyn, Parthena, Clint - 3493210142_8337242e7e_o

They played 15 songs — 3 more than their AnimeUSA show. They played 10 of the 12 songs they played at AnimeUSA, a new song called “Lady Spider”, Tenisu No Boifurendo and Tender Lies from my favorite album of theirs, Freezepop Forever, as well as Ninja Of Love and Thought Balloon.

I basically had my foot ON the stage most of the show… if I’d fallen I’d probably have messed up the performance (haha). They pretty much solely did requests. I requested Freezepop Forever, but they said they can’t do that without Kasson Crooker. I also requested Robotron 2000 but Liz was like “We haven’t practiced that in 3 years!” or something.

After the show, I was interviewed with a fancy huge camera — in part because my T-Qualizer shirt and trippy outer shirt got their attention.

I had to sign a model release and everything! They gave me their card and had recorded 35 hours of total footage so far. They liked my shirt so they said I’d probably make the final cut of their Freezepop documentary. I hope to obtain the footage someday, but I know that’s quite unlikely.

It was also the birthday of one of the members, so there was cake. Which was shared with the audience! (Unfortunately it was coffee cake.)

I also went up and talked to Liz Enthusiasm a bit afterward, and said “Bye Jussi!” to kind of freak her out that I knew her real name :)

I was also caught on video during “The Final Countdown“, the only cover song they play… which seems to be the final song of their performances…

^ You can see Carolyn and Christian at the end. Parthena‘s in there too if you know where to look, but is not recognizable. My shirt sticks out like a sore thumb and you can see me moving around like an idiot. Kind of embarassing, but I was probably having more fun than whoever might want to watch the video and make fun of me was having at the time :)

After the show ended, I took Parthena home and Christian came in and chatted for 45min followed by one of the unaired episodes of the excellent failed adult cartoon Slacker Cats. Carolyn did NOT get much sleep that night and needed a nap after work the next day :)

The full setlist for this concert is posted HERE. Here are Christian’s videos from the show:

Super Sprode:

Tenisu No Boifurendo:

Science Genius Girl:


To see every concert I’ve ever been to, go to my List Of All Concerts page. (more…)

Okay. The devil is in the details, I guess. Last year’s “An Evening With Gene Ween” show consisted of 30 songs, 28 of them Ween songs, with the other two being unknown (covers?). This year, we all assumed it was the same thing, but this was “Gene Ween Band”, and as such, they played some songs by bands other members were in.

Basically, this was nothing like last year’s Gene Ween show at For Theatre. I was expecting the same. I was expecting, more or less, a Ween show. As has been the case.

Instead, we were disappointed with a bunch of songs we didn’t know. Though there were indeed some hilights and Ween songs played…

They played “The Stallion Part 4” and “So Long Jerry” — a song about Jerry Garcia dying… I was so happy to hear it that I thought it WAS a Grateful Dead song for awhile until I came out of my stupor and remembered this was an off-album Ween song I downloaded a good 5+ yrs ago–Just like The Stallion Part 4 [and 5]. And that the Grateful Dead couldn’t have a song about Jerry Dying because it wouldn’t be a Grateful Dead song without Jerry. Duh. They also played the rejected “Greg The Bunny” theme, as their encore-closer. “Mountains And Buffalo”, one of my least favorite Ween songs, was also included. As was “Mr. Sandman”, the 1950s song. And a kick-ass cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”. Which was, sadly, the highlight of the show for me.

All in all, of the 8 times I’ve seen Ween (counting the “Gene Ween” and “Gene Ween Band” shows, but not counting The Moistboyz show) …. This was the worst. Drat.

To see every concert I’ve ever been to, go to my List Of All Concerts page. (more…)

(Summary written by Carolyn, pronouns changed by Clint, this may be messy..) So we saw They Might Be Giants at the 9:30 Club on the day after Thanksgiving. The show was sold out. The 9:30 Club website didn’t mention an opening band. It said doors were at 8, and TMBG was at 9. So we decided to leave at 8:15, then changed it to 8. Carolyn remembered last year when she went with Vicky & Kipp (Clint went to see Ween in Baltimore instead). There was a line to get into the doors. Since the show was sold out, we’d have to find a parking spot. When we got to the 9:30 Club, we found the lot indeed to be full. As we were driving around the block, we considered going to that other paid parking lot for a split second — until the guy running it blinded us with his stupid light. Fuck that. That’s twice we’ve chosen not to park there because of the light in our face. The line to get into the 9:30 club went around the block. We drove up to the end of the line, and Clint asked the people if they had tickets. The answer was yes. Clint had a hard time believing it, and asked a few times, until I was like “yes, they have tickets, it was just like this last year!” One of them was like, “It’s a sold-out show” So we turned around and parked in the last spot. I commented, “At least we don’t have a long walk from our car to the end of the line”. Small consolation. It wasn’t as cold this year as it was last year when Kipp, Vicky, and I stood in that line. Still, you’d think that a club that says “doors open at 8” would not make it’s paying customers stand in the cold for 2.5 blocks of line, advancing 6 squares of sidewalk every 3 minutes, a full 45 minutes past when these doors were suposed to open. 9:30 needs to send the hand-stamp guy down the line so everyone is stamped already when they present their ticket. This would move the line a lot faster.

Not sure what time we got in, or what time it started or anything. We got in, went to pee, and then when I got out of the bathroom, Clint was like “it’s really crowded in there.” I said “Well, maybe we should go in this way…” and then Clint suggested we go upstairs. So that’s what we did. We went up to the top level to the bar up there to get our drinks and then scope out a spot. Clint was like “Look, they have the stairs roped off so people could stand on them.” But it was a VIP area. But it was convenient because I got to have that spot right there by the rope at the top of the stairs, and I could actually see. Yay. The upstairs bartender made our drinks really strong. It was cool.

When TMBG came on, they said they were doing things a bit different. They were going to play Flood in it’s entirety, and then take a 20 minute break that would last about 19 minutes and then come back and play other songs. It was awesome.

Someone farted a couple of times, and Carolyn got a whiff of some bad breath a couple of times, but all in all, there weren’t any annoying people around.

During the 20 minute break, Caroln asked Clint if we should get another drink. Clint said something about driving so I said, “Well, considering TMBG is in my top ten, if not top 5 bands, can I get another drink and you drive?” Clint said “Get two drinks.” Carolyn got drinks while Clint held their space. Some pour soul was standing at the bar, and Carolyn squeezed in next to him. The bartender came around with the other guy-next-to-me’s drinks and pointed at me and said, “Two vodka 7-ups, right?” and Carolyn was like, “yeah!”. She turned to the poor soul and said “Wow, he remembered! I’m impressed!” Then Carolyn came back and told Clint about how the bartender remembered her, and what drinks she had ordered before. Carolyn glanced back at the bar, and that guy who she had squeezed in next to was still there! The bartender hadn’t even served him yet! She felt somewhat bad because that usually happens to her instead of someone else. But we got over it pretty quick — the drinks were really strong.

They played a bunch of songs, then went out, and then came back for an encore. So there were like 3 sets. 4 actually, but the last one was only 1 or 2 songs. The encore consisted of Fingertips. They also played She’s An Angel from the first album. Mark had said that that is a popular song, and they’ve probably played it at concerts and I just didn’t know that song. So, when they played it, I thought of Mark and how he was probably right about that. Also, they had a lot of fucking around during Particle Man. But it wasn’t boring fucking around (like Violent Femmes can be). However it was definitely the requisite musical masturbation moment (RMMM).

TMBG mentioned several times that they were playing the next night in New York, and they were playing the entire Apollo 18 album. Carolyn said to Clint she was glad we got the Flood album. Flood is way better. And we got all 21 tracks of Fingertips anyway! Tho it was kind of strange that the ended with Withered Hope (“sad saaaaack”), one of TMBG’s few sad songs. It was kind of a stranger bummer note to go out on. But hey, they went on stage FOUR times.

After the show, Clint was hungry, so we were looking around for some place to eat, and he was like, “Maybe we can go to Adam’s Morgan and get one of those jumbo slices.” I was like, “You know how to get to Adam’s Morgan from here?” Because I sure didn’t. Then Clint said, “Oh wait, didn’t that place burn down or something?” As it turned out, there was a jumbo slice place right on U St near 14th street, so we ate there. Clint got a gyro, and I got a jumbo slice of pepporoni. I knew to expect a big piece, but that piece was HUUUUUGE! It was like a half of a pizza almost!! It was crazy. I ate about a third of it, and about three bites of Clint‘s gyro. Clint ate his gyro, and the rest of my pizza (and regretted it). Carolyn kept starting to wrap it up for later, and Clint kept telling me to wait. Until it was gone. When we got home, we chilled awhile, and then watched The Life And Times Of Tim.

The setlist for this concert was considerable, and we know much of it. It is is posted HERE.

To see every concert I’ve ever been to, go to my List Of All Concerts page. (more…)

So last week Carolyn & I got to see Sisters Of Mercy for the 3rd time. A few notes:

Wow, Sisters Of Mercy fans are definitely an older crowd. This band’s fanbase is not being replenished with young people.
Unlike the Philadelphia Sisters Of Mercy concert, or the previous D.C. one, we got to stand RIGHT by the stage. It was like going to Jaxx.
SOMEbody had really bad breath. Our seats were so good that Carolyn didn’t rule out Andrew Eldritch as a suspect. But realisticly it was not him.
Would have liked to have heard a few more songs from First And Last And Always.
The music was NOT as loud as any other concert I’ve been to there. Carolyn had to take her ear plugs out.
An annoying girl talked on her cellhpone for awhile, and it was actually hard to hear. Other people also seemed to be annoyed.
Douchey bro-types kept screaming “turn it up!!” in between every song, as if it was suddenly going to work the 27th time they screamed it.
This was **definitely** better than the previous D.C. show, which was a big disappointment. Or the time they canceled the concert altogether due to illness.
It was also better than the Philly show in that Andrew Eldritch no longer looked just like my dad. (Last time, it gave me nightmares about a secret society formed of distant relatives who were conspiring to keep me from leaving the state of Delaware.)
You really couldn’t understand any of Andrew Eldritch‘s talk to the crowd — and being 5-10 feet away didn’t help at all. All in all a good time, of course!

The setlist for this concert is posted HERE. (more…)

Nofx kicked ass!!

Ram’s Head said they were playing at 11:30, so we aimed to get there at 10:30 by leaving at 9:15. Turns out that, as usual, Ram’s Head has no clue what is going on in their own club, and they started playing around 10:50 instead. We barely managed to get our drink on (not counting the 8oz bottle of mixed drink we consumed in the parking lot) before they started playing. Pretty good timing. Their set was closer to 1.5 hrs than 1 hr, and we recognized every song. A couple of them took a thorough search to find the proper title of (Shut Up Already, Linoleum). We were really surprised that Linoleum seemed to be the song the audience knew the most — it certainly wasn’t for us. Would have liked to have heard Vanilla Sex and perhaps more songs from Pump Up The Valuum, but overall, it’s really hard to go wrong with a 17 song setlist. (Unless you’re Ween; Ween plays closer to 30 songs, AND their songs are longer on average; 17 for a Ween show would be a ripoff!)

  1. 1. Dinosaurs Will Die
  2. 2. Brews
  3. 3. Murder The Govt – with alternate lyrics, talking about Bush gagging on Obama’s dick
  4. Fuck Da Kids – while they flicked off some 10 yr old kid brought by his meathead dad. When the show was over, they sent the guitar into the crowd. The 10 yr old kid returned it, but then NoFX gave it back to the kid and let him keep it for good
  5. Eat The Meek
  6. The Moron Brothers
  7. (Herb Albert cover)
  8. Bob
  9. Kill All The White Man
  10. Linoleum
  11. Radio (by Rancid)
  12. Louise
  13. Quart In Session
  14. Whoops, I OD’d
  15. Shut Up Already
  16. Bottles To The Ground
  17. last: Theme From A NoFX Album (last song) – and then the guy kept playing the accoridian for like 5 minutes while everyone else left and put away their equipment

The setlist for this concert is also posted HERE, on my List Of All Concerts I’ve Ever Gone To page.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of the 6 stickers we bought for $5:
20081025 - 6 NoFX stickers

Freezepop played at AnimeUSA!

I wore my cool T-Qualizer shirt (which I got for $60 from the UK before it was available over here), based on the experience of going to MC Chris, and NOT being the guy pulled onto the stage, because someone else had a T-Qualizer. That’s not going to happen again. (I’ve only seen 2 other T-Qualizers: The aforementioned magnificant bastard at MC Chris & one at the Starscape rave.) Lots of people asked about it. Lots of people were looking at it, and I thought they were looking at me, and was occasionally uncomfortable and trying to figure out why they were looking at me… Until I remembered it was the T-Qualizer shirt.

Anyway, there was a horrible opening band that was 2 Asian guys — one played drumpads (on a keyboard) using 2 fingers on each hand. He could have easily been replaced with a drum machine. The other played violin and sung. If you think that sounds bad — it was worse.

As for Freezepop, Kasson Crooker was not available and was replaced for this show, but Liz Enthusiasm and The Other Sean T. Drinkwater played, and some members of the (horrible) opening “band” sometimes played some backup instruments as well.

Freezepop played the following songs:

  1. Boys On Film
  2. Parlez Vous Freezepop?
  3. Science Genius Girl (diff mix than the FreQuency or Freezepop Forever versions)
  4. Bike Thief
  5. Get Ready 2 Rokk (from Guitar Hero 1)
  6. Frontload
  7. Super-Sprode (!) (from Guitar Hero predecessor Amplitude)
  8. Brainpower (my fave song on the new album, which is prob my least fave Freezepop album)
  9. Plastic Stars (!)
  10. Stakeout
  11. Less Talk More Rokk (from Guitar Hero 2)
  12. The Final Countdown (by Europe).

The only disappointing thing was that they did not Freezepop Forever or the Jem & The Holograms theme – the two most-requested songs by the audience.

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6958 - playing, audience, right screen - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
As you can see, they had huge screens set up on both sides of the stage. But we were close enough to not need to use them.

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6960 - playing, audience - yellow - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
They had a huge line that wrapped around multiple rooms. People waited 30+ minutes to get in. The show was at 11:30, but peopel were waiting at 11PM. Freezepop didn’t come on until 12:30PM! That drunk guy with his arm up was behind us in line for Freezepop. Quite belligerent, but in an annoying way, not an evil way. But there’s always one of those dudes at every concert. Ever. The Freezepop line was actually where we talked to the most people at AnimeUSA.

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6963 - left screen, audience - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6966 - right screen - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6968 - playing - Sean scratches head - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Not sure why Sean T. Drinkwater is scratching his head.

And then… I thought to myself… “It sure would be nice if they played Super-Sprode, but they probably wont… Because how many people here have actually heard the song from the Guitar Hero predecessor game Amplitude?”  And then… THEY DID!  And someone actually threw underwear on the stage when the lyrics said”now throw your undies on the stage… no wait…. you’re underage”! Someone must have been planning this!

“so throw your undies on the stage”

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6974 - No wait! You're underage! - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
“No wait! You’re underage!”

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6978 - playing - undies still on the stage - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
playing – undies still on the stage

Of course, they had to upgrade from keytar to guitar for a couple songs — but NOT for Less Talk More Rokk. Curious, since that song is on Guitar Hero, they had a guitar, they played a guitar.. But not for that song.

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6980 - playing - guitar - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
This might have been when they played Get Ready 2 Rokk from Guitar Hero 1.

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6981 - audience watching - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
audience watching
There were actually a lot of girls at this show — I was next to a super-hot, tall elven chick, Carolyn, a redhead behind me, and a few other girls nearby. But for some reason, they didn’t show up in my pictures. It wasn’t as much of a sausage fest as it looks here.

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6983 - playing, audience - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
The audience loved the show, and knew every song!

It was great seeing some Guitar Hero songs performed live… In fact, I’ve now seen six songs from Guitar Hero performed live. Five of them by the original bands. (Good luck seeing Dead Kennedys:Police Truck live, unless you’re seeing Agent Orange cover it!)

Less Talk More Rokk

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6985 - playing encore - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR

The encore had some different background graphics that weren’t used during the main show.
20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6986 - playing encore - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR

And then…. The most unexpected cover that I’ve ever seen in a concert?

The Final Countdown
WTF?!?! This is really happening?!?!
Yes, it is.

Freezepop covered Europe’s The Final Countdown for their 2nd-to-last song. It was their only cover. Liz Enthusiasm’s voice really shined during this song, as it was sung in overdone 1980’s style, and not her normal muted/mellow synthpop singing.

Afterwords, the room became a rave. So we didn’t leave for awhile. Sat on some chairs. Watched the people come in and out. Once the lights dimmed and the raving started more, we walked around and checked out some of the various panels and rooms at the con. There were still people everywhere.

At the autograph booth, Sean T. Drinkwater saw my T-Qualizer shirt and asked if I had gotten that out of his suitcase — which I think was his way of saying he liked it.

Since we already paid the extra $15 [each] for a 3-day AnimeUSA pass, vs. the 1-day AnimeUSA pass …. We came back the next day, bringing actual CDs for them to autograph. It was funny because we didn’t know where to go, were looking at a sign, and I was reading it out lout, going, “It says: 2PM. Freezepop”. And then Liz Enthusiasm popped up 1 foot from Carolyn and I was like, “O HAI!”, and Jussi (her real name) was like “I don’t know where we we’re supposed to go!”  That was kind of entertaining.

We hung out at the con from about 1:30-5:30PM Saturday. We had every intention of being there at 11AM for the Freezepop Q&A session, but going to bed at 4-5AM is not conducive to deciding to actually get up in response to a 10AM alarm clock.

I would have more fun at these things if I could get as drunk as some of the people there, and not have to drive. But rooms @ $125 a night are kind of rough on the wallet. A taxi home would be cheaper than a room, especially considering we paid $8 for parking on the 2nd day anyway. Plus gas.

To view all the pictures from this night on flickr, go to my 20081010 tag on flickr.

To see every concert I’ve ever been to, go to my List Of All Concerts page.

20080419 - Sabbat concert at Jaxx - 155-5502 - close-up of autographed vinyl albumAs usual, shows at Jaxx provide an unusual level of intimacy, and Carolyn & I are virtually guaranteed to be within a literal arms’ reach of our favorite artists! 11 songs were played; 5 of them from the Dreamweaver album (that I just posted a massive review of). Unfortunately for us, we missed most of the 1st song. Jaxx is a great club due to the acts they book (and 15-minute proximity to our house), but they have very poor information management. Earlier calls said they would come on 11:30-12, so we decided to play it safe and arrive around 10:50. We somehow got the 2nd-closest parking space, and they started playing when our car pulled in. So that sucked. They also said we can’t bring cameras, but for the first time ever we decided the camera has depreciated in value such that it is okay to leave it in an unattended car in Virginia. Good move, because when I asked at the door, they said everything was allowed. The band itself was taking video too. Tons of cameras lined the place.

We basically had only 1 person in between us and the stage, and were mostly directly in front of Gizz Butt, the only non-original member of the band, having replaced Frasier Craske. But we were also about 3 feet away from singer Martin Walkyier. (Hey Eve – he performed a handfasting the week before!) I really wish, however, that we could have crowded over to the right of the stage, where Andy Sneap (usually a record producer) was playing. Andy Sneap is the mastermind riff-writer & guitar-player behind the music of Sabbat. Martin Walkyier joked that there’s no way they would ever write another album, because it’s simply not possible for them write songs like they did 20 years ago. Andy Sneap (I think) joked that he used all his riffs up in their 2 albums, which is quite appropriate: Dreamweaver has the most riffs-per-song of practically any thrash metal out there.

During the show, Martin Walkyier did not seem satisfied with the audience’s enthusiasm level. He was pressuring us to scream and raise our fists up during just about every musical interlude. I think it is true that American metal fans, at least in Springfield, VA, are a lot more docile than European metal fans. He was nonetheless very enthusiastic, and quite happy to be playing for us, and ready to party — They said they hadn’t had a party in a week, which was unheard of for them, and so they were going to go back and drink some beers and chat with the fans. (And Jaxx pooped on everybody’s party by only serving alcohol to the band members. I guess they only want to be open during those periods of time that they make the most possible money — i.e. during the actual show.)

Some of has had waited 18 years for the show. I was wearing my Sabbat shirt that I bought in 9th or 10th grade, c.1989-1990. I was the only one. Andy Sneap later remarked that it was a bootleg, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. I thought that I ordered it directly from the Noise Records catalog (i.e. their record company) using an order form from a cassette inlay card. I sure as hell didn’t get it online — back then it was BBSes only. The back of the shirt simply had the band members’ names, so I would think that he would be impressed that I’d been wearing his name for 18 years, instead of declaring it a bootleg. :)

[UPDATE] And although I was the only one with an 18-year-old Sabbat shirt that I saw, there was nonetheless one guy who had an issue of Power Metal Magazine — the exact same issue that I had. I think I finally gave a few to Shehab around 2000, but they probably ended up in the trash. He had Sabbat autograph the picture of them in the magazine — the same one I had ripped out and put on the wall of my bedroom in my parents’ house (along with other stuff. Friends: Imagine my kitchen cabinets, but covering an entire room, and mostly being metal-oriented.) So I made sure to photograph the autograph, and the cover (feat. King Diamond) of the Power Metal magazine as well.

AUTOGRAPHS! So yes: The band members came out, autographed everything for everybody, and talked to everybody. Even to point where the swarm died down, and it became a bit more casual. Band members just sitting at the bar, talking to whoever was around. Eventually they left — Martin wanted white wine. But they hung around for a good 30-45 minutes.

20080419 - Sabbat concert at Jaxx - 154-5493 - Clint, Martin Walkyier, Carolyn
Martin Walkyier & Us

I even had some one-on-one talk with Martin Walkyier, and got to break the news to him that New Line Cinema had at least at one point been interested in making The Way Of Wyrd (which the Dreamweaver album is based on) into a movie. Martin seemed very excited by the prospect, declaring that he would absolutely love to even have a wee part, like a hobbit in the background. Carolyn later (over the next 20 hours) erupted into laughter at several points, because of the way I told him this: “Hey, you know The Way Of Wyrd?”, I say to Martin. “Yeah?” I mean, it’s a pretty stupid question to ask someone who you know wrote an entire album based on the book. But to me I just had to make sure he knew what I was talking about, before saying, “New Line Cinema was interested in making it into a movie!” I suppose I could have blurted it all out in one sentence, but I had to make sure I had his attention before delivering the “punchline”. Martin Walkyier also said that he really liked it here in Virginia, and liked this area better than Los Angeles. Before they left, I managed to get a picture with Andy Sneap as well:

20080419 - Sabbat concert at Jaxx - 154-5498 - Clint & Andy Sneap
Andy Sneap & I

SCHWAG: Carolyn got a shirt with the Dreamweaver cover (the one that caused me to buy the album c.1989 with no knowledge of what it was, other than being a Noise Records album). It was the last medium. She was kind enough to give it to me, and buy the newer shirt style for herself. So now I have an old and new shirt, she has a new shirt, and we have an autographed original pressing of the Dreamweaver cd ($54 on Ebay):

20080419 - Sabbat concert at Jaxx - 155-5501 - All of our stuff
Sabbat Schwag – old, new, and autographed

No drumstick, however, because it bounced off Carolyn‘s head. You see, I had to run back to the car to get the vinyl record (which I would note dare to take into a mosh pit setting). The security guy basically said re-entry is not typically allowed, but I told him why, and he said “make it quick”, so I feigned running, even though we were the very first car. (Ironically, his girlfriend had just left, so my rushing, and her choice to walk beside our car, caused me to run quickly towards her in a dimly-lit parking lot… She probably would have thought she was being attacked if her boyfriend was not right there.) So anyway, asking for the keys to leave and do all this caused Carolyn to turn her head and miss the drumstick. Damn! But at least we have an autographed NoMeansNo drumstick, and a non-autographed Chemlab drumstick.

The setlist for this concert is posted HERE.

A full set of pictures will eventually be posted HERE.

To see every concert I’ve ever been to, go to my List Of All Concerts page.

Here are some videos from the concert [added 7/25/2008]:

Band member introductions:

Die hard fans for 20 years:

Dreamweaver album is now re-released on Sanctuary records:

Martin hates racism, and expected to see a bunch of Homer Simpsons when he came to America:

Martin talks about not having had a party all week (unheard of for them), and his disdain for Christianity:

Introduction for the song The Clerical Conspiracy:

song excerpt – probably “The Church Bizarre”:


Attention Marilyn Manson! Your fans are douchebags! Well, not all of them. But a higher percentage than with other bands, that’s for sure. To impatient readers, you might want to skip down to exhibit 4 below, to see how I ended up giving this bitch her come-uppance by deliberately pouring a drink on her. She deserved worse. (more…)

I’ve been meaning to blog this for a LONG LONG time, but…. I could just never find a way to properly voice my frustration.

Ram’s Head specifically billed the concert as “Glenn Danzig playing classic songs by the Misfits and Danzig”. NOT ONE FUCKING MISFITS SONG WAS PLAYED. I’m pissed. The people at the show were pissed. There are some good reviews online, but they are ignoring the energy of the actual hardcore fans who made this show possible in the first place. Oh and by the way, I photographed the setlist, and only 3 songs from Danzig’s 1st 2 albums were even played. So it wasn’t even classic Danzig songs either! Ram’s Head Lies! (more…)

Bad Religion & MC Chris. Two great shows. Reviews & setlists below. (more…)

We physically have tickets for: MC Chris, Agent Orange, They Might Be Giants.
Tickets ordered, but not received yet: Ween, Danzig (performing all Misfits songs), King Diamond/Kreator, Bad Religion.
Tickets that need ordering because they are not on sale yet: Sabbat (2o yr reunion!), Ozzy Osbourne/Rob Zombie.
Also going to the Mid-Atlantic SubGenius devival in Baltimore on Nov 10th (includes live music).

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