Year In Review


TOTAL MOVIES WATCHED: 78 (77 new movies, 1 rerun: Fight Club)

LANGUAGES: Engish, Japanese, French

*Harry Potter 9 [in theatre(Real3D+IMAX)] – 3-D kinda distracted me and made me enjoy this movie less; the least of all 9 Harry Potter movies. ONLY MOVIE WATCHED IN THE THEATRE THIS YEAR.
*Megamind [SBS->anaglyph] – I don’t know if the 3-D really made a difference for me here
*Tron Legacy [SBS->anaglyph] – anaglyph 3-D is less distracting when a movie uses a limited pallete the way this one did; so it was a good choice for home anaglyph viewing

Grenres: comedy=29(37%),thriller/action/adventure=17(22%),scifi=10(12%),superhero=10(12%),fantasy=8(10%),horror=7(9%),drama=3(4%),dramedy=1(1%),mystery=1(1%)

Ratings: (5-star=22/28%, 4-star=29/37%, 3-star=19/24%, 2-star=7/9%, 1-star=0/0%):

^ Ratings got snobbier this year.

Animated (12/15%) Vs. Live (66/85%)

^1% increase in animation this year. Basically the same.

Quality: 78% in HD this year (79%,28%,19%,14% in previous years):

^1% decrease in HD this year. Basically the same.

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT OF YEAR (not the same as not liking it!): Black Swan. Pretty much feel like I got tricked into watching a ballet movie via over-hyped lesbian kiss.

BEST ANIMATED: The Secret Of Kells – for making it to 5-star level without the use of superheroes
BEST COMEDY: Fido / HONORABLE MENTION: Hangover 2, Jackass 3, The Addam’s Family
BEST UNSEEN COMEDY: Vampire’s Kiss (1988)
BEST HORROR: TIE: Human Centipede 2 / Paranormal Activity 2
BEST SCI-FI: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Read past the jump for the lists of individual movies, separated by rating. (more…)

I created a command, “after month”, that would edit a text file; I then created calendar reminders to remind me to edit that every month. The result is that I now can look back in my life and have a textual sense of what each month was like. Pictures are great, but there are lapses in pictures, and I shall be keeping text summaries as well from now on.

In addition, so that the post is not “dry” and pictureless, I will include graphs of my music listening habits for the year as well.

ALSO: Summary of our yard sale stats for the year.


Brettspielwelt! QuakeLive! A borrowed PS3! Our first dice game in a long time! Our summary of the games played in 2011.


My favorite pictures from each month in 2011.

Ideally I’d pick just one picture from each month, but that’s SO HARD. Some months are better than others. So I’ll try to make it 1-5 pictures from each month.

Here we go:


20110116 1725 - Clint's 37th birthday party - day 2 - 808, Clint, TwoBeans - microbead pillow hats, funny faces - (by the 8's) - GEDC5431

microbead haberdashery

20110108 1726 - attic ladder installation - double ladder combo power-up - GEDC2085

the dreaded two-ladder combo attack

20110115 - Panik's birthday art for Clint - Clint, Carolyn - processed - 131415_1770219464709_1515909705_1870287_484402_oo

Panik’s drawing of us for the SubGenius yearbook, which never happened after SubGenius leadership crucified him for being part of a joke that hurt poor wittle drama-llama Pisces’s feelings, even though it wasn’t even directed at her. Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

20110106 - Voltron to son - 'You're too young to smoke!' - IMG_2687

You’re too young to smoke!

20110106 - Transformers - 7 - cleanup - Constructicons hauling away sad Megatron's chest - 0 - IMG_2616

Megatron smoked.. and look at what happened to him!

FEBRUARY: Symmetric Dopplegangers:

20110216 - Symmetric Dopplegangers - Carolyn - 0 - all
20110216 - Symmetric Dopplegangers - Clint - 2 - 1 - new only


20110305 2207 - Carolyn's 35th birthday party - Gargoyles cake! - IMG_2894

Tabbitha’s awesome Gargoyles cake for Carolyn. I think this was the last time we saw Tabbitha.

20110306 0311 - GEDC0085 - Carolyn - goggles, toy gun

I never knew goggles could be so sexy on Carolyn!

20110326 1834 - Eric's housewarming party - group picture - IMG_5718

Mark’s hiding in the corner.. wuss :)

20110316 - LAN diagram for our house

Awesome diagram of our home hardware setup


20110402 2305 - Christie's Birthday Party - Clint, Carolyn - being goofy - (by the 8's) - GEDC5974

both drunk

20110425 - Carolyn - with Steve Buscemeyes

Carolyn’s highschool yearbook picture, with Steve Buscemi eyes

20110402 - Magic Mist - Arnold Palmer - (by Panik)

Another Panik-creation! Magic Mist doesn’t have to care what you think! Magic Mist is made of Magic Mist!


20110526 - Goth Prom - (by Gus Troll) - 252213_1927797952384_1165232634_31960651_989926_n

Goth Prom with signed Voltaire swag

20110525 - 0 - IMG_3057 - Power Supply Tester

power supply problems!

20110520 - 020 - Carolyn's slipper is aghast - 'OH MY GOD!!'

A slipper that is in constant, horrified agony. Just look at its face!


window, living room picture window - 13 - we give up! now under replacement contract - IMG_3069 (20110614)

Realized mid-way that a repainting really isn’t gonna cut it, we need a new window.

window, living room picture window - 41 - replacement - IMG_3115 - (20110627)

new windows! $~2650

roof - soffit painting - 0 - Clint up on ladder - cinder blocks for stability - left=done, right=todo - IMG_3105 - (20110620)

way too much house work after being dropped by insurance companies 3 times

20110615 - CT scan - CT.1.2.840.113619. - face with hair - greaser - Fonzie tumor

Spent $200 and the only valuable info I got was this stupid fucking joke.


201107 - X-Day 14 - Clint (sleeping), 808 - (by 808) - 261647_10150691571510234_581720233_19379784_7726619_n

It’s perfectly normal to sleep in a car with the sunroof open while it’s raining.

201107 - X-Day 14 - our Bobby awards - IMG_3203 (photographed 20110717)

SubGenius artifacts

20110709 - Clint - Car0lyn cut my hair - IMG_3140-3141-3142 (triptych)

Carolyn cut my hair

20110730 - Carolyn - can't make a sad face - 1 - IMG_3412

Carolyn doesn’t know how to frown


20110819 - Kids In The Hall - 0 - Scott Thompson, Clint, Carolyn - (by Chris Z) - IMAG0067

Scott Thompson of Kids In The Hall

20110823 - earthquake ''damage'' - after pic - IMG_3457

earthquake “damage” (fallen gargoyle)

20110803 - after surgery - post-apico - 3rd time in there now - Clint - IMG_3416

3rd fucking oral surgery there… tooth ultimately got pulled anyway

20110806 - yard sale booty - cartoon bowling balls & bags - Dexter's Laboratory, Scooby Doo - IMG_3430

$5 worth of awesome yard sale bowling balls


20110917 - Atari Teenage Riot @ 930 Club - 0 - Clint, Nic Endo, Carolyn - (by AE) - 6304220437_b4cf79874f_b

with Nic Endo of Atari Teenage Riot

20110924 - ALL concert after Riot Fest - 0 - Stephen Egerton (Descendents & ALL guitarist) - IMG_3611

with Stephen Egerton of ALL/Descendents

20110924 - ALL concert after Riot Fest - 1 - Scott Reynolds (ALL singer), Clint, Carolyn - IMG_3613

with Scott Reynolds of ALL

20110911 - ghetto TV stand + cats - IMG_3511

Classic console center, ~$35


20111016 - 1 - shooting range - 1049 - Carolyn - shooting Ruger rifle - IMG_3822

Carolyn’s one sexy sniper!

20111016 - 1 - shooting range - 1111 - Clint - shooting rifle - IMG_3828

“I like guns, and guns like me. I like guns. They made America free.”

20111015 1314 - offroading - climbing the powerlines - Clint - IMG_3720

“You can’t fuck with me!”


20111117 - Clint's tooth is finally extracted - 0-IMG_3911

What’d I say? The tooth ultimately had to come out.

20111118 - hanging out - Clint minus tooth #19, bit of #18 sticking out of gums - teething?!?!?!?! - (by Chris Z)

Chris’s picture looked even better after some photoshop color redistribution… GORY!

20111103 1803 - time lapse of soap mix - IMG_3858

Did you know this happens if you mix 2 different soaps together? It takes several days.

20111112 0001 - Oranjello and the scarf - IMG_3880

“For glorious nation of Clarolyntopiastan!”


20111231 - New Year's Eve Chili Cook-Off - 1 - Carolyn, Clint - (by Eli) - 333779_353075644707336_100000147111109_1542575_391733799_o

We’re pretty much always this happy.

20111217 - Clint and Oranjello napping - IMG_3938


20111203 - Decemberween - Carolyn as maid - getting ready - IMG_3927


We watched 176 movies in 2010 (down 28% from 245 last year). 172 total unique movies (one was watched 2 times, another 3 times). About 8 were movies we’d already seen, though most of those were for the audiocommentary.

One movie was aborted: Break Up Club (Japan), which we gave 1.6/5 stars and 3/10 to.

Two were seen in the theatre, for the fake-IMAX 3-D (Avatar thoroughly trounced Alice In Wonderland).

Here are some graphs:

Genres: (comedy=63/31%, horror=29/14%, action/adventure/superhero=27/13%, fantasy=27/15%, drama=23/11%, scifi=19/9%, thriller/mystery=15/7%, romance=1/0%):

Ratings: (5-star=44/26%, 4-star=69/40%, 3-star=48/28%, 2-star=9/5%, 1-star=1/0%):

Animated (25/14%) Vs. Live (151/86%): Apparently we are watching more animated every year (10% last year, 7% the year before):

Quality: 79% in HD this year (up from 28%,19%,14% in previous years; the transition to HD video is nearing completion):

LANGUAGES: English, Japanese (8 or more), Korean (3), Swedish (1), Danish (1), French (0.5*), Hungarian (1, but it was dubbed in English).
[*The Science Of Sleep was half-French, half-English, thus French=0.5.]


FAVORITE MOVIES OF THE YEAR: upbeat: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World,  downbeat: Deadgirl (2008).


COMEDY, BEST:  Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.   HONORABLE MENTION: ZombielandHot Tub Time MachineDrawn Together Movie: The Movie (2010) .
COMEDY, BEST HOLIDAY COMEDY: Hank And Mike (2008) – Does for Easter what Bad Santa did for Christmas
COMEDY, MOST PERVERSE/SEXUAL COMEDY: Control Alt Delete (2008) – never seen a guy fuck a computer before
COMEDY, BEST FOREIGNNight Of The Living Dorks (currently being remade by Michael Showalter of The State)
HORROR, MOST HUMAN SUFFERING: Human Centipede 1 (2009)
HORROR, TOUGHEST CHOICES: Saw 6 (2009) (Saw 7 wasn’t as good)
HORROR, BEST MIRROR-RELATED HORROR: Into The Mirror (2003) (Korea)
HORROR, POLITICAL: Zombies Of Mass Destruction (2009)
BEST BLACKLIGHT SCENE:  Enter The Void (2010) 
FANTASY, BEST: Inception (2010)
Avatar (2010). Honorable mention: Time Machine, The (1960)War Of The Worlds (2005) (surprised me).TIME TRAVEL, BEST: Triangle (2009)  (honorable mentinon to Hot Tub Time Machine)
VAMPIRE, BEST: Daybreakers (2009)
ACTION, BEST: Machete (2010)
SADDEST MOVIE: Mysterious Skin (2004)
TV ADAPTATION, BEST: The A-Team (2010)
DISAPPOINTMENT, BIGGEST:  Midnight Chronicles (2008) , Storytelling (2001) – my 2nd least favorite (?) Todd Solondz movieIn Bruges
Also… Very disappointed that Virtuality was never picked up as a series.

WORST MOVIE: Wish Upon A Star (1996), Midnight Chronicles (2008). Honorable mention to Camping (2009) (Danish), In Bruges.

Read past the jump for the lists of individual movies, separated by rating. (more…)

Out of the 176 movies we watched in 2010, 27 (15%) could be classified as action/adventure/superhero movies, and 15 could be (8.5%) classified as thriller/mystery.  About half of the ones we rated 5 stars were actually over-the-top unrealistic comedic action movies like Machete, Scott Pilgrim, Kick-Ass, Bitch Slap, and The A-Team.  Over-the-top ridiculous action is better — action movies were never really realistic to begin with, so why pretend?

We watched two adaptations (1996, 2009) of The Phantom. Guess which one was way better?

Read past the jump for the lists of individual movies, separated by rating. (more…)

Out of the 176 movies we watched in 2010, 29 (14%) could be classified as horrors.
(NOTE:I count thrillers and mysteries as being their own category separate from horrors.)

This list actually contains some of my favorite movies of the 176 I watched in 2010 (especially Deadgirl), as well as my 4th least favorite movie of the 176 watched in 2010 – Zombie Strippers.

Read past the jump for the lists of individual movies, separated by rating.


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