WOW: Larry Carlson. Tasers. (more…)

The originator of this video is http://www.methminute39.com. Sadly/Thankfully, I recognize over 90% of the references in this, and it’s freakin’ great!  Also, does anyone else think the style of the credits is reminiscent of Frisky Dingo?

Cops freak out, run over someone, then charge him. California Blocks forced RFID implants in workers. Coroners threatened with lawsuit if they say a taser was the cause of death, so they set out to create a national database to track these deaths, since accurate data is not always given. Also, you gotta check out the FaceResearch stuff. Blending together hot chicks is fun. I recommend mixing the redhead near the middle with the Asian in the top-right row. (more…)

    Funny stuff today.  The bible translated into lolcat speak? A youtube video of Jimmy Justice harassing a meter maid for parking in front of a fire hydrant. DumpR, which lets you do really cool things with your flickr photos (much like FD’s Flickr Toys), another YouTuber talks smack about Celtic Frost, and YouDeparted.com – interesting idea. (more…)

    And of course a big fat “fuck you” to Officer Lewis Perry III (who must be inspired by Officer Keith Washington), Officer James Allen Finch (a special place in hell is reserved for you), and Pakistan.  Read on to hear what these shithead pigs did with your tax dollars. (more…)

      And some inappropriate humor too.  And of course some daily Abuse Of Authority. (more…)

      https://i0.wp.com/www.acm.vt.edu/~clint/download/imagedump/tree-cyprus-magnificient-by-bdinphoenix-at-flickr-103473534_1e059d4c9c_m.jpgImagine having a criminal record for the rest of your life simply for putting your foot on a seat. Now imagine the civil war in 4 minutes! Now imagine women who prefer ugly men! Now imagine the 10 coolest trees in the world. Now imagine getting fingerprinted in Amsterdam. What??? Read on for the links…


      Big problems in our society — including evil gun control.
      Neat Jackson Pollock mouse-movement-generated toy. (more…)

      Some interesting links today. Ford says Bush fucked up, cops killed an unarmed man, Bush admin hides all kinds of info, an incredible astronomical size visualizer — great if you like to think about the vastness of space, and Bush & Saddam as college roommates! (more…)

      Today’s links include:

      1. JORNAL: Another shitty contractor. I would strongly recommend people avoid doing business with KHD Design Build / KHD flooring.
      2. Russian President Vladamir Putin “jokes” in priase of a rapist.
      3. An article posted in Russia prior to 9/11 warning everyone of an impending attack, telling everyone to convert their dollars to rubles.
      4. A graph of U.S. National Debt vs National Income, per president.
      5. A music visualizer that lets you select speed, mood, and spits out songs of that speed and mood, in a graph, with links to songs with similar qualities.
      6. 1 line of code to allow comments on any webpage


      Imagining The Tenth Dimension – flash animation

      Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Oh My God.  Whoa…. WHOA!

      This animation was one of the most mind-blowingly incredible things I have ever seen in my lifeI am going to watch it again very soon now.  I’m not religious, or even that spiritual — but watching this video could be described as the closest thing to a religious experience that I have ever had..

      I mean, by the end of watching this, you can actually understand the following sentence:

      In String theory, physicists tell us that Superstrings vibrating in the tenth dimension are what create the subatomic particles which make up our universe, and all of the other possible universes as well. In other words, all possibilities are contained within the tenth dimension, which would appear to be the concept we have just built for ourselves as we imagined the ten dimensions, built one upon another.

      They also have a text-version, which is handy for referencing back after watching the animation (easier random access). 

      Also, I think I am finally convinced that time may really be the 4th dimension, although to me a spatial dimension is something you should be able to move 2 directions in.  But the Moebius Strip analogy really serves to explain why you can only perceive going one direction in the 4th dimension.  I think there still might be “extra spatial dimensions” between the 3rd dimension, and what this animation calls the 4th dimension.  But I might just be full of crap. :) 

      But either way… Once you get past the spatial dimensions, it seems that there are only 7 additional dimensions (giving a total of 10).  There is nothing past the 10th dimension. 

      Can anyone think of anything 11-dimensional?  Please?

      This is freaking awesome. Especially the end.