Clint: 5/5 stars, 8/10.
Carolyn: 3/5 stars, 7/10.
Native ratings: 3.2/5 stars Netflix, 6.2/10 IMDB.

That was pretty awesome. (For a documentary.)

Pretty goddamn motherfucking awesome. I don’t usually mention stuff I watch during dinner…. This documentary probably took us about 10 meals.

Real life super heroes! I knew they were around, but I’d never had such an insightful glimpse into the phenomenon

Carolyn’s reluctance at believing this was real astounded me, and was a hilarious source of entertainment to me. She had to look it up on HBO and such. I had thought the RLSH (real life super hero) movement had been around long enough to at least have become common knowledge in the circles I run in. Like, the spousal circle, at the very least :D

And police Lieutenant Andra Brown: What a fucking bitch! She sits on her ass in an office and complains about the people actually doing something, all too often in situations where the cops can’t even bother to show up, as was demonstrated in the movie and experienced by myself and others.

Her responses may as well have been written by a robot. Was that really the best the police could do, when confronted with people more heroic than themselves? Throw a bunch of FUD* into the equation? Pathetic.

*(Fear, uncertainty, and doubt.)


Yes, I keep track of this stuff!

We watched over 174 movies in 2010. This was a 28% drop from 2009 (241 movies), so our TV-series viewing was up in 2010. We watched 69 series, 12 pilots, 4 specials, 5 one-offs, and 2 documentaries.

Note that I try to list the more obscure stuff first, to the extent it’s possible. NOTE!!! Most links point to reviews I’ve written.




MOST FUCKED UP SHOW OF THE YEAR: Still Food Party and Tim And Eric Awesome Show,Great Job! — just like last year. HONORABLE MENTION: South Park, Kevin Spencer, Check It Out With Steve Brule.
BEST NEW ADULT CARTOONS ADDITIONS: Archer, Neighbors From Hell, Ugly Americans, Where My Dogs At?
BEST COMEDY CARTOON: Metalocalypse / South Park / American Dad / Robot Chicken / Family Guy. Really hard to choose one!
BEST ANIME: Higurashi (honorable mention: Planetes)
BEST PSYCHEDELIC CARTOON: Adventure Time, but it’s very subtle.
BEST LIVE-ACTION COMEDY: Food Party, Sarah Silverman Program, The Office
BEST LIVE-ACTION, OVERALL: The Walking Dead, 24, Weeds
BEST SUPERHERO CARTOON: Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
WATCHED THE MOST TIMES IN 2011: PILOT: Totally For Teens – watched three times
MOST DISAGREED ON:  Horribly Slow Murderer With The Extremely Inefficient Weapon, The: Clint: 5/5 stars, 8.4/10. Carolyn: 2/5 stars, 6/10

Series Genres: (comedy=69/78%, superhero/scifi=11/12%, anime: 4/4%, drama 2/2%, horror: 2/2%, action 1/1%):

Cartoons (61/69%) Vs. Live (28/31%):

Quality: 45% in HD this year:

Ratings (includes all rated videos, even shorts): (5-star=39/43%, 4-star=28/30%, 3-star=20/22%, 2-star=4/4%, 1-star=0%):

Read on for the full list.


+” indicates series watched in HD.
Netflix ratings (out of 5) are based on: 1=hate,2=didn’t like,3=like,4=really like,5= love.
IMDB ratings (out of 10) are based on: 0=nothing enjoyable, 5=neutral, 6=generic pass, 10=perfect.



Yes, I keep track of this stuff!

We watched over 241 movies in 2009 (up 25% from the 193 we watched last year), so our TV-series viewing was down in 2009. Still, our list of TV shows watched was quite sizable. Read on for the full list.

I try to list the more obscure stuff first, as it’s probably no surprise that I watch Heroes. (more…)

I'd rather be watching TV![Not listed in IMDB] [Not available from Netflix] A PFFR film by Alyson Levy.

PEOPLE: This is a PFFR production. You might remember PFFR from their groundbreaking shows Wonder Showzen, Xavier:Renegade Angel, or Delocated. Or possibly from their albums, such as United We Doth. They are a musical band that branched into television comedy.

Or maybe you just don’t know that you’ve been influenced by PFFR members — one of them, Vernon Chapman, is the voice of Towelie in South Park, and is listed as a producer in later episodes of South Park. He also wrote for The Chris Rock show, Conan O’Brien, That’s My Bush!, and Doggy Fizzle Televizzle. Check out PFFR’s website — crazy.

QUIRKS: This is a documentary, but also sort of a mockumentary. A lot of the interviews with Christian puppeteers appear to be real — you really can’t make shit like this up, even if you try. But it is interspersed with clips of someone (probably Vernon Chapmon?) making fun of the Christian puppeteers by acting like one. So parts of this documentary are actually mocking other parts. I’ll christen it a docu-mocku-mentary.

VISUALS: Creepy looking Christians in all weird shapes and sizes. None of these people really look normal.

MORALS: These people think they have morals by helping to convert children to Christianity via puppetry. Some of them actually believe they were not able to perform ventriloquism until they were touched by god and given the power to be a ventriloquist.

CONCLUSION: This was pretty damn funny — but insanely scary as well. In fact, I started to freak out while watching it. My pulse quickened, I started to break out in a sweat, breathing rapidly, and filling with adrenaline. Watching horror movies doesn’t do that to me. Watching actual people actually die in real life [on my tv] doesn’t do that to me. Faces Of Death doesn’t do that to me. Saw doesn’t even do that to me — it just makes me squirm for a bit.

But this shit? Fucking terrifying that there are people so deluded and devoted by fictitious sky fairies. I almost had to look away. The old guy just had a creepy-shaped face. I could barely take it.

RECOMMENDATION: If you can find this, it’s quite the gem to watch. Think: Jesus Camp, but less militant. And with a Wonder Showzen-style puppet making fun of the other puppets.


If you’re lucky, you can find this on bittorrent. Especially on the tracker that rhymes with the name of a human organ. PFFR is brilliant, and everything they do must be experienced. (more…)

My documentary watching has definitely tapered off in 2008, now that I watch dvd extras for my favorite shows and movies instead of documentaries. Regardless, I watched a LOT of documentaries in 2007. Here they are, sorted by topic. (more…)

This post is quite long, but chock full of good recommendations — especially for animation lovers. Plenty of live shows too. If I had time, I’d post each one of these as a separate review. But I’ll never have that kind of time.

I’ve started to move towards listing weirdest/rarest stuff first, and more common stuff later… After all, everyone can guess that I watch South Park

As far as awards go? Not sure. Best superhero endeavor is definitely Heroes. Best drama is Weeds. Funniest show is Tim & Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job!. Funniest cartoon is South Park — but Xavier:Renegade Angel has South Park completely beaten in ridiculousness, and Code Monkeys has South Park beaten in terms of freshness. As for live comedy, Sarah Silverman is funnier than Human Giant. Barely. But most of the good cartoons were funnier than anything live-action would have to offer.


Half-uncle Sean Prophet, now an atheist and no longer a member of the Church Universal And Triumphant, pretty much feels how I feel about religion, and answers the questions asked of him amazingly well. Interviewed by Kathy Weber, this originally aired on KULR TV in Billings, Montana, and is all about the cult my grandfather Mark Prophet started before I was born.

Sean’s own blogpost about this can be found HERE, and includes his own comments on the interview, so you might want to hop over there instead.

My own blogpost is essentially an “echo” for friends and family and whoever else might stumble over here instead of to Black Sun Journal. Which, by the way, is an excellent blog about religion, philosophy, the environment, and other such issues.

Also, you might want to go to and order a copy of half-aunt Erin Prophet’s new book, Prophet’s Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and Triumphant.  (See also this blog.)

Anyway, here are the 5 parts of Sean Prophet’s interview:

Reporter videotapes cheerleading competition; charged with felony possession of obscene matter depicting sexual conduct of a person under 18! So… um… Why isn’t the school in trouble for hosting public competitions that depict sexual conduct of persons under 18? Now the reporter will fail security clearances, even though the charges wont stand. Looks like the system can fuck you, even if you don’t deserve it. Or maybe the guy had more on the videotape… But videotaping a cheerleading competition is grounds for your arrest and search of your videotape?!?! Hello? It’s a public event. Photographers rights! Buuuut… SCHOOLS ARE STUPID… SO… When an athletic girl strains ligament, is hospitalized, put in a brace, given crutchesguess what happened next? (This was Hillsborough — I assume the same one where they dump arrested cripples onto the floor to make sure they are handicapped.) The school took her crutches away from her — FOR NOT HAVING A DOCTOR’S NOTE — causing her to further damage her knee. And have surgery. Inevitable lawsuit ensues — and I hope they get millions. YOU DON’T DO THAT.

    WAR ON TERROR: U.S. tortures their prisoners of war – no shit – more news from Captain Obvious. How many of these accounts have to come out for this to stop? Does nobody give a shit that we are treating some individuals as bad as China or Nazi Germany? The constitution was specific: ALL persons have rights, not just citizens. When the constitution talked about voting, it said “citizens”, not “all persons”. Duh. But the global government does not care about constitutional rights — hell, United Nations Secretary-General stands behind the censorship of Fitna. I seem to remember appeasement didn’t work with Hitler in World War 2 — so why are politicians trying to appease fundamentalist muslims who want to censor anything that might offend them? If the United Nations is supposed to define human rights, why be a fucking hypocrite about free speech? FUCK YOU, secretary-general Ban Ki-moon — this IS about free expression, contrary to your attempt at doublethink by stating otherwise.

      SCIENTOLOGY IS A DANGEROUS CULT: IRS documents leaked (full pdf). Another great leak brought to you by ANONYMOUS, the full version of the Church Of Scientology IRS-related documents. Grab this while you can. Grab this now, and own a piece of history regarding how Scientology deals with money. Probably about as bad as Sony BMG, which was raided in France, and found to be operating their network with pirated software. Now they are being sued for piracy. Remember Sony going out of its way to sue anyone who “pirates” any of their technologies, and to even stop modchips? They’re hypocrites (just like the UN today). What are they thinking? They’ve rootkitted their customers, they’ve idiotically sued a great accessory shop because they dared to sell their PSPs, and now this? All I can say is: Another day, another shitty Sony story. Viva la France!

      CENSORSHIP/RELIGION: Network Solutions takes down website for hosting anti-Islam movies — free speech online is controlled by only a few corporations, and they just want everyone to get along so that we keep buying stuff. When your domain name holder can pull your account at any time, you don’t truly have the freedom to express what you want. Avoid NetworkSolutions, and avoid GoDaddy. Go elsewhere for your needs; these guys are not YOUR friend, not even when you PAY them.  But you can still watch it on Google Video HERE.

      Speaking of religion… SCIENTOLOGY IS A DANGEROUS, CRIMINAL CULT: Read about Gareth Cales and Sean Carasov — it looks like Scientologists poisoned Sean Carasov’s cat, then had him arrested for “threats” which have not been disclosed, much like Keith Hanson. Ultimately, on the protest day, Gareth had to have the police intervene to keep them from being followed into the subway. This is scary stuff. All Scientologist leaders should contract cancer and die. The world would be a much better place. All hail ANONYMOUS and XENU! 6AUP602!

      WAR ON DRUGS HURTS CHILDREN (VIDEO SEGMENT): Douchebag U.S. Prisons Deny Man Temporary Release So Dying Daughter Can Have Last Wish – To Hug Her Father. Um, what about a conjugal visit? Man is in jail on a drug conviction. Remember: Drugs are victimless crimes. It probably hurt the child a lot more to lose a father, than how much “society” was hurt by the father’s actions. Yet here, a child has become a victim to a compassionless system; the American Justice system — which imprisons the most non-violent people of any system in the planet. Laws are not Morals, and in my book, non-violent criminals are, for the most part political prisoners.

      Speaking of children…Child tasered to death after Mom makes him return to store he works at to face discipline for stealing Hot Pockets …. I guess before tasers, they would’ve shot him in the head? Of course, if you shoot someone unarmed, you tend to get sued. But if you TASER them & they die from “exicited delirium”, then a cop gets to blame the victim, avert the lawsuit, AND get away with cowardly murder. This is the 3rd taser death this week, and at least the 2nd time in a week I’ve read about a mother losing her son because she called 911. This is why I propose a softer “811” manned by people who actually risk their lives by not shooting anyone they perceive as a threat. It would basically be handled like the stereotypical people in white who bring you to the insane asylum.

      SCIENTOLOGY IS A DANGEROUS CULT: The Profit – The movie Scientology doesn’t want you to see. (download torrent here). Get the banned movie here! Not just 8 minute clip that everyone has seen, but the whole banned movie. Special thanks to ANONYMOUS for fucking Scientology over at every possible juncture.

      DRUGS: Researchers have deteremined which gene to ‘knock out’ to reduce tobacco carcinogenocy. Of course, study is funded by Philip Morris. Either way: Many people smoke, and many people will continue to. This cannot ever be stopped. EVER. Philip Morris must be considering that they would make more money if their customers didn’t die, and that their lawyer fees might be lower if they weren’t sued by states due to the strain on the health care system. (Cost of freedom, folks. Cost of freedom.) OF AUTHORITY: Federal agent sues after being tasered and arrested at a ball game for not immediately removing an american flag he was hanging. Lots of cop-on-fed violence for no charges being filed! In the end, the only way we may gain our civil rights is if more police are abused by other police. “He said she said” becomes a level playing field when both people work for the government. Someone’s going down. The best we can hope for is that our police start shooting, abusing, and brutalizing each other — that would reform the system much faster than lawsuits. OVERLY-HARSH PUNISHMENTS: Don’t call 911! Mom calls on her son for taking her car. Son is now paralyzed, most likely for life. They tasered him, against their own policy (lawsuit!) from the top bunk, where he fell, and broke his back. Don’t call 911 if you value the life of the person you are calling 911 about. This is why I propose a softer “811”, to be staffed by more heroic people than our gestapo police. People willing to risk their lives. Right now, police die less than fisherman, farmers, garbage men, & taxi drivers.

      Wow. So they are all hermaphrodites, and afterwards both partners conceive. The whole experience looks like it might actually be less awkward than human sex. Being able to entwine around each other is pretty cool.

      This “instructional video” is so strange that some people are not really sure if it’s a joke, or actually intended to teach something to aspiring Japanese prostitutes working the whole Geisha angle. This clip contains an English lesson of sorts, instructing the viewer on how to say and use certain sexual terms (“you’re so good” and “first-rate cunt lapping”) during sexual encounters. The highlight is when she teaches you how to say “My grandmother gives good head”.  Of course, it’s better to click the video and go to youtube, where you can watch it full-screen:

      With all the recent focus on the fact that Scientology is a dangerous cult, let’s not forget about the so-called Church Of Latter Day Saints, i.e. the Mormons… And remember what they taught us on South Park: Mormons have no souls. Whereas if we were to believe the Mormons, all black people are black because they took a neutral stance in the political battle between Jesus and Lucifer… If I were forced to believe one of these stupid assumptions, I’d prefer to believe that Momons have no souls….

      Scientology is a dangerous cult.  Do your part in googlebombing and post a link to the same URL, titled “dangerous cult”.  Also, the full 45-minute Tom Cruise video has been “released”.  It’s on   youtube HERE.  For information on how to be part of the organized movement against scientology known as “ANONYMOUS”, go HERE.  This is this group that took down the Scientology website, made news headlines, and are continuing their anti-Scientology activities even now.

      At what point do we come out and tell our kids they are much better off eating marijuana brownies, than doing any of this shit? Pun intended!

      And 10 films the US Government would rather you not see … educate yourself. (Add “The Power Of Nightmares” to the list!). Scotch egg. Cops drug-raid wrong house based on description; can’t be bothered with having an address. Cartoon censorship. (more…)

        Cop taped beating man in post-Katrina New Orleans gets off scot-free (except for losing his job)“Loose Change” 911 documentary co-creator charged for desertion of army – despite having served 3 years, and left over 2 years ago.  New BBC documentary to expose 1933 plot to overthrow US government, which included George W. Bush’s grandfather.  U.S. Senators Call for Universal Internet Filtering (related: Deep Packet Inspection & Net Neutrality).  Man convicted of indecent exposure for masturbating in his own jail cellStudents jailed for having extremist materialFairfax Virginia Police Officers Sean Cheetham, Lt. Michael Grinnan, and Lt. Lance Schaible, Sued By County Planning Commissioner For AssaultThe cat that can predict death. (more…)

          Also: Afghan woman forced to marry 4-year-old boy, Stab victim ‘continued masturbating’, and an actual victory against Abuse Of Authority. Read on. (more…)

          I AM A CUNTPedophile police don’t get arrested when caught red-handed photographing 5-year-olds up their skirts. You see — police can do whatever they want, such as ripping a man out of his car, knocking his tooth out, breaking his ribs, then arresting him for disorderly conduct for daring to allow them to torture him.
          Don’t trust the police. Also, do not trust Trusted Computing. It doesn’t trust you. In a similar vein, Don’t Let AT&T Ruin the Internet.
          Meanwhile, Laura Mallory is a hypocritical religious skank
          who should be forced to live in a prison somewhere, where she can be protected from other peoples’ values.
          Does this news suck? Need something happy? How about a white tiger that swims!? (more…)

          See “The Yes Men“. It is a wonderfully subversive anti-WTO documentary movie. The “work” The Yes Men did was amazing. Also: See “The Power Of Nightmares“. These two documentaries will both entertain and change your perspective. (more…)

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