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We had 7AM yardsales promising FRICKINLASERS, so we got up early, around 6:25AM, and made it out driving by 7:05AM, yardsaleing until 11:45AM. But then I had to go back out for 30 minutes (and 6.8 more miles) to fix a purchase I’d been screwed on. The lasers-dude gave me the wrong power cord! When I came back, they were discussing the movie Evil Bong. They liked it.

So the total time yardsaleing was 5 hours, 10 minutes. (2hr51min [55%] driving, 2hr19min [45%] yardsaleing.)

Spent $30.75 plus ~$15.09 gas for 61.5 miles of driving (14.1 mpg @ $3.46/G), for a total cost of $45.84.

We purchased 24 items for a total estimated value of $257.56 229.06, leading to a profit/savings of $211.72 183.22.

So in essence, we multiplied our $45.84 investment by 5.6 5.0X.
(Also, if you think about it, the profit counts for even more when you consider that we have to earn $232 on the job to earn the $211.72 in cash that we saved. How long does $211.72 of disposable income take to earn, vs the 5 hrs we spent here?)

Anyway, this works out to a *post-tax* “wage” of $40.98/hr $35.46/hr as a couple or $20.49/hr $17.73/hr per person. We’ve definitely done better in the past.


Yardsale regret: Tiny $3 dvd/mp3 player. We walked away, and then Carolyn said it could be used on vacations, so Clint went back to get it and it was already in the hands of these other guys. Must remember that next time!

That fucking fan again!!! This is like the 3rd week in a row. Clint suggested offering half-price and Carolyn said at this point she should go and tell them to give her the fan for free.

Bitch who screwed us on the electronic dartboard! See comments below.

Susan & Angel’s yardsale. I forgot to mention that we went to a yard sale some friends were throwing. It was quite out of the way from our normal circuit, but it let us see some parts of town we’d never quite seen, and let us get into some interesting bonus sales (including one of our pimp ice buckets).  Angel was only bringing her stuff out by the time we were leaving, and a smashing time was had by all.


20120623 - yardsale booty - 0 - our booty - IMG_4423

  • $10.00: Laser FX, music-visualizer, With Design In Mind (EV:$150! Whoa, really?! Well, Spencer Gifts sells some completely different items that do about the same thing, with comparable ones being as low as $50, so we’ll go with $50.) – Will st this up downstairs for extra party ambiance!
  • $4.00: dart board, electronic, 25 games with 75 level varience, Halex, Game Winner Pro sku 17352712, barcode 0029087644101 (EV:$29.99 price tag but only $0.50 since the bitch lied) (some rules) – More games for the house! Maybe I’ll set this up in the upstairs hallway? I never have a reason to hang out in the hallway! NO!! BUT WAIT!! THE STUPID BITCH PUT A NON-ELECTRONIC DARTBOARD IN THE BOX, AND EVEN COVERED IT WITH BUBBLEWRAP TO SCREW US! WHAT THE FUCK! How dishonest! Buyer beware!

20120623 - yardsale booty - 7 - electronic dart board BUT NOT REALLY (lying bitch!) - IMG_4429

  • $3.00: game, science kit, The Young Scientists Club, Set 5 (Kit 13 – Water, Kit 14 – Capillary action, Kit 15 – air) (EV:$19.09) – for future-Sagan?
  • $3.00: light, spinning, Radioshack, Rotating Ball of Light, 10″ high, ball 7″, missing one light cover, plug was spliced together, motor is broken, goddamnit (EV:$5.87, but motor is broken, so we’ll say $2–a loss) – Gave this to the kind folks at Happy House, because I am ultra-snobby about the motor not spinning.
  • $3.00: ice bucket, insulated, faux wood grain panel, metal handle, 9.625×8.25″, Vintage 1960s Kromex (EV:$34.99) ($17.99 for smaller one) – to replace the 2 insulated ice buckets we ruined by running through the dishwasher (we still use them as caddies, though)

20120623 - yardsale booty - 5 - tall ice buckets - IMG_4430

  • $2.00: ice bucket, insulated vertical gold reflective strips, pimp, plastic handle, 11×8″, Georges Briard (EV:$11.99 for smaller one, and large ones seem to go for double the price, so we’ll say $20) – both ice buckets we ruined are now replaced.  This is the pimpest ice bucket I’ve ever seen in my life.
  • $0.50: plate, McDonalds, plastic, Ronald McDonald and Grimace, 10″, Lexmorton (EV:$8.00, but ours is in bad condition and scratched up and chipped, so we’ll say $2. The value is mostly sentimental.) – Me & Carolyn both had this plate growing up!!

20120623 - yardsale booty - 3 - McDonald's plate - IMG_4432

  • $0.50: cat scratcher, hanging, rough rope, blue stripes, 18.625×4.875″ [from Susan] (EV:$8.99) – more entertainment for the cats… Before we hung this on the doorknob, Oranjello would just hang out and sit and lay on it, for days.
  • $0.50: paper towel holder, wood, verticle standing [from Angel] (EV:$7.00) – we normally use old cd/dvd spindle bottoms for this, but now we have a nice one that doesn’t tip as easily! Thanks Angel!
  • $0.50: toy, Hulk Hands, The Hulk Movie 2003, left hand only, battery compartment, makes sound effects, 11″x7.5″ (EV:$44.99 for both hands, but out of stock, and this is only one hand, so we’ll say $22.50) (commercial for The Thing feet and Hulk hands) – Instant hit at Happy House… You can play it like bongos, it’s fun to drop and watch bounce around, it’s addictive, and it’s list price is $250?!?!?! WTF.


20120623 - yardsale booty - 1 - Hulk Smash! - IMG_4440

  • $0.33: action figure, Puss In Boots, Shrek, 4.125″, has a switch, McDonalds 2007 (EV:$0.99) (Youtube video)
    20120623 - yardsale booty - 4 - action figures - IMG_4439
  • $0.33: action figure, Tigress, Kung Fu Panda, 3.75″, 4 moveable joints, flips, McDonalds 2008 (EV:$4.75)

20120623 - yardsale booty - 4 - action figures - IMG_4435

  • $0.33: action figure, Venom, Spiderman, 3.375″, 4 moveable joints (EV:couldn’t find this online, but it’s a low- to mid-end action figure, so we’ll say $2)

20120623 - yardsale booty - 2 - Kenny, Stewie, Kyle plushies - IMG_4433

  • $0.33: plushie, Stewie, Family Guy, 7.375″, 6″ wide head (EV:$3.28)
  • $0.33: plushie, Kenny, South Park, 7.375″, 4.25″ wide head (EV:$6.43)
  • $0.33: plushie, Kyle, South Park, 7″, ear-muff width 4.5″ (EV:$10.99)
  • $0.25: action figure, Darkseid (Superman villain),  4.125″, with stand, arms adjust, but they are both the same, DC Universe: Fighting Figures (Wave 1) line (EV:$29.99 if new in box and with Superman, but ours is just Darkseid, and weapon is missing, so $5)
20120623 - yardsale booty - 4 - action figures - IMG_4435
  • $0.25: action figure, Robin, 6″, DC Super Heroes edition – Nightwing Blue variant from Toys R Us (but it’s still Robin, just with black/grey uniform instead of red/green), 11 moveable joints, J2014 (EV:I thought it was $58.90 after converting pounds to dollar, but that one has Robin colors and isn’t the Nigtwing Blue Varaint, which someone is selling for $69.99 on Ebay, except that one comes with Batman, is new in the box, and has 0 offers at that price. Hmmm. Turns out Amazon has this for $43.95, but only 1 left in stock, so it’s about to be worth more! In the end, I will guess a $10 value for this, since it’s out of the box) – One of the most poseable action figures I’ve ever seen. Not a huge Robin/Nightwing fan, but still. You can make him outstretch his arms and turn his wrists upward at the sky, like “COME AT ME GOD”, all while arching his back and thrusting his pelvis out. It’s ridiculously poseable, and can even stand up like that.
  • $0.25: action figure, Storm Trooper, Star Wars, 3.8″, 18 moveable joints (EV:$1.75)
  • $0.25: tambourine, 8″, 6 tines, Microsoft Regional Director Program, TheRegion.Com, cracked but works fine (EV:$3.83)

20120623 - yardsale booty - 6 - tambourine - IMG_4427

  • $0.25: roach tablets, Harris, 6oz, 40% boric acid,, product code hrt6 [from Susan] (EV:$4.99) – Our 7 month war against the roaches seems to be coming to a close, with all-time low sightings of 1 (always young or baby) every 4 days or so, so it’s nice to be able to step up the fight with some of these under our stove, dishwasher, and in our sink (last place we’ve seen babies, they come for the water), and only spend a quarter doing so. I doubt they will all die, but if they naturally select (by us killing them) into ones that stick behind the walls and stay the fuck outta our sight, I’m fine with that. Diatomaceous earth + Home Depot bait traps seemed to do the trick – we’ve gottem them to change rooms they inhabit twice by driving them out. The original nest was within the walls of our dishwasher, which was NOT cool. 
  • $0.25: cutting board, plastic, red, Ikea, PE-LLD 13.75×9.5″ [from Susan] (EV:$1.99) – after Thu Tran autographed our last one, we didn’t have one. Then we bought a wooden one at a yardsale, but we stopped using it when the roaches came and it turned into a lampstand. This one hangs up on the wall, tho it’s warped.

20100612 - Food Party in Baltimore - 0 - IMG_0856 - Thu Tran (Food Party) autograph

  • $FREE: graphic novel, Superman/Batman Public Enemies, beat-up condition (EV:$12.99 price tag, but docked to $2 because of the condition) – The movie was pretty damn good (click the title review), so yea I’ll take the graphic novel for free! Of course! Inside the cover it specifies that this is Superman/Batman #1-#6 + Superman/Batman Secret Files 2003. I’m betting the Secret Files contains stuff that was not in the movie.

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(Note: these stats do not reflect the subtracting of $28.50 from the total estimated value, due to being screwed on the dartboard.) 

* EV stands for “Estimated Value”, which I estimate by looking things up in Google Shopping/Google/Amazon/Ebay. I don’t always deduct for an item being used, unless it’s actually in worse condition in a way that matters. For example, I estimate books at the cover value. I also try to only count shipping if it’s the type of thing that would need to be shipped, and only if the price isn’t “fixed” (i.e. 1 cent items that cost $10 to ship would not be $10 in person).


I saw someone else post a month-by-month list of their favorite pictures from the year. What a good idea! I shall jump on that bandwagon, too. So here are some of my favorite pictures of 2009, month by month, all from my flickr (but NOT all taken by me).

I’ll try to keep it to 2-5 pictures a month.

I also will be including New Year’s Eve (2008->2009 transition) as it’s own month, since I usually don’t get my pictures up in a timely fashion.

Click any picture to follow through to my flickr, where it will be explained in much more detail. Or hover over the picture for a [very] brief summary. (more…)

Click the image to see a fullsize ( 1152×788 ) version:!-500-.jpg
I didn’t do a lot of blondes, because Carolyn is already blonde. The lower-right corner is “50% gray”, a simulation of what Carolyn’s hair might naturally look like today. The top-left reminds me of Meagan’s hair, and the first blonde in row 1 reminds me of Angel’s hair. Make your own (one head at a time) HERE. Feel free to chime in as to which one is best…. Hell if I know. She looks pretty no matter how I shuffle her attributes :)

I’ve never burped and had it taste like burnt plastic before. WTF?!?!?!

In possibly-related news, Carolyn cooked a new meal tonight, “scalloped tomatoes”. It was the best vegetarian meal I’ve ever eaten. We were both completely stuffed with only 400 calories. Of course we were both hungry again in 4 hrs, but that’s usual for me.

And, even less related: that new “Sunflower” vegetarian restaurant on Route 7? Teh suck! There’s sooooo many vegetarian meals I could have enjoyed, but they managed to screw every menu item up….There was nothing good. I stared at the menu for 20 minutes, made my best guess, and could barely get it down. I tried others’ meals, and every one was completely unpleasant. They even made noodles with tomato sauce that had something crunchy and disgusting in them — I didn’t know you could screw up noodles, but apparently if you pay, you can get a cook skilled enough to do so. Crunchy noodles? Okay, I admit it: I’m anti-crunch most of the time. The *company* was great (shoutout to Meagan/Glen/Angel/Ian/Lauren/Ryan) but I wont be convinced to return. Ever. They hardly had any foods that used my favorite veggies: tomatoes and cucumbers. Everything was mushrooms or other weird veggies I’ve never heard of. How about a standard Ceasar Salad? Is that so hard? Ugh. Carolyn’s scalloped tomatoes were 10X better than anything Sunflower had to offer. Sunflower should totally serve this recipe.

And yes, I originally just wanted to post about my burp, but it unexpectedly turned into a rant when I realized the burp came from vegetarian food that was far better than that I’ve paid for. Time to edit my subject line! Sunday for my birthday I’m checking out Rio Grande with my family — should be good. I love Mexican food (yes, it’s Mexican, not Peruvian or Salvadorian) more than any other ‘genre’.

So, I keep having to get gas on a Monday morning right before work. Kind of depressing. So, I was blasting “Hey”, by The Pixies, quite loudly as I pumped gas. (Angel can attest to how loudly I listen to music, as I happened to randomly get gas at another station recently, and she just so happened to be at the pump in front of me. I had to go into my car to turn the music down so I could hear her talking. She had to get my attention as I just assumed it was some random hot chick.)  So anyway, this 60+-year-old white-haired schoolbus driver next to me asks me something, but again I can’t hear, so I turn the volume down, and she says again, “Who is that?”, and I say, “The Pixies”, and she says, “Ohh, they’re good!”, and drives off. I’m confused.

It’s always a good times! Ian’s re-cap. Ian’s photos. Angel’s photos. Casey’s photos. Christian’s photos. Our photos. Vicky’s photos. Read on for my recount. Also, check out the journal everyone wrote in (PDF Warning). (more…)

After working 12 days straight, I partied hard this weekend. Normally I might get two hangovers in a year, but this time I got two in a weekend. Special thanks to Angel for throwing the party; her blog post about it is here. Pictures will eventually be posted HERE, among other places.

20061014 - Camping with Misfit & Kali - 107-0771 - Group photo, including cats

Okay, this write-up is about 6 months too late, but better late than never…Camping on 10/14/2006 was a lot of fun! (more…)

20070113 - Clint's 33rd Birthday party - 109-0945_Clint wearing a crownWell, my 33rd birthday proved to be quite exciting, and the party (fight included) was one of the larger ones that we’ve thrown.

Special thanks to Eli for loaning us his jello syringes.

Link to 6+ flickr pages of pictures is HERE.

UPDATE: 2/4/2007: Now with video of “The Rappening”.



blog-overlook-2-small.jpgWe had our 2nd annual Assateague Island beach camping trip earlier this month. Although I was recovering from illness and could not drink due to liver testing situation (since resolved fine), I still had a blast!

Pictures of this event are HERE.
Carolyn’s blog post about the trip. The longest and most thorough account: (her post is both about Bethany and Assateague).

Vicky’s blog post about the trip:

Angel’s blog post about the trip:


rotting corpseWell, I would say the corpse smell is still lingering. Maybe we need to close up the floorboards, now that the smell is only 5% of what it once was. My friend Greg Z stopped by, and I asked him to take an objective smell of the place when he walked into the door; but he didn’t smell anything. Of course, we had just burned a candle so that probably helped.

bad back painI’ve been sleeping on the couch to try to fix my back — for about 2 weeks now. But last night, I slept 10 hours (I usually sleep no more than 5.5). And the couch killed my back. I have not had a good back any day out of the last 6 weeks. I’m really not used to this crap.

But anyway, during my long 10-hour sleep, I had some crazy dreams. As did Carolyn, who apparantly dreamed that our friend Angel (link to her blog in sidebar) vomited on her.

nuclear bomb

So in my dream, there was a nuclear war. (more…)