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VIDEO: MOVIE: REVIEW: Men In Black 3 (2012)

We’re fans of the first 2 movies AND the animated series (which is friggin’ awesome), so of course we’d be watching this!

Carolyn: 5/5 stars, 9/10.
Clint: 4.4/5 stars, 8.4/10. Maybe I should give this 5 stars. It was pretty awesome. I love time travel.
Parthena: 4/5 stars, 8/10.
Eli: 4/5 stars, 7/10.
Native ratings: Netflix: 4/5 stars, IMDB 7.0/10.

Carolyn: I’m a sucker for Men In Black, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Parthena: I really really liked the movie, but one tiny thing I noticed- in the beginning, when Agent J went to the young guy in the store to get the time-travel device, the guy shouldn’t have acted surprised to see those weird jelly-fish things on the tvs in the background- he seemed surprised, and said something like, “Oh, yeah, I guess me sending Boris back did change things,”etc.  But if Boris had succeeded in changing the entire timeline, Dude in Store would have no idea that anything had ever been different than the way it currently was-hopefully that makes sense.  Not a huge deal but just a tiny timeline-continuity thing that I noticed. :)

Eli: I really enjoyed it.  Surprising for a third in the series.

Matthew: It was pretty good. The whole time travel thing was confusing to both Julie and I, but those types of situations in movies always seem to be a little hard to follow. Overall it was a good, fun experience. It didn’t really lag or drag on, it was pretty smooth flowing throughout. There were some holes in the plot, like what happened to those motorcycle type things they were riding and the Ford Galaxie that was on fire? How did the bad guy get from the moon to earth? Did he just swim through space? Whatever, it was still fun.

Julie: I liked the movie. I did like the fact that I didn’t have to have seen the first two to figure out what was happening. I really hate when movies in a series require you to have seen all the previous ones to follow the plot.

LINK URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1409024/

VIDEO: MOVIE: REVIEW: Snow White And The Huntsman (2012)

Carolyn: 4/5 stars, 8/10.
Parthena: 4/5 stars, 7/10 (was 4.4/5 stars, 8/10 but then she decided to lower it).
Clint: 3/5 stars, 8/10.
Eli: 3/5 stars, 6/10.
Native rating: 3.7/5 stars, 6.4/10.

I found this to be quite a serviceable remake. Certainly more enjoyable than a bunch of gay Disney characters singing and whistling, and the production was pretty awesome.

Charlize Theron was great as the wicked witch, though the idea that Kristen Stewart could ever be fairer than her was less believable than the entire fantasy world this took place in :)

It was also interesting how they used CGI to have dwarves played by normal-sized actors — I totally recognized Nick Frost and Ian McShane. I am sure Warwick Davis was livid! [UPDATE: Just read the trivia, and Warwick Davis *WAS* pissed! And made a public statement!]

Anyway.. Nice to see a familiar fantasy story and not have it be totally juvenile.

LINK URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1735898/


This movie seemed kid of old and random. A lot of it fell flat. I guess this is why I don’t like older movies.

I probably would have liked this a lot when it came out, and if I’d seen it in the 80’s, nostalgia might have made me like it more now. But it was actually barely likeable.

Parthena: 2/5 stars, 5/10. “Some parts were funny, other parts that could have been either epic OR amusingly horrible were a bit…flat.”

Eli: 2/5 stars, 5/10. “I got my kicks out of kinda ripping off lord of the rings and I think
star wars, but all in all not amazingly well acted or cut together.”

Clint: 2.4/5 stars, 5.4/10.

Carolyn: 2.7/5 stars, 5.6/10. “I agree it wasn’t all that spectacular.”
Native rating: 3.5/5 stars (which was also Netflix’s guess for us), 6.6/10.

Peter MacNicol – the “weasel” from 24, Ally McBeal. So annoying! Not quite as annoying here, but I just kept screaming “WEASEL!” every time he went on the screen.

Valerian and Tyrian? Both actors who play them are now dead…

LINK URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082288

p.s. Happy X-Day or something.

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] A movie suggested by Parthena, watched with Parthena and Eli.

PLOT SUMMARY: Nic Cage is the douchiest boss of all time… and then he becomes a vampire. (Or does he?)

BACKWARD PLOT SUMMARY: Nic Cage finds his shit.

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): [highlight for spoilers] Untreated schizophrenia leads to employee rape, club murder.

PEOPLE: Nicholas Cage! Losing his shit! Totally and completely! The whole movie! The director and writer of this movie faded into obscurity… But Nic Cage remains. He is the reason to watch this movie. This is some of his best “acting”, which I put in quotes because it is the “Nic Cage Losing His Shit” / “Nic Cage over-the-top acting”, and not necessarily the conventional acting most people would expect. In fact, Nic Cage was a boon to what would otherwise by a kind of dark, heavy, dreary movie

His poor, poor, poor subordinate Alva was played by Maria Conchita Alonso, who went on to be in Predator 2 directly after this. But I’ve only seen 3 of her 50 or so movies, and nothing after 1990. Vampire chick is Jennifer Beals (The L Word, The Grudge 2, Sophie from Roger Dodger, The Book Of Eli, and Alex from Flashdance. Her first movie was My Bodyguard!). His shrink was played by Elizabeth Ashley, whose voice kept reminding me of Marge Simpson. Happiness is the only movie I’ve seen with her. His real “love interest” (the black girl, not the hispanic girl) was Kasi Lemmons, who was in Silence Of The Lambs and Candyman, went into directing, and is now back into acting in some 2012 movie named Disconnect.

Jessica Lundy was also in this! Gloria from the sitcom Hope & Gloria! Why do I never notice her in the movies she’s in? Perhaps this is why she’s only doing TV guest spots nowadays. The last movie she starred in that I actually saw were Single White Female (bit part). And David Hyde Pierce, aka Niles Frasier! TINY part that I did not even notice. So yes: NBC picked 2 super-minor stars from this movie to be 2 secondary characters in 2 later sitcoms (Frasier and Hope & Gloria). How weird.

QUIRKS:Vampirism. Absurdity. Being an ultimate douche. Surrealism. Insanity. Nic Cage with a Keanu Reeves Bill-And-Ted accent.

It’s supposed to be the accent of someone who is acting purposely snobby. It works. He comes off as SUCH A FUCKING TOOL in this movie. Like, one of the biggest douchebags ever. His personality invokes a punching response greater than Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg combined. His fake accent is more cringeworthy than Fran Drescher’s laugh. His treatment of his subordinates is worse than the boss in Secretary.

And he eats a cockroach in the movie. For real.



In fact, most of the clips from the first 1/3rd of that video are from this movie.

In fact, after writing this review, Rage Comics introduced a new Nic Cage meme based on this movie!


You Don’t Say?

“You Don’t Say” is a black and white drawing, often used in rage comics, of Nicolas Cage developed from a scene in the 1988 black comedy film Vampire’s Kiss, which revolves around a troubled literary agent’s descent into madness after convincing himself that he is turning into a vampire. In rage comics, the face is used as a sarcastic response to an obvious observation or statement.


VISUALS/SOUNDTRACK: The soundtrack comes off creepier than you think it should be. By the end of the movie, you realize why. The visuals aren’t remarkable — it looks like a late 80’s movie in New York. Nothing special here; not even hallucinatory/dream sequences were that fantastically shot. This movie is more about acting, then story; audiovisual is less important here than with some films. It’s kind of a psychological thriller masquerading as a comedy. It betrays your expectations, taking you places you didn’t expect. It’s a ride; take it.

Visual note: You’d see a nipple, but instead you’ll see a white pad covering her nipple. Do nudity or don’t do nudity, but please, Jennifer Beals, don’t *pretend* to be nude when you aren’t. Just makes you seem like a prudish actor trying to act sexy. It’s hard to believe when you’re wearing pasties.

BAD STUFF: For some: Nic Cage’s acting.

GOOD STUFF: For some: Nic Cage’s acting. A LOT of people are saying this is his best performance ever. Which is also kind of like saying it’s his worst performance ever. He’s a one dimensional douche of the highest magnitude in this movie. It’s friggin’ great. You will be laughing in disbelief. The story isn’t comedic, but the movie absolutely is. That’s the brilliance. And it’s all Nic Cage. There’s a scene where he angrily recites the whole alphabet! Cinema GOLD.

TRIVIA: This movie was depicted on the Conan O’Brien show as the second-lowest level on the Nic Cage Terror Warning System.

CONCLUSION: Holy fucking shit! A riot fest of laughter, until you realize this is actually a black comedy, and are left completely aghast. What an amazing ride. I deem this the best Nic Cage movie to ever watch with friends. I laughed some of the hardest laughs I’ve laughed at a movie all year — and was disturbed at a very high level, too. Much more so than cartoony Friday The 13th horror movies. This movie gets a strange rating – 5 stars, but only 7/10. You see, the movie isn’t perfect, but Nic Cage’s best overacting ever makes it an unparalleled experience.


Clint: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 7/10.

Carolyn: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 7/10. “I rated it 5 stars because of a mixture of how ridiculous it was, and then how dark it turned… I thoroughly enjoyed it… It started out 4 stars because it just seemed like it was just so bad that it was ridiculous… but then when it changed direction, it got more psychologically creepy and that is what pushed it up to a 5 star for me.” [Clint’s take was that it was already a 5-star movie a bit before it got creepy, because of the ridiculous lengths Nic Cage went to act like he was losing his shit.]

Parthena: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 7/10. “It was both ridiculous and hilarious and incredibly dark! I don’t even know whether they intended it to be a black comedy or a funny horror movie. I am kind of impressed he ate the roach for that role. This movie also actually managed to raise my appreciation of his acting ability, to act so completely fucked up and creepy and insane.”

Eli: Netflix: ?/5 stars. IMDB: ?/10.

The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 5.4/10, Netflix: 2.7/5 stars (Netflix‘s predicted rating for us was 3.1/5 stars).

RECOMMENDATION: Someone gave some good advice – Don’t walk into this expecting a horror movie or a vampire movie; it’s more of a character study. And that character is NICK CAGE LOSING HIS SHIT.

SIMILAR MOVIES: It’s a slight bit of a spoiler, but this reminds me a bit of [highlight for spoilers] American Psycho. It even slightly reminds me of the “think they are a superhero” subgenre of movies: the movie Special, Defendor, and to a lesser extent, the movie Super.


Peter Loew: [as he runs down the sidewalk of residential part of town] I’m a vampire! I’m a vampire! I’m a vampire!

Peter Loew: Alva, there is no one else in this entire office that I could possibly ask to share such a horrible job. You’re the lowest on the totem pole here, Alva. The lowest. Do you realize that? Every other secretary here has been here longer than you, Alva. Every one. And even if there was someone here who was here even one day longer than you, I still wouldn’t ask that person to partake in such a miserable job as long as you were around. That’s right, Alva. It’s a horrible, horrible job; sifting through old contract after old contract. I couldn’t think of a more horrible job if I wanted to. And you have to do it! You have to or I’ll fire you. You understand? Do you? Good.


SJ: What’s been your favorite weird role to play?

NC: Yeah, there’s been a few now. It has been a while that I’ve been making movies now. I would have to say that in recent times, Bad Lieutenant was certainly a weird role, but weird more because he was contorted with chemicals both physically and mentally. I loved Peter Loew from Vampire’s Kiss. He was really weird because he went into the world of thinking he was a vampire.

SJ: I love Vampire’s Kiss too. What would Peter Loew think of the Twilight vampires?

NC: I don’t know. [Laughs] I don’t know how to answer that. I think Peter Loew’s interests were more Kafka-esque.

Like most trailers, I would recommend that you NOT watch this before the movie. I’m not sure how convincing the trailer is, either. If you do watch it, try to forget it all before actually watching this movie:

VIDEO: MOVIE: REVIEW: The Wicker Man (2006)

3/5 stars, 7/10 from Clint & Carolyn.
3/5 stars, 6/10 from Parthena.
2/5 stars, 5/10 from Eli.
Native rating: 3.6/10.

Wow. What a low IMDB rating. Talk about a movie that has major remake-hate! By rating it 7/10, Carolyn & I are in the top 12% of opinion in this movie!

When I watched selected scenes from the 1970’s version, it just looked incredibly cheesy and dated. Nude songs being sung?  Shitty film stock? Men instead of women? Cheap-looking sets? Meh. Pretty sure if I watched the original I’d like it less than this.

Plus, we really like Nic Cage and Frances Controy from Six Feet Under. And Ellen Burstyn is good too.

I was the only one who recognized Leelee Sobieski from Armageddon.

NOT THE BEES should have gone on longer!

It was better than Carolyn & Eli expected.

It was actually pretty creepy. Nothing great, but I’ve seen worse. Not the “worst movie ever” that so many people claim it to be.

LINK URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0450345/

VIDEO: MOVIE: REVIEW: The Avengers (2012)

5/5 stars from Clint & Carolyn
4/5 stars from Eli
3/5 stars from Parthena.

10/10 from Carolyn,
9.6/10 from Clint,
8/10 from Eli,
6/10 from Parthena.

IMDB overall rating is 8.6/10, making it the 65th highest-rated movie of all time. 42% of people rate it 10/10, and only 1/6th of people rate it less than 8+/10. The median rating is 9/10.

No real need to say much about this. Everyone saw it, and it was as awesome as it promised to be. The clashing of egos was hilarious, and it was great to see this epic heroes — built up over the last 5 Marvel movies or so — finally all together on screen at once.

And of course we’ve been watching the cartoon, Avengers:Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, so we’ve been pretty immersed in these characters on a very regular basis.

Eli: “As long as it stands on the other movies I think it was awesome. That being said I could have had a bit more about Hawk. But for pulling together so many heros’ backstories I thought it did a really good job. Plus it was really funny :)”

Carolyn: “I’m leaning towards 10/10, because it had funny banter and good battles. I can’t think of a reason not to give it a 10.”

LINK URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0848228/

Friday We had at least 10 people over here, and it was some chaotic fun for many hours….

Saturday We had 8 people camping, IT WAS NOT COLD, I only wore 3 layers, half of what I wore during my July camping.

Some camping stuff I remember:

* full moon, but later cloud cover made the light very diffuse – could walk around without a flashlight

* first time we ever saw a vehicle past the 2nd gate – an ambulance skulked around for hours, occasionally siren’ing or making 10-point U-turns – someone had been rescued

* Gary/TwoBean’s first time there

* the 2nd gate was completely open! Never seen that, ever.

* ran late, making Evan the first person there. He couldn’t find the site without people already in it, and ended up walking around for miles over an hour.

* ate late at sheets, making Clint too full to really eat anything significant until the next day

* Evan brought no stuff because he thought he’d go back to the cabin, but other people had enough stuff to cover him when he realized that wasn’t happening

* paranoia: Evan mistakes the moon as a spotlight

* NOT cold – only wore 3 layers at night, didn’t even zip up my sleeping bag completely

* vertical log to make the fire go out = neat

* creek not running

* only saw one set of people riding horses

* 5 out of 8 of us went on a night walk down to Evan‘s car

Kick-ass weekend overall. (more…)

I saw someone else post a month-by-month list of their favorite pictures from the year. What a good idea! I shall jump on that bandwagon, too. So here are some of my favorite pictures of 2009, month by month, all from my flickr (but NOT all taken by me).

I’ll try to keep it to 2-5 pictures a month.

I also will be including New Year’s Eve (2008->2009 transition) as it’s own month, since I usually don’t get my pictures up in a timely fashion.

Click any picture to follow through to my flickr, where it will be explained in much more detail. Or hover over the picture for a [very] brief summary. (more…)

clumsy best man ruins the wedding:

Jon Lajoie: 2 Girls 1 Cup Song … Amazing:

Jon Lajoie: High As Fuck … it gets better toward the end. Better as in WTF INSANE!:

But my favorite was probably the Slap Chop rap… We have one of these, actually, from Pampered Chef. They’re good products. But remixing an infomercial into a “rap” music video? Pretty damn funny!!:

Show Me Your Gentiles was pretty funny:

…and it reminded me of another classic — I Just Want Bang Bang Bang:

Parthena likes Jesus videos?
1) Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter:

2) Jesus 2000:

Ass-licking Smurfs video — I’d seen this before:

Kermit The Frog covers Hurt by Nine Inch Nails (a classic):

And while on the subject of classics, neither Parthena nor Erin had seen Chocolate Rain!!!

I mean.. there was a whole South Park about this guy! :)

The South Park episode is called Canada On Strike [wiki link].

While I’m here, here’s Obama promising something that never happened… Ran into this on Facebook while posting these other videos:

When Bush sent us to war using false assumptions (chemical weapons, 911 connection), everyone whined that “Bush Lied, People Died”. But Obama promised to send the troops home and didn’t too… So “Obama Lied, People Died” too. Both parties cause innocent people AND American soldiers to be killed.

I asked Eli what I could do with some meat and naan. We actually use ground turkey, not ground beef (red meat bad)… But same diff if you’re used to it. Anyway, here was his advice:

If you have ground beef, and some canned tomatos (always good to keep, they taste great no matter what season), and any kinda starch. That makes a pretty good deal.

You can make a hash, brown some of the ground beef in a bit of fat, throw in the tomatos (sauce and all), broken up Naan (or leftover cooked rice, really any cooked starsh), toss anything else in the way of spices, veggies, or whatever. Heat until hot and eat.

It takes a while to get the liquid ratio right.
If it’s too dry pour in some lite beer, chicken stock, or water if you must.
If it’s too soupy add more starch, or let it cook down some.

To be really fancy, break some eggs or cheese, or buttered bread crumbs on top and throw it under the broiler until it’s crispy.

Bang, instant dinner!

Thanks, Eli, the oral oracle. Now I’m hungry! :) (more…)

So we went camping one last time :)

Carolyn really wanted to go camping at least one more time this season so that she can take the kitties while they are still young. After being rained out a few weeks ago, Carolyn was determined to go no matter what. The forecast called for rain — but only 0.1 inch during the day (60% chance, and it didn’t happen).  But there was a 70% chance of rain during the night — half an inch; significantly more (and that did happen). Carolyn was pissed.

After much convincing, we ended up below our six-person quorum, but still had a good crowd, with Tabbitha, Eli, Carolyn, Clint, and even a surprise Evan! Good times.

Unfortunately, it did rain on us. Eli set up Carolyn’s small tarp with some help from Evan and Carolyn, and we spent a good amount of time huddled underneath it. But this was only at night time. And it didn’t rain hard — you could go potty without an umbrella and stay relatively dry.

Eventually we all realized we couldn’t keep our eyes open. We made a pact to take a 1-hour nap, and we all went to our separate tents. When Carolyn woke up several hours later, she heard the rain was still at it, and decided not to try to wake anyone up.

Tabbitha apparently got up really early and somehow got really soaked. She was mostly dry by the time everyone else woke up. She hung out in the path, with no trees overhead — apparently a lot of the water falling was from the trees, and it wasn’t *really* raining so much if you stood in a path with no trees over you.

Because of the rain, most of our pictures are from the next day.

The next day was dry, beautiful, and we spent quite some time (8:30AM-2PMish) there. In the end, we were there for 27 hours, and only awake and being rained on for about 4 of them. Sleep was 8 more hours, and the other 15 hours were awesome! We ate like kings and had more fun than if we’d stayed in!

20080927 - camping - 169-6904 - Oranjello, Lemonjello - in the car - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Oranjello, Lemonjello – in the car
Driving on the way up, the kitties found a nice place to nap. Nice, but not necessarily safe. With their help, Clint did manage to flip the car into neutral once.

20080927 - camping - 169-6906 - martian pineapple - delapidated - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
martian pineapple – delapidated
Upon arriving, Carolyn sought out the fungus thing Gene had discovered last trip, which Clint christened Martian Pineapples. The stuff had turned black! What’s up with that?

20080927 - camping - 169-6907 - Oranjello, Lemonjello - in the firepit - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Oranjello, Lemonjello – in the firepit
The kitties explored the fire pit for the first time together. So far, they’re batting 0 for 2 (car gear shifter, firepit) with finding safe places to hang out. We were glad there wasn’t a fire made already. Fortunately they’re not so stupid as to walk into an open flame.

20080927 - camping - 169-6908 - Oranjello, Lemonjello - by the firepit - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Oranjello, Lemonjello – by the firepit – Oranjello de-tangling
One thing we learned camping: Lemonjello is the smartest kitty when it comes to his leash getting untangled. He will actually try to untangle himself by walking different directions — sometimes systematically (for a few seconds anyway, which is as long as cats’ attention spans last). This includes walking backwards. He would do this until he either untangled himself, pulled hard enough to knock over what he was tangled on, or discovered that he was truly trapped with no hope for escape — at which point, he’d start meowing at the top of his lungs. But he never complained right away; he always tried to work it out on his own.

20080927 - camping - 169-6909 - Carolyn, Oranjello, Lemonjello - tying rope around tree - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Carolyn, Oranjello, Lemonjello – tying rope around tree
Oranjello is a big kitty now, and he has no fear. He was started to wander too far, and further tests indicated he would have definitely wandered completely out our eyesite if left unchecked. So Carolyn decided to tie him up so she wouldn’t have to worry about him getting lost.Meanwhile, Clint‘s solution to deal with tethering Oranjello down temporarily while Carolyn ties the rope to the tree? Tie Oranjello’s leash to little Lemonjello’s leash. This did indeed slow Oranjello down, keeping him from wandering off (even slowly)… But this solution would work much better with two equal-sized cats. Lemonjello was being pulled all over the place, and was quite miserable due to being dragged around by Oranjello. But it only lasted a couple minutes, and Lemonjello got to wander free all night, while Oranjello got to be tied down — tangling himself over and over and over again all night long. Who really won?

Chill kitty face:

20080927 - camping - 169-6910 - Lemonjello, Oranjello - on lap - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
camping – 169-691Lemonjello, Oranjello – on lap
These cats like to stay on your lap at times. Here they are chilling on Carolyn’s lap.Oranjello has the most relaxed cat expression ever! “Whateva’, man!”

20080927 - camping - 169-6912 - Carolyn, Oranjello, Lemonjello - sitting - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Carolyn, Oranjello, Lemonjello – sitting

And Carolyn’s favorite picture is this one, due to how funny I look:

20080927 - camping - 169-6913 - Clint, Eli - give me trailmix - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Clint, Eli – give me trailmix
Carolyn thinks this picture is hilarious. Clint‘s reaching out like, “Gimme trailmix NOW!”, and Eli is looking very sly.

Now, Oranjello gets the full-cat leash, and Lemonjello gets the kitten leash:

20080927 - camping - 169-6916-diptych-169-6914 - Lemonjello hanging from harness - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Clint demonstrating how Lemonjello can just hang from his leash without being choked — something essential for cat leashes. His tail looks sooo pathetic.

Of course, cats were still a bit freaked out at times. But nobody was as scared as Misfit was when he went:

20080927 - camping - 169-6919 - Oranjello - hanging out in tent - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Oranjello – hanging out in tent
Oranjello took shelter in the kitty tent. Look how alarmed he is !There was also a really funny moment when he was behind the tent, and tried to jump through the rear screen ‘window’ of our tent. Twice. That was LOL-inducing.

Eli coming meant the quality of our food was better than if we went to a restaurant…

20080927 - camping - 169-6920 - breakfast cooking - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
camping – 169-692breakfast cooking
Eli‘s cooking FTW! We also ate excellent pig butt (which really means pig shoulder) the night before. Excellent.
Meat to KILL for. (Somebody killed that pig!)

20080927 - camping - 169-6922 - Lemonjello - leash ears = murderous intentions - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Lemonjello – leash ears = murderous intentions
Clint gave Lemonjello leash ears. He did NOT like that. Notice how he looks like he is plotting Clint’s imminent murder.

I can be cheezburger?

20080927 - camping - 169-6924-diptych-169-6925 - Lemonjello - I CAN BE CHEEZBURGER??? - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
We had some leftover buns that we decided to throw into the woods for the birds. When Clint got his, he got a great idea to make Lemonjello into a cheezburger.

And of course, this disgusting but very neat and interesting thing came by:

20080927 - camping - 169-6929-diptych-169-6927 - Oranjello vs spikey caterpiller - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
One of those evil-looking caterpillers came around. Oranjello was very interested. The caterpiller had some nasty spikes that he would curl up and point at Oranjello, and Oranjello did get poked a couple of times by getting his nose to close to it.

The group picture this trip came out rather weirdly. Parts of 3 different pictures were incorporated:

20080927 - camping - 169-6933 - Carolyn, Lemonjello, Eli, Clint, Oranjello, Evan, Tabbitha - group picture - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Look! Carolyn has a trash bag on her head!

Good times.

I’ve wanted to blog about a lot of crap, but I always have crap to do. Even with no job. So anyway, this is my new year’s catchup post. LOTS OF PARTY PICTURES INCLUDED!

Thanks to everyone who came out: AE, Ben, Bunnelanie & her horny-for-Mark sister, Carrie & husband, Chris Y, Christian & Shannon, Dan & Erin, Darren & Debbie, Eli, Evan, Gene & Heather, Greg & Nicole, Jason, Jason & Anna, Jay, Jeremy, Joe, John The Canadien, Jon B, Justin, Mandy M, Mark, Melanie S and her couple-friend, Parthena & Peter, Sammy, and Tabbitha, and a couple random people who’s names I don’t remember (that’s about 41 people, counting Carolyn & I). (more…)

Because it does. A lot. (more…)

Well, we all went camping this weekend, and it was nice to know we actually succeeded. Last April we tried to set up camping trip “2006 #1” and it became canceled three times due to people backing out (almost always unnecessarily) due to the weather. It was nice that this camping trip worked out in a single try! (more…)

20061014 - Camping with Misfit & Kali - 107-0771 - Group photo, including cats

Okay, this write-up is about 6 months too late, but better late than never…Camping on 10/14/2006 was a lot of fun! (more…)

20070113 - Clint's 33rd Birthday party - 109-0945_Clint wearing a crownWell, my 33rd birthday proved to be quite exciting, and the party (fight included) was one of the larger ones that we’ve thrown.

Special thanks to Eli for loaning us his jello syringes.

Link to 6+ flickr pages of pictures is HERE.

UPDATE: 2/4/2007: Now with video of “The Rappening”.



I mean, it was a surprise. John The Canadien was planning on coming over, and I expected Kipp and perhaps Mark. We were there to potentially celebrate Tabbitha’s birthday. I didn’t expect Jesse & Melanie to come over, or Bunnelanie (Melanie B). Then Glen C called, and pretended to be Jesse, and severely messed with my head to the point that I felt threatened. He’d never come over before, and brought his friend Jess, and they both chilled at our place for awhile, and it had been quite awhile since we’d given a “house tour”. Tabbitha and Laszlo came over once they were done with their movie (but not before Glen & Jess had left). Mark, Jesse, & Melanie left shortly thereafter. We had 10 people at once, 12 total.

We played a few games of Werewolf, among other things. The 10-player games were definitely a lot more interesting than a minimum 8-player game. It was a bit strange springing the game on Glen & Jess who not only had never played, but had never been to our place or met any of our friends.

Carolyn got REALLY DRUNK and somehow decided that we had to talk about and listen to Sabbat’s 3rd album, which I have labelled as “crap” on the local harddrive. I sold the CD to her, I think, because it sucked so much. John The Canadien felt compelled to blog about this, and his headline is hilarious:

Local Man Disapproves As Wife Plays Shitty Sabbat Album

We finished the evening up with 5 episodes of Metalocalypse. A few people slept over, and Kipp & I played a 2-player game of Culdcept (Carolyn was still hung over) the next afternoon. Then we proceeded to the Saturday stage of Tabbitha’s birthday festivities, which included Eli & Evan & Kristin S coming over, and lots of Guitar Hero 2 by Laszlo. And I mean lots. They even unlocked the Metalocalypse (Dethklok) song that is in Guitar Hero 2!

What a crazy weekend full of parties.  Friday night was chill, but Saturday we went to Jason & Anna’s 2nd Annual Memorial Weekend bash.  It was pretty fun, and Jason didn’t quite make it through the night unscathed :)  We crashed there, and awoke to the loud clanging of cleaning. 

Jason & Anna's party

Then after a couple hours we headed on over to Eli’s place for his “recovery BBQ”.  That was cool too, and we got to play guitar hero and eat bacon-wrapped shrimp!!  We couldn’t stay the full party because we had a party of our own to host.  So we left and got home around 6PM.

 I was exhausted, and just laid down for a few minutes, but could only afford to do so for about 15 minutes.  We had to rush to prepare for our party, with the first guest arriving before 8PM.  Hardly anyone came until 9:30PM or so anyway, at which point the party became decently packed.  We didn’t invite as huge of a list as normal, a lot of guys were too wasted to show up, a few unexpected girls showed up, Clint & Carolyn's partyand I daresay it was a 50%-or-better ratio.  Best…Ratio…Evar.

Pictures are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/clintjcl/.  Specifically, Jason & Anna’s party is HERE, and our party is HERE.

Saturday night ended with a couple people getting in a fight, and I had the brand-new experience of breaking up a fight, something I’ve never done before.  Let alone at my own party.  Let alone in my own bedroom

 Some people just don’t respect the sanctity of people’s bedrooms.  Given that this same person went out and pissed in my yard — NOT during a party — rather than use the bathroom like a proper civilized individual, I somehow suspect that I should have realized something was wrong with said person earlier.  I had also previously asked that he not be brought over.

Oh, the drama!

But there were other really fun things happening during the party.  Cool things.  Hot things.  Stuff that doesn’t suck.  Yes.

Finally, I crashed — last of everyone who was still there — after watching the episode of American Dad that I fell asleep during.  Around 4:30AM.  Got up the next morning and we headed to Shannon & Christian’s BBQ.  It was pretty chill, and I saw everyone who didn’t bother to show up at my party the day before.  And they heard about it ;)

We left early around 6:15PM, because we had to go home and clean our house some for the county inspection we had tuesday.

Ever since the party, our place has been plagued with the smell of death.  If anyone knows what it could be, please let us know.  It’s smelled like a rotting dead corpse ever since the party.  Sick.

UPDATE: 1/24/2007: Another party with another fight. Read about it here: