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I was so annoyed that this album became popular RIGHT after I started listening to it. I actually had a copy before they ever had a video on MTV. Then they became super-mainstream.

Still, this is my favorite Alice In Chains album – and frankly, the only one I think is truly worth owning and KNOWING.

Without further adieu, here is a listing of the songs in the Alice In Chains album “Facelift”, in order from best to worst. Yes… This probably took me 40 minutes to evaluate and verify! Sweet love my labor…


01_We Die Young [JtC’s #2]
04_Bleed The Freak
06_Love, Hate, Love
02_Man In The Box
07_It Ain’t Like That [JtC’s #3]
03_Sea Of Sorrow [Parthena’s favorite]
12_Real Thing [they should’ve fleshed out the structure more]
05_I Can’t Remember [possibly the best bridge on the album, though]
09_Put You Down
11_I Know Somethin’ (Bout You)
08_Sunshine [JtC’s #1]

I will accept other submissions of other peoples’ rankings, but you MUST *actually* evaluate all the songs. That means comparing one song to the song next to it, bumping it up one, and doing it again and and again until everything is sorted. This is very similar to a bubble sort.

Here is the full album on youtube:

JOURNAL/REVIEWS: HANGING OUT: House of MagicMist Passes Referendum Banning Talk of Shia LaBeouf and DubStep

John The Canadien’s blogpost about hanging out with me & Carolyn & Mark I on Friday night, wherein we watched 2-3 hrs of TV (episodes reviewed within).


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Today, 10 yrs ago, was an epic party at our house. Well, maybe not epic.. but more memorable than most! This was the party where John The Candien famously puked on our couch. He’s probably really tired of hearing about it, even 10 yrs later. But I wrote this post in 2009 so for me it’s only 7 yrs later. And he doesn’t do stuff like that these days. Anyway, here are some videos from the party 10 yrs ago today. They also show how our house looked before the addition; those rooms were small (not really; just small in comparison).

Here is a 10-minute montage of all our favorite slices of life from the party:

And here are the individual videos from the party:

#1: John’s first drink. Not much going on.

#2: John’s 4th drink.

#3: Various people talking about some fun New Orleans bar they couldn’t find their way back to. Listen for Dig-Dug in the background!

#4: People start noticing the camera. Wayne talks about a lost pack of cigarettes. The nature of the webcam is discussed (it’s record, not broadcasting). Becky suggests that we start playing Strip Poker soon:

#5: People play with our spinning-message-maker light/toy thingee:

#6-#7: Not much happens here, except for mingling. You can still hear Dig-Dug in the background:

#8-#10 are for friends only ;) Check my flickr if you’re a friend :)

#11: Various mingling. Clint explains to Britt that it’s recording, not broadcasting. Aaron starts playing with the camera around 2m50s. At 3m18s, you can see the software recording the party, and AE’s ex-girlfriend Tracy:

#12: At 2m10s, the camera gets shoved down somebody’s pants:

#13: John’s going dooowwwwn! Kipp, don’t encourage him! Things get interesting around 6m20s, when Jesse tells Carolyn, “John’s fucked up”, and Carolyn grabs his bottle, swigs it, then walks away with it. John The Candien looks disconcerted. “Noooo… Not the bottle!” Funny stuff :) But then look at 7m40s — Kipp picks John up and moves him to the couch that he later puked on. He got up, but for all I know he moved back to the couch at 11m30s because he didn’t want to be picked up again. And who picks somebody up anyway? Nice instincts (sarcasm) on everybody except Carolyn’s part:

#14: John is now out, and girls decide to put makeup on him:

#15: Finally, he pukes. But a cup was put in front of the camera, so you can really only see how people react to the whole thing:

#16: We all miss Samhain the cat, who made a brief 1-minute appearance before running away:

#17: Webcam voiceovers. Possibly the funniest on-camera moments:

#18: And then the webcam “optical illusion” of swallowing a huge cam (short):

#19: And another quick-but-funny voiceover:

And that’s how we rolled in 2002!

Yes, I keep track of this stuff!

We watched over 174 movies in 2010. This was a 28% drop from 2009 (241 movies), so our TV-series viewing was up in 2010. We watched 69 series, 12 pilots, 4 specials, 5 one-offs, and 2 documentaries.

Note that I try to list the more obscure stuff first, to the extent it’s possible. NOTE!!! Most links point to reviews I’ve written.




MOST FUCKED UP SHOW OF THE YEAR: Still Food Party and Tim And Eric Awesome Show,Great Job! — just like last year. HONORABLE MENTION: South Park, Kevin Spencer, Check It Out With Steve Brule.
BEST NEW ADULT CARTOONS ADDITIONS: Archer, Neighbors From Hell, Ugly Americans, Where My Dogs At?
BEST COMEDY CARTOON: Metalocalypse / South Park / American Dad / Robot Chicken / Family Guy. Really hard to choose one!
BEST ANIME: Higurashi (honorable mention: Planetes)
BEST PSYCHEDELIC CARTOON: Adventure Time, but it’s very subtle.
BEST LIVE-ACTION COMEDY: Food Party, Sarah Silverman Program, The Office
BEST LIVE-ACTION, OVERALL: The Walking Dead, 24, Weeds
BEST SUPERHERO CARTOON: Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
WATCHED THE MOST TIMES IN 2011: PILOT: Totally For Teens – watched three times
MOST DISAGREED ON:  Horribly Slow Murderer With The Extremely Inefficient Weapon, The: Clint: 5/5 stars, 8.4/10. Carolyn: 2/5 stars, 6/10

Series Genres: (comedy=69/78%, superhero/scifi=11/12%, anime: 4/4%, drama 2/2%, horror: 2/2%, action 1/1%):

Cartoons (61/69%) Vs. Live (28/31%):

Quality: 45% in HD this year:

Ratings (includes all rated videos, even shorts): (5-star=39/43%, 4-star=28/30%, 3-star=20/22%, 2-star=4/4%, 1-star=0%):

Read on for the full list.


+” indicates series watched in HD.
Netflix ratings (out of 5) are based on: 1=hate,2=didn’t like,3=like,4=really like,5= love.
IMDB ratings (out of 10) are based on: 0=nothing enjoyable, 5=neutral, 6=generic pass, 10=perfect.



Friday We had at least 10 people over here, and it was some chaotic fun for many hours….

Saturday We had 8 people camping, IT WAS NOT COLD, I only wore 3 layers, half of what I wore during my July camping.

Some camping stuff I remember:

* full moon, but later cloud cover made the light very diffuse – could walk around without a flashlight

* first time we ever saw a vehicle past the 2nd gate – an ambulance skulked around for hours, occasionally siren’ing or making 10-point U-turns – someone had been rescued

* Gary/TwoBean’s first time there

* the 2nd gate was completely open! Never seen that, ever.

* ran late, making Evan the first person there. He couldn’t find the site without people already in it, and ended up walking around for miles over an hour.

* ate late at sheets, making Clint too full to really eat anything significant until the next day

* Evan brought no stuff because he thought he’d go back to the cabin, but other people had enough stuff to cover him when he realized that wasn’t happening

* paranoia: Evan mistakes the moon as a spotlight

* NOT cold – only wore 3 layers at night, didn’t even zip up my sleeping bag completely

* vertical log to make the fire go out = neat

* creek not running

* only saw one set of people riding horses

* 5 out of 8 of us went on a night walk down to Evan‘s car

Kick-ass weekend overall. (more…)

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link]

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): [highlight for spoilers] Alcoholic madman gives daughter’s soul to Satan.

PEOPLE: My favorite director, Terry Gilliam! He directed my favorite movie ever, the movie Brazil, as well as Time Bandits, 12 Monkeys, Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, Monty Python & The Quest For The Holy Grail, The Fisher King, The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen, and Tideland. It’s hard for him to go wrong — though there have been 2 or so out of his 14 or so full-length movies that I haven’t really cared for: The Brothers Grim (so-so) and Jabberwocky (absolutely awful).

Starring Heath Ledger (who died during this), Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Colin Farrell (Daredevil, Phone Booth, Minority Report), Christopher Plummer (Charles Muntz in the movie Up, #1 in the movie 9, A Beautiful Mind, 12 Monkeys, General Chang in Star Trek 6, Gandahar, Dreamscape), musician Tom Waits… And the lovely Lily Cole, playing a 15-going-on-16-year old who’s way too hot to be 16 (She’s 22). She’s like a living anime chick. Check her out here and here. Or, NSFW, HERE!!!, HERE, HERE. She was Polly from the 2007 St. Trinian’s movie we watched. She needs to be in more stuff.

QUIRKS: Fantasy and imagination. A deal with the devil. Personal choices. Your standard Gilliam tropes.

VISUALS: Typically awesome Terry Gilliam cinematography and special effects. Excellent visuals.

BAD STUFF: Is it just surrealist escapism? It’s not quite as cohesive as some films, but that’s often a Gilliam staple. It’s definitely possible to miss the point, and it certainly helps to read peoples’ thoughts on the IMDB forums.

CONCLUSION: Fantastic! Just… fantastic. Maybe not as good as 12 Monkeys and Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, but EXTREMELY COMPARABLE.

Clint: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 9/10.
Carolyn: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 9/10.
Mark I: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 7.75/10. [Which is very high for mark who rates most movies 2 stars.]

The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 7.3/10, Netflix: 3.8/5 stars (Netflix‘s predicted rating for us was 4.2/5 stars).

RECOMMENDATION: There’s really not a Terry Gilliam movie worth missing, other than Jabberwocky and maybe The Brothers Grim. Some say this is his best film since Brazil. Either way, this is a must for anyone with any imagination.

SIMILAR MOVIES: One could say this has some similarities to Brazil, and other Gilliam themes… But it’s really hard to say what movie would be most similar to this film.

MOVIE QUOTE: Tony: Can you put a price on your dreams?

COINCIDENCES: (The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus, Ugly Americans #2) 2 videos in the same weekend with alcoholic centuries-old, bearded wizard-types.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: JSun said it was Gilliam’s best movie since Brazil. Sean P said it was a visual masterpiece (typical for Gilliam). Everyone seemed to be really excited about this movie, and happy to see it. (more…)

/yard sale sign/ Got up early enough to make it to the 8AM-12PM yardsale rush, but then opted to keep laying in bed. Repeatedly. We didn’t actually get up until 11:45AM or so, and only made it out driving by 12:30PM or so. A lot of yard sales are actually over by this time; we knew it’d be kind of pointless.

Yet we still went out until 3:30PM or so, for a total of 3 hours or so. Latest yardsaleing ever.

Total spent $20.25 plus ~$8 gas for ~30 miles of driving, for a total cost of $28.25.

We bought 13-~40 items (depending on how you count) – for a total estimated value of $202.53, leading to a profit of $174.28. To earn that much after taxes you’d really have to earn $249; money saved (by not having to spend it) is actually worth more than we realize when the government’s cut is taken into consideration.

That’s $58.09/hr as a couple or $29.05/hr per person.

  • $8.00: megaphone, Realistic brand, black, plays 99 different short (1-5s) tunes, doesn’t work well as a megaphone but the tunes part is too annoying to resist, taking this to X-Day. But then I tried to fix the bad knob on the microphone by spraying contact cleaner into it, and now it doesn’t work at all. Probably should not have gotten this, but it is the most annoying thing ever that you can get for $8. I actually tried to talk her from $10 to $5, but noo, she had to have $8, and now it’s halfway broken. (EV:$10)

ours is black and doesn't have an external mic, which would be very useful since i apparently killed the internal one

  • $5.00: bucket, yellow, 12×14 – containing emergency food rations – 7 packs of 2400cal (6x400cal) bars, 10 packs of water (7.5L total), made 200809, expire 201309 – Yes, I marked my google calendar to remind me to eat these if no emergency arises by then. We already maintain an emergency box, and this bucket o’ rations went right by it. Plus we wanted a bucket anyway. (this is an incomplete version of this $80 set, missing the toilet stuff — I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS ALSO A TOILET — but with 1.75 sets worth of food bars, no blanket, no first aid, so I’d call this EV:$20)

We wanted a bucket. We, apparently, got half a toilet.

20100619 - IMG_1974 - yard sale stuff

  • $3.00: chopper (aka slap chop), 4.5″ diameter – a bit bigger than our Pampered Chef one, but it doesn’t open up for easy cleaning like the Pampered Chef ones do (EV:$12)

  • $2.00: electrolysis kit, Inverness OneTouch Deluxe Home Electrolysis – the woman said she’s permanently fixed her eyebrows and didn’t need it anymore (EV:$20)

I tested this out on my 1 finger that has mid-digital hair... shit hurts my eyes, I can't focus that close anymore

  • $1.00: cat toy, tube, furry, blue, 52″ long (EV:$40)

Mark kicked our asses

  • $0.25: light bulbs (3), 4w – we use this size of bulb, this is cheaper than Home Depot (EV:$0.63)

one was missing

  • $FREE: rug (striped runner) – can always use more, don’t understand why people throw these out (EV:$5)$family$

  • $FREE: book, Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles Saves The Circus, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book – will read this sometime (EV:$1)

  • $FREE: book, Powerpuff Girls, Sticky Business, sticker and coloring book – put a few stickers in random places before throwing away (EV:$0.10, since it was all scribbled over and trash except for the stickers, like a huge Mojo Jojo sticker)
  • $FREE: bowling ball plus case, Budweiser, white – this thing is like the most white trash thing ever, love it! (EV:bag=$20,ball=$40 new but it’s not in the greatest condition so I’ll say $10)

20100619 - IMG_1974 - yard sale stuff

  • $FREE: cd jewel cases (19) – useful for burning discs for other people, as I only buy spindles of blanks (EV:$3.80)

  • $FREE: christmas lights – whole boxful – mostly white, some color. Included an individual bulb tester. Which means we’ve spent tons of time testing all the bulbs on the the strings that didn’t work, then re-filling them with tested bulbs to ensure the string is really dead before throwing it away. Plus now we have tons of replacement bulbs for our existing strings. Can never have too many Christmas lights. (EV:tester=$6, 5 or so strings we’ll get out of this=$30)

Click here for other Yard Sale-related postings.

* EV stands for “Estimated Value”, which I estimate by looking things up in Google Shopping/Google/Amazon/Ebay. I don’t always deduct for an item being used, unless it’s actually in worse condition in a way that matters. I also try to only count shipping if it’s the type of thing that would need to be shipped, and only if the price isn’t “fixed” (i.e. 1 cent items that cost $10 to ship would not be $10 in person). (more…)

Robocop would totally lose to Predator, Alien, AND the Terminator.

What about the Crow versus Robocop?

It could be called Crow Versus Robocop: Crowbocop.

They _would_ be very mighty, if The Crow and Robocop combined. Especially if they also combined with Aliens, Terminator, and Predator.

I still think Robocop and The Terminator combining is a losing deal for The Terminator.

Rambo Vs. Robocop: Rambo.

Sorry dude… even Rambo beats Robocop.

Now Rambo vs Predator… Hmmmm… There’s something I’d like to see. Good points, gentleman.

Mark’s in the market marking markers! (more…)

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Wikipedia link] [Not available on Netflix.] Watched with John The Canadien [except for the last episode] and Mark I [first ~4 episodes only].

PLOT SUMMARY: Kids In The Hall are back! With what could be considered an 8-episode-long sketch. Or maybe it could be considered a 3-hour movie? Either way, this was probably better than Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy.

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): Morbidly obese fat bastard solves crime; gay necrophiliac hangs around with corpse.

PEOPLE: The Kids In The Hall! This is the first stuff they’ve done together in many years!

VISUALS: Kids In The Hall were never about visuals — but the kid who sees normal people as butterflies is pretty damn funny.

BAD STUFF: The first 2 episodes weren’t as funny as the last 6. Some people probably quit early. Mark I did, but he’s a total hater. Of everything.

CONCLUSION: Goddamn Kids In The Hall need to stay together and keep doing stuff! Nothing they did separately was as funny as what they can accomplish together. This “Canadian Monty Python” group needs to STAY TOGETHER!

Clint: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10.
Carolyn: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10.
John The Canadien: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10.
The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 8.5/10.

RECOMMENDATION: Kids In The Hall fans should be careful not to miss this!

QUOTE: Bartender, to Death, after Death told him he only drinks owl’s blood, and the bartender didn’t remember him until finding a bottle of owl’s blood on the bar: “Ohhhh.. The owl’s blood guy!”

COINCIDENCES: (double coincidence) (Archer #5, Kids In The Hall:Death Comes To Down #5) 2 comedy shows in a row talking about poached eggs, both with an episode number of 5. (more…)

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] I had no idea this sequel was coming out… Until it was out. Watched in 720p HD with Mark I (and with Carolyn, of course).

PEOPLE: Nobody from the original film, except for S. Darko (Samantha Darko, played by Daveigh Chase, who was the voice of Lilo in Lilo & Stitch, and was in The Ring).

It’s also not the original writer or director.

But we do get Elizabeth Berkley (Saved By The Bell, Showgirls) for a few scenes.

QUIRKS: Almost all of the same quirks as the original. They did a pretty good job reprising most of the original themes from the original movie — though it felt a bit forced at times. For instance, time flows backwards [highlight for spoilers] twice in this movie. It’s almost like they did it just to one-up the original. But it works pretty well.

Also, this takes place in the 1990s. 8 years after the original. 1996. Expect an updated soundtrack. We didn’t recognize the songs like we did with the first movie, but Mark I sure as hell recognized pretty much every song in the film.

BAD STUFF: This takes place in a podunk nowhere town, with less stuff going on, and fewer characters. Thus, there is less interplay between the characters, fewer interesting events, and no large crowds or schools (like in the original). Most of the scenes take place between the 2 main characters, the 2 guys they meet in the podunk town, and “Iraq Jack”, the “new Frank/Bunny Man” for this movie.

CONCLUSION: This is a good *sequel*. It certainly doesn’t stand up to the original; few sequels do. A lot of people rate this as a negative waste of time because they’ve set their expectations too high. To briefly quote one of the Netflix reviews of the movie: “People who are giving it bad reviews are holding it to a higher standard than the original and don’t appreciate the power of a sequel. Yes, they are oftentimes not as good. But they do allow for new branches of thoughts and conclusions that otherwise wouldn’t be possible”. Or as I paraphrase: Sequels are almost never better than the original. But they are better than nothing. If you like something, it’s cool to get more of it.

Netflix: 3/5 stars.
IMDB: 7/10.
Better than a generic movie, but nothing to cry home about.

RECOMMENDATION: If you liked Donnie Darko #1, and want more of that kind of stuff … This will give you more. But if you liked Donnie Darko #1, and DON’T want more of that kind of stuff — this movie will probably feel like a waste of time. It really depends on your outlook regarding sequels. They could have done worse.

MOVIE QUOTE: Sam: Four days, 17 hours, 26 minutes, 31 seconds. That is when the world will end.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Mark I didn’t really like it, but Mark on average doesn’t like most movies and rates most movies 2/5 stars. What a negative nancy. (more…)

Our 10 year marriage / 18 year dating anniversary actually happened 2 days ago, on the 10th. But our wedding reception happened on 2/12/2000 — 10 years ago. It was a pretty big reception, and was followed by an equally big party at our house that night. (There were a few hours in between the events for everyone to change, eat dinner, etc.)

A good hour of video was taken by our friend Tony T! I managed to get it converted to VHS, and later to AVI on the computer, and later to YouTube postings with YouTube’s stupid 10 minute limit requiring me to break it up into 20 parts of various sizes. Here are the videos — most of them peppered with youngest-cousin Todd being extremely annoying. Go past the jump to see the pics & vid! (more…)

I saw someone else post a month-by-month list of their favorite pictures from the year. What a good idea! I shall jump on that bandwagon, too. So here are some of my favorite pictures of 2009, month by month, all from my flickr (but NOT all taken by me).

I’ll try to keep it to 2-5 pictures a month.

I also will be including New Year’s Eve (2008->2009 transition) as it’s own month, since I usually don’t get my pictures up in a timely fashion.

Click any picture to follow through to my flickr, where it will be explained in much more detail. Or hover over the picture for a [very] brief summary. (more…)

Then he came and picked it up. That’s like 4 hrs of driving or something!

Topics included:

Causality Violation: The Mark I Adjacent Day NoVa Theorem has been violated/disproven.

Phones are easy to forget. Keep them in your pocket.

Mark only watched 2 shows in the 1980s that I didn’t: Gimme A Break!

My So-Called Life is just another system of control that Mark can’t stand, even when it uses music that he likes in it.

Screech’s sex tape was called “Saved By The Smell”.

Carrie Prejean is a stupid bitch.

Mark found random chocolate.

If you got hit by lightning 7 times, you probably wouldn’t _talk_ about it every day, but you probably *would* _think_ about it every day.

Clint: “Your mom was in Phrygian mode last night.”

Clint: “I’m afraid your bleeding heart has seeped into your dreamscape.”

Opeth covering Alice In Chains (Would) sounds pretty much the same, but more atmospheric. “Laurence Of Arabia” -Mark (more…)

clumsy best man ruins the wedding:

Jon Lajoie: 2 Girls 1 Cup Song … Amazing:

Jon Lajoie: High As Fuck … it gets better toward the end. Better as in WTF INSANE!:

But my favorite was probably the Slap Chop rap… We have one of these, actually, from Pampered Chef. They’re good products. But remixing an infomercial into a “rap” music video? Pretty damn funny!!:

Show Me Your Gentiles was pretty funny:

…and it reminded me of another classic — I Just Want Bang Bang Bang:

Parthena likes Jesus videos?
1) Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter:

2) Jesus 2000:

Ass-licking Smurfs video — I’d seen this before:

Kermit The Frog covers Hurt by Nine Inch Nails (a classic):

And while on the subject of classics, neither Parthena nor Erin had seen Chocolate Rain!!!

I mean.. there was a whole South Park about this guy! :)

The South Park episode is called Canada On Strike [wiki link].

While I’m here, here’s Obama promising something that never happened… Ran into this on Facebook while posting these other videos:

When Bush sent us to war using false assumptions (chemical weapons, 911 connection), everyone whined that “Bush Lied, People Died”. But Obama promised to send the troops home and didn’t too… So “Obama Lied, People Died” too. Both parties cause innocent people AND American soldiers to be killed.

No, the camera wasn’t broadcasting to anyone other than to our own room.

We had been hanging out, and definitely were not sober at this point.

Mark I had a lot of fun playing with our webcam + microphone, which were hooked up to our 36-inch TV + 100W stereo. So this was blaring through the room at the time.

It was running through some software that lowered the pitch (among other things).

This could be described as “painful through the first half, annoying through the 3rd quarter, and just plain strange through the 4th quarter”. It gets more interesting at 50% and at 80%.

The first half is just him making really long noises. At around 50%, he has to stop and go “Whoo”, cause he tired himself out. Then he starts repeating “Satan” and “My name is Satan” over and over. Around the 80% mark, we get the the very end.

The very end is why we all remember this 6 years later. Mark started singing randomly. I was in the background messing around with a guitar and had commented about how a particular guitar string was a good string. Mark heard this and incorporated it into his song. He started singing, “That’s a good string”, over and over, reaching the final climax of, “Don’t you knowwwwww that’s a good ….. STRIIIINNNNNNNG!”

Um, yeah. You probably had to be there. In my basement. In 2002.

But it’s still nice to have moments preserved.

UPDATE!!! I found another old video that couldn’t be decoded. After aggressively trying with various tools, ffmpeg managed to convert this “cjpeg” video to mpg4, sans color and sound. It’s from even earlier – 2000. Here it is:


I’ve wanted to blog about a lot of crap, but I always have crap to do. Even with no job. So anyway, this is my new year’s catchup post. LOTS OF PARTY PICTURES INCLUDED!

Thanks to everyone who came out: AE, Ben, Bunnelanie & her horny-for-Mark sister, Carrie & husband, Chris Y, Christian & Shannon, Dan & Erin, Darren & Debbie, Eli, Evan, Gene & Heather, Greg & Nicole, Jason, Jason & Anna, Jay, Jeremy, Joe, John The Canadien, Jon B, Justin, Mandy M, Mark, Melanie S and her couple-friend, Parthena & Peter, Sammy, and Tabbitha, and a couple random people who’s names I don’t remember (that’s about 41 people, counting Carolyn & I). (more…)

Camping was a resounding success in terms of numbers, with one of our larger camping parties — fourteen people: Clint, Carolyn, Casey D, Christian D, Dan C, Evan G, Gene G, Heather K, Jesse B, Kipp E, Mark I, Melanie B, Nathan G, and Shannon D. (more…)

Because it does. A lot. (more…)

After working 12 days straight, I partied hard this weekend. Normally I might get two hangovers in a year, but this time I got two in a weekend. Special thanks to Angel for throwing the party; her blog post about it is here. Pictures will eventually be posted HERE, among other places.

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