R.I.P., Lowell.

Today, 10 yrs ago, was an epic party at our house. Well, maybe not epic.. but more memorable than most! This was the party where John The Candien famously puked on our couch. He’s probably really tired of hearing about it, even 10 yrs later. But I wrote this post in 2009 so for me it’s only 7 yrs later. And he doesn’t do stuff like that these days. Anyway, here are some videos from the party 10 yrs ago today. They also show how our house looked before the addition; those rooms were small (not really; just small in comparison).

Here is a 10-minute montage of all our favorite slices of life from the party:

And here are the individual videos from the party:

#1: John’s first drink. Not much going on.

#2: John’s 4th drink.

#3: Various people talking about some fun New Orleans bar they couldn’t find their way back to. Listen for Dig-Dug in the background!

#4: People start noticing the camera. Wayne talks about a lost pack of cigarettes. The nature of the webcam is discussed (it’s record, not broadcasting). Becky suggests that we start playing Strip Poker soon:

#5: People play with our spinning-message-maker light/toy thingee:

#6-#7: Not much happens here, except for mingling. You can still hear Dig-Dug in the background:

#8-#10 are for friends only ;) Check my flickr if you’re a friend :)

#11: Various mingling. Clint explains to Britt that it’s recording, not broadcasting. Aaron starts playing with the camera around 2m50s. At 3m18s, you can see the software recording the party, and AE’s ex-girlfriend Tracy:

#12: At 2m10s, the camera gets shoved down somebody’s pants:

#13: John’s going dooowwwwn! Kipp, don’t encourage him! Things get interesting around 6m20s, when Jesse tells Carolyn, “John’s fucked up”, and Carolyn grabs his bottle, swigs it, then walks away with it. John The Candien looks disconcerted. “Noooo… Not the bottle!” Funny stuff :) But then look at 7m40s — Kipp picks John up and moves him to the couch that he later puked on. He got up, but for all I know he moved back to the couch at 11m30s because he didn’t want to be picked up again. And who picks somebody up anyway? Nice instincts (sarcasm) on everybody except Carolyn’s part:

#14: John is now out, and girls decide to put makeup on him:

#15: Finally, he pukes. But a cup was put in front of the camera, so you can really only see how people react to the whole thing:

#16: We all miss Samhain the cat, who made a brief 1-minute appearance before running away:

#17: Webcam voiceovers. Possibly the funniest on-camera moments:

#18: And then the webcam “optical illusion” of swallowing a huge cam (short):

#19: And another quick-but-funny voiceover:

And that’s how we rolled in 2002!

10/5/97 5:01 AM  Carolyn: CLINT! evyoone is drunk now!!
    sen's puknin i my bsathrom.. and vikcy is dso durnk.
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    and john evacuated
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    people shoewed up and im
    runk fom what ficuky made me..

    i think this isn't makeing sine.

10/5/97 5:01 AM  Carolyn: iufin' hsbr s ptor
    i didn't have  aproblem sending to you!@@


//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.[originally posted 3/25/2008] Because I am outspoken, have a powerful web presence, and have unpopular and unapologetic opinions, I tend to attract trolls from time to time. For example, the guy who argued that we must protest South Parkbefore the series even came out. Honestly, I might be the actual troll here, as I deliberately put some stuff up to bait people into leaving responses, which is the definition of trolling. But that definition usually applies to neutral forums, not to posting to your own forum. So I’ll go ahead and call the people who attack me on my own spaces “trolls”, in the “I’m rubber you’re glue” spirit.

This is in response to my “What Would Jesus Smoke?” blogposts HERE, as well as my What Would Jesus Smoke (and other Jesus) Flickr images HERE.

These pictures draw “Christian soldiers” from all over the place, causing them to hurl entertaining vitriol in my direction. I fucking love it.

I always thought “Ye who has not sinned should cast the first stone”, but hey, Christians don’t seem to know much about being Christ-like, just like Muslims don’t seem to know much about being Mohammad-like. (And if they did, they would all have 6-year-old wives like Mohammad.) My uncle Sean has already published, analyzed, and commented on this letter, and there are already a few comments over there on his blog. He is more calm and collected, and can say how I feel better than I can. :)

Anyway, this gets ugly. Very ugly. Read on to see the love God puts in all Christians’ hearts. (That was sarcasm.) (more…)

Our 10 year marriage / 18 year dating anniversary actually happened 2 days ago, on the 10th. But our wedding reception happened on 2/12/2000 — 10 years ago. It was a pretty big reception, and was followed by an equally big party at our house that night. (There were a few hours in between the events for everyone to change, eat dinner, etc.)

A good hour of video was taken by our friend Tony T! I managed to get it converted to VHS, and later to AVI on the computer, and later to YouTube postings with YouTube’s stupid 10 minute limit requiring me to break it up into 20 parts of various sizes. Here are the videos — most of them peppered with youngest-cousin Todd being extremely annoying. Go past the jump to see the pics & vid! (more…)

I sure am writing pointless meta-posts about my blog a lot lately. But it’s weird, breaking my daily record twice in one week. I have a douchebag cop to thank for a single posting getting 2,658 views in 48 hours. Thanks, Salvatore! My record on 02/08 now pales in comparison. Maybe someday I will break Vicky’s Mother’s Day record of 8,208. :)

A few tips here on how to use google to keep track of who is keeping track of you. (more…)

It’s always a good times! Ian’s re-cap. Ian’s photos. Angel’s photos. Casey’s photos. Christian’s photos. Our photos. Vicky’s photos. Read on for my recount. Also, check out the journal everyone wrote in (PDF Warning). (more…)

    And, locally, Virginia Police issue report on fatal beltway accident between car and truck.  Finally, a message to all non-campers:  Get over your aversion to your natural biology and join The Poop in the Woods Club.  Actually, human bowels are very good at holding the poop in until you get back from camping.  But it does happen. . . (more…)

      The Catholic church has asked its members not to contribute to Amnesty International!  FBI overstepped, Bush at an all time low, and AT&T Announces Plans to Filter Copyright Content.  That’s right — you pay them to hobble you and turn you in.  Drug Tax collectors abound at the Bonnaroo music festival, and over 500,000 people on the FBI terror watchlist.  Feel safe yet?  Read on for the links… (more…)

      20061014 - Camping with Misfit & Kali - 107-0771 - Group photo, including cats

      Okay, this write-up is about 6 months too late, but better late than never…Camping on 10/14/2006 was a lot of fun! (more…)

      blog-overlook-2-small.jpgWe had our 2nd annual Assateague Island beach camping trip earlier this month. Although I was recovering from illness and could not drink due to liver testing situation (since resolved fine), I still had a blast!

      Pictures of this event are HERE.
      Carolyn’s blog post about the trip. The longest and most thorough account: (her post is both about Bethany and Assateague).

      Vicky’s blog post about the trip:

      Angel’s blog post about the trip:


      Vicky wrote a nice entry about Bethany Beach, where I spent Tuesday night, Wednesday, and Thursday morning, before heading on over to Assateague Island. Her friend Christina also wrote about the trip. I love her title: “My God, it’s full of Sawyers!” Best… Title… Ever… And finally, Carolyn, too, has written up the Bethany/Assateague experience.

      I’m not going to bother writing anything myself. Procrastination pays off.

      Here are the links:

      Carolyn: http://carolyncasl.wordpress/bethany-beach-2006/

      Vicky: http://tgaw.wordpress/bethany-beach/

      Christina: http://cgeyer.blogspot/my-god-its-full-of-sawyers

      Vicky sent me this one.  She said (emphasis added):

      I thought this article was interesting. 
      I guess I could sort of see the source of the judge's logic, but still it's weird.

      They were perfectly comfortable with giving him .5 years jail for helping to kill a girl.  But writing about selling pot — they add on 7.5 years. 

      So does that mean writing about selling pot is 15 times worse than helping kill a girl? … So growing pot is almost as bad as helping kill a girl, but it is no where near as bad as writing about selling it.

      Yes, this is all-too-typical of the American police state.  Actually committing a crime isn't nearly as bad as thinking about it, and conspiring on paper.  It's the thought that counts — moreso than the action.  Can we say thoughtcrime?

      (And yes, before anyone argues with me, I understand perfectly what conspiracy laws are.)

      Recently at Carolyn’s 30th Birthday party, a handful of us reminisced about the “We Have No Balls Story”.  A number of years ago, maybe even a decade ago, we were driving to Ocean City, Maryland when we passed a gas station with a marquee sign that proudly proclaimed:

      WE HAVE

      “Wouldn’t it be funny if the S and the W fell off?” someone asked (I believe it was Jeremy Turner). (more…)