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It’s a crazy day today! Check it out… The Jessica Rabbit picture is a realization of many childhood fantasies! (more…)

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY / TECHNOLOGY WAR / CENSORSHIP / CORPORATIONS: Time Warner/RoadRunner blocking web access to — but only in Southern California, where Officer Franklin White shot a mom & her 8-year-old son in an alleged road rage incident. Assuming the cause and effect are true (And they certainly seem to be), then if this does not anger every American reading it, I question whether you belong in my country. Corporate censorship is legal, but you can be damn sure it was government pressure that caused this. DON’T PAY FOR ISPs THAT WORK AGAINST YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. What the hell? You pay money to access the internet, a world of information, and you can’t even find out about a local cop that shoots 8-year-olds, because the company you paid has decided to give you the privilege of paying for your own censored ignorance? FUCK YOU, COMCAST. Someone should burn a flag in front of their headquarters. Read on for PARACHUTING KITTIES. (more…)

Lots of links today. No time to summarize. See below. The Flickr photoset was pretty neat; the cell-phone study is important; becoming a quadriplegic due to police abuse and only getting $100K really fucking sucks. Read on for the links. (more…)

And of course, an insane tale if I’ve ever heard one — Grandmother arrested at McDonald’s for not pulling forward. Can anyone please identify the arresting officer? [UPDATE: Officer Matthew Parco] And put that piggy on a diet? Pretty much everyone is failing to see how this is a proper course of action–including the mayor and the people who ran the jail (who wouldn’t put her in a cell or a jumpsuit–checks and balances, baby). Voting machines fail, causing many people to not be able to vote. Torture. Taser lawsuit victory. Cops shackle stabbing victim to wheelchair, then Officer William J. Cozzi beats him – video included. This guy was a stabbing victim, and they charged him for not cooperating… Just how cooperative are you supposed to be after getting stabbedwhile drunk? It’s not necessarily you’re fault that you’re now drunk and stabbed in a hospital. I’d like to know more but what was done was uncalled for no matter what. At least he didn’t beat a handcuffed suspect until his NECK BROKEthat officer got … drumroll … a ten-hour suspension for breaking a neck! And who said cops aren’t above the law??? (more…)

Music reviews! Voltaire! Ween! Paypal blocks Ron Paul recount (TechCrunch backs this story up, by the way). LOCAL: Fairfax County Deputy Robert A. Rombero Jr. pleads guilty to child pornography charges. WTF: Man, innocent, sits in jail for 11 years — including ***2 years*** after judge orders him released! Man dies from abdominal injuries, broken neck; authorities claim he fell out of his bed. Yeah, right! (more…)

Ohio confirms voting machine vulnerabilities — remember, Ohio was the state that potentially stole the 2004 election (please refer to the Clint Curtis testimony to the Ohio Supreme Court). Anyway, cop shoots football player 3 times. Of course it’s okay. Other cops beat a man so bad he is still requiring 24/7 medical care 7 years later – do they help the victim? No. They don’t even offer a settlement until a lawsuit is imminent. They are heavy-handed bastards, jackbooted thugs. These police do not deserve anyone’s respect. Please note that both garbage man and taxi driver are occupations with a higher rate of deaths than being a police officer. Their excuses are hollow and these practices must be stopped at any cost. (more…)

California testers find flaws in ES&S voting machines. E&S sounds as bad as Diebold! Paper seals & locks were all easily bypassed, BIOS could be reconfigured to boot off a thumbdrive, allowing anybody to do anything they want with the data. And speaking of the data, critical system files stored as plaintext (not encrypted). And theprotocols that transmit the data transmit it unencrypted (you wouldn’t protect democracy as much as your latest credit card purchase?!?). This allows for any number of man-in-the-middle attacks. Clint Curtis might have something to say on this:


Yea, the DOJ stuff pisses me off! Also: This short film is the basis of bartender “Moe” on The Simpsons. If you do a Google image search for “jesus comedy“, this blog is the #1 result. Steve Skoklo kills kitten by slamming and throwing it. Also, some subtle geek stuff. Read on. (more…)

And above all: Top 25 Censored Stories Of 2008. I consider this to be one of the most important annual articles to be read. (more…)

Police fuck-up a 22-year-old protestor’s leg. Cop stabs spouse; $750 fine. Read on for the other stories mentioned in the headline. (more…)

And a politician running on a political platform of giving 40,000 blowjobs (80/day * 500 days). Also: Microsoft trying to thwart proper voting machines, and schools not allowing any student to touch another student (at all). (more…)

Yes, Global Warming is caused by humans. Brilliant article by Ryan S.
Meanwhile, cops beat people for double parking and riding a bike without a helmet (they caused that guy to go deaf. It’s a good thing they were there to protect him from the danger of riding a bike without a helmet.)
E-Voting reform bill gains traction. Yay!
iTunes is in Antitrust trouble!


VOTER FRAUD: Diebold Security Foiled Again

  • Diebold posted a picture of the key to open their e-voting machines online. A man crafted 3 keys using the picture, and successfully opened a Diebold machine using them. It seems like something new comes out every couple months about Diebold’s lack of security almost every week.  Most exploits are electronic; this one is physical. (more…)

I certainly hope the story about Israeli trying to drop a nuke twice as powerful as Hiroshimia is false. However, it was just a few weeks ago that the Times Online in UK broke a story that Israel planned this strike in the first place.  Read on, please, for details on this, voting fraud indictments in Ohio, and a New Hampshire elected official who forwarded one of his contituents’ political letters directly to the local police.


Saddam Hussein execution video, an audio-only discussion board (neat idea!!), more voting fraud, a review of ergonomic chairs, and a video encoding service. (more…)

There are a several good things about the election that just happened. I thought I’d go over a few of them.

  1. Sending a new “mandate” to Bush: The populace does not approve of the way you do things, nor does the rest of the world. You have more enemies than Al Queda and are responsible for more innocent lives lost than Bin Laden. Good bye.
  2. The first female Speaker Of The House (Nancy Pelosi).
  3. The 2nd black governor ever (after VA’s Doug Wilder).
  4. Congresses first Muslim: Keith Ellison.
  5. Minnesota’s first black Congressman: Also Keith Ellison.
  6. A Hawaii woman won election to the state Board of Education and, according to national advocacy groups, a place in history as the nation’s highest-ranking transgender elected official.

Looks like the american populace became 0.00000001% more open-minded this election. We’ve got a ways to go before we are as open-minded as other western nations.

Just read The L.A. Times article here. 14,000 hispanics encouraged to not vote. By a Republican, of course. (Not that the democrats are our friends either.)

In the letter, registered voters with Latino surnames in Santa Ana, Garden Grove and Anaheim were warned “that if your residence in this country is illegal or you are an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time….”

Braniff declined, however, to say why the campaign had used letterhead closely resembling that of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform without the group’s permission and why it was signed by a fictional “Sergio Ramirez.”

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