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  • WATER WARS: UN rejects access to water as basic human right — You have no right to live; you are a slave. “A hungry man is never free.” – Even truer for a thirsty man. They actually removed all references that recognized access to water as a human right from their resolution! Bottled water buyers have increased the potential profit so much that there are now likely corporate influences on global politics. The privatization of water has been one of the most important events to happen to us as a species in decades, is a much bigger deal than fighting over oil and energy, and is generally under-focused in the media. It’s only going to get worse. (tags: water rights UN)
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If you think things in America are that different from China, just remember to take a sanity pill every once-in-awhile and to realize that things here are still BAD — very very BAD. Arguably freedom is worse off in America than it has been since McCartyhism. When Tibetans can’t even protest to Free Tibet in front of the fucking UN building with a Tibet flag on it, without officers beating, clubbing, and threatning to kill them — realize that the freedoms we have here are barely left. With the powers that be making big bucks off of trade agreements with China, dissent against China is synonymous with dissent against Big American Business. And Big American Business can most certainly influence how the police treat peaceful protesters. Observe for yourself:


A man has been in jail half his life — due to the fact that the actual murderer (now dead) was protected by attorney-client privilege! What the fuck!? A murderer’s rights are more important than an innocent man? Someone needs to change the law here! Also: Economic Collapse predicted for 2008 Q3, people turn more liberal with age — not more conservative, and Amazon is deleting criticisms of that are not favorable to Scientology, a dangerous cult.


Two gross news stories. Obama may not be nearly as bad as Hillary, but he still serves the globalist agenda like any candidate. One world government, with no guns, and no way to revolt — that’s their ultimate goal. Barack Obama Pushes bill. Blue Cross of California stops sending letters to doctors asking them to rat out patients. (more…)

    Also: shitty parties, and how to hook up your PC to your HDTV. WATER WARS update. (more…)

    6 Volt Battery Hack! Jews. Twin Peaks!!!! Courtney Love at her most intelligent ever! Blackwater, Dyncorp/Halliburton = evil. Wish I didn’t have to take this seriously. Excellent taser article — videos included (schizocripple tased to death).


      Can you believe they wouldn’t serve alcohol to a 65-year-old, because she didn’t have her ID?!  And this NAFTA superhighway is a bunch of crap. If you haven’t heard about it, I suggest you start reading. This has been going on for awhile. This is leading up to the North American Union and the proposed replacing of the Dollar with the Amero… (more…)

        And 27 Confessions Of A Former Circuit City Worker… Read on for the rest. The Seam Carving working demo is interesting, but the Mexican Trucks now rolling past the border without a check are downright scary.  We bomb 2 countries for 5 years to prevent terror, then turn around and let trucks drive all over the country without any kind of inspection?! (more…)

        WTF: Market Crash Forecast Suggests New 9/11 … Very interesting stuff. Uh oh! Should I worry? Originally from Dow Jones Financial News. Pointed coverage at Marc Parent blog. Also: New York cops defraud 911 familes. UK gun crimes have since 1997 firearms ban. FOR CAROLYN: If You Wear Crocs, You’re an Idiot. (I don’t necessarily agree… In fact, peoples’ disdain makes me want Crocs that much more…)


        Bored? Want to catch up on Clint and Carolyn videos? I’ve sorted my YouTube videos (my own, and my favorites) into several categories for your perusing.  About half are mine (all the “personal” playlists), and the other half are favorited videos I’ve found elsewhere. Check them out HERE.

        Philip Schneider, a conspiracy theorist who worked for the government and supposedly battled aliens who supposedly have many bases on Earth and are influencing global politics. WHOA.  If there’s any hint of truth to this whatsoever, wow. 
        Masterpiece Optimus Prime – wow, all-metal highly-poseable transformers?!  SWEET! (more…)

        ABUSE OF AUTHORITY: Man Tasered For Wearing Baseball Cap. Do I really need to point out what the fuck is wrong here? (Update: Yes, I do, and even personal friends have defended the police officer!) And another video of police brutality.

        Afghanistan: The Enron-Cheney-Taliban Connection?

        It is your duty to be aware of all news; not just what the corporate media reoprts.  Read on for 25 news stories you might not have heard of… (more…)

        • Michael Vail brings us another excellent article about the sad shape of the American “Prison Planet”. This is an excellent read, that connects the dots between many separately-written articles. America is becoming very scary. (more…)

        Read HERE about big brother in the UK — they are now putting loudspeakers on their 5 million public cameras, so that the cameras can shout back at people for engaging in “anti-social behavior”. Ah, the UK. Several years ahead of the U.S. in terms of freedom-crushing. Don’t worry; we’ll catch up.

        ‘Would the young man on the bike please get off and walk as he is riding in a pedestrian area,’ came the command.


        Be afraid. The only thing to fear is fear itself, and the world that is resulting from everyone’s overhyped fears of terrorism (which kills less people than aspirin) is far more scary than anything Bin Laden could possibly do to me.

        From "After the EU recently ratified controversial data retention laws for ISPs and other telecommunication companies, it now looks like the US government will get full access to the data. From the article: 'US authorities can get access to EU citizens' data on phone calls, sms and emails, giving a recent EU data-retention law much wider-reaching consequences than first expected'. Apparently, the US has been calling members of the EU to 'ensure that the data collected […] be accessible to them'."

        It's just great that the U.S. is "persuading" other countries to give us their data. I sure as hell wouldn't want other countries having data about me, and I don't think anyone from Europe wants the U.S. to have data about them. This is just technology used globally for oppression. This is all part of the globalist agenda, anyway.

        I mean, now that it's out that the Bush administration has spied on tens of millions of Americans, they are going to let the tendrils reach even farther? The European Union's data retention laws are horrid. ISPs must keep track of who you emailed for six months. SMS messages are monitored, as are phone calls (which must be kept for two years). And the U.S. gets access to all this to boot.

        Pretty soon, there will be no place for anyone to hide.

        As always, some featured comments I found by various people:

        • No, terrorists have never heard of encryption.
        • No, terrorists cannot route packets to foreign computers and back.
        • No, terrorists have not heard of proxy servers.
        • No, terrorists can't steal cellphones, or setup phony account to make calls.
        • No, terrorists have no other means of communication.

        Come on, they are terrorists, they are dumb, right? The only reason why they attack anybody is because they are evil, right? Plluuuueeeaaasssee.

        I'd be surprised if with all this data retention and spying (both US and EU) there will be single terrorist caught *before* the act.

        Guess how many terrorists have been caught by the London camera network – which was installed to track down terrorists. If you guessed "zero" you'd 100% correct. Instead that very camera network is now used to keep track of every vehicle that enters the inner city on London.

        "Hey, at least we're not violating our own constitution on this one." [HAHAHA]
        Only in America, the land of the free, can the government illegally spy on your phone calls, internet activity, and reading habits, and get away with it. Hell according to some poll, American citizens are OK with it. In my eyes it's treason what the gov't is doing. If this is the land of the free then why do I have to worry about what I'm saying on the phone when I'm talking to my friend about buying a firearm? Just the phrase "Let's go shooting today" can get me on a red list? Please.

        I would bet that the only way Europe would agree to this is if the US agreed to pass similar retention laws and allowed European access to that data.

        Country A can't spy on its own citizens (legally), but country B can (because they are "foreigners"). Country B can't spy on its own citizens (legally), but country A can (because they are "foreigners"). Gee, I wonder how they'll solve that problem?

        Looks like the terrorists are winning. Our governments are becoming more corrupt and we are losing our freedoms. Soon, we will be in the same position as those living in the middle east. However, everyone will be wearing shawls over their head and face, not for impropriety concerns, but to hide from the cameras on every street corner that are watching our every movement.

        Read about Britain's new process of watching every car in the country: 

        “National Journal reports that, instead of being shut down 2 years ago, the Total Information Awareness program is still datamining away. Must be effective. What else could explain Morrissey’s latest adventure?”

        1984 comes to you live in 2024…  Man, the government can’t do anything on time.

        With all the other stories that’ve been breaking in the past few months of the NSA wholesale spying on American civilians, the real news here isn’t just that the TIA is around. It’s that the Senate ordered it shut down, and it wasn’t.

        Let’s look at the past couple of years. The Executive branch has claimed the powers to: declare people including American citizens “enemy combatants” and hold them incommunicado overseas, in violation of the Geneve Convention and The Constitution, for however long they wish, with no access to the US court system. 

        The Executive Branch has claimed the power to wiretap American citizens within the United States without a court order or indeed any judicial review. Recently the Vice President has also claimed to power to unilaterally declassify anything that he wants.

        The C.I.A. has been caught running torture flights through allied countries without their apparent knowledge, running secret prisons in EU member states without EU knowledge, and to top it off, they were caught kidnapping people on the streets of Milan without the knowledge of the Italian government.  Italy was pissed and now has a warrant of arrest out for several C.I.A. agents.

        The Pentagon, the FBI and the California National Guard have all been caught spying on peaceful protesters on American soil, in spite of a law that specifically forbids this.

        A few months ago… Congress passed a law banning torture. The President grudgingly signed this into law, but reiterated his belief that he wasn’t personally bound by the ban.

        Now we find out that while the Senate ordered a domestic surveillance operation shut down years ago because it was a threat to the privacy of the average American… the Executive branch has decided to keep it going anyhow, without anyone’s knowledge.

        What’s the point of even having a Legislative or Judicial branch anymore?

        They have no real powers at this point.

        The Executive branch can just arbitrarily declare people outside the judicial branch’s jurisdiction to keep them out of the courts, and the whole notion of getting a court order for federal law enforcement action is now considered “obsolete”.

        The Legislature still theoretically gets to pass laws, but the executive branch can basically break them at will…… Is it any wonder that all these overt violations of the laws of Congress never amount to any meaningful charges?

        In fact, we don’t even know how far the executive branch’s power goes at this point… Nobody new the President had “the power” to wiretap without warrants. The Constitution never mentions it… in fact, federal law specifically prohibits it.  The FISA courts were set up to approve wiretapes up to 72 hours after they happen.  A system for spying has been in place for 25 years, but it wasn’t comprehensive enough for George Bush.

        Indeed, when the press first found out about this power, they were pressured to keep it a secret (which they did for over a year), and when the existance of this power was revealed to the general public, members of the executive branch denounced the revelation of the power itself as unlawful.  Because whistle-blowing is somehow bad when you point out the government doing bad things.

        We’re going to hell, folks.  Stand up or bend over.

        (Note: Most of this post culled together by cutting and pasting other people’s comments that I found relavant.)

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