New World Order

    And 27 Confessions Of A Former Circuit City Worker… Read on for the rest. The Seam Carving working demo is interesting, but the Mexican Trucks now rolling past the border without a check are downright scary.  We bomb 2 countries for 5 years to prevent terror, then turn around and let trucks drive all over the country without any kind of inspection?! (more…)

    WTF: Market Crash Forecast Suggests New 9/11 … Very interesting stuff. Uh oh! Should I worry? Originally from Dow Jones Financial News. Pointed coverage at Marc Parent blog. Also: New York cops defraud 911 familes. UK gun crimes have since 1997 firearms ban. FOR CAROLYN: If You Wear Crocs, You’re an Idiot. (I don’t necessarily agree… In fact, peoples’ disdain makes me want Crocs that much more…)


    Bored? Want to catch up on Clint and Carolyn videos? I’ve sorted my YouTube videos (my own, and my favorites) into several categories for your perusing.  About half are mine (all the “personal” playlists), and the other half are favorited videos I’ve found elsewhere. Check them out HERE.

    Philip Schneider, a conspiracy theorist who worked for the government and supposedly battled aliens who supposedly have many bases on Earth and are influencing global politics. WHOA.  If there’s any hint of truth to this whatsoever, wow. 
    Masterpiece Optimus Prime – wow, all-metal highly-poseable transformers?!  SWEET! (more…)

    ABUSE OF AUTHORITY: Man Tasered For Wearing Baseball Cap. Do I really need to point out what the fuck is wrong here? (Update: Yes, I do, and even personal friends have defended the police officer!) And another video of police brutality.

    Afghanistan: The Enron-Cheney-Taliban Connection?

    It is your duty to be aware of all news; not just what the corporate media reoprts.  Read on for 25 news stories you might not have heard of… (more…)

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