RELIGION: Cardinal Roger Mahony: I Forgive Those Who Are Angry at Me for Covering Up Child Rape

What a piece of shit. This guy is worse than the worst child molester you can imagine.

The commenters are right: The Catholic Church needs to be charged under RICO organized crime laws.

If you tithe, you’re paying for rape. Period.


RELIGION: Loyalty to your church is more important than not raping children – Not just in Catholicism, but Judaism too

But anyway, here’s a story of a Jewish person who turned in the person raping his child, and was shunned by his community, harassed, and kicked out of his residence.

Hasidic Jews, that is. These are the hardcore orthodox types. People who take their supernatural beliefs way too seriously, and then inflict them on other people.

Religion has got to be one of the top enemies for children.

(Islam is even worse in that they don’t need to worry about covering up chid rape quite as much as the other religions, because Mohamad set the awesome example of marrying a six year old while he was in his 50s, and Sharia says you execute the rape victim, not the rapist, so what’s left to cover up?)

In general, fuck religious people. Even the ones that do no wrong help prop up communities like this by passing on supernatural beliefs that have nothing to do with the modern-day world. If you don’t like my attitude, here is a cup of I don’t give a fuck that you can drink.

This is basically looking like the same bullshit the pope and various bishops have pulled repeatedly.


RELIGION: Loyalty to your church is more important than not raping children – Not just in Catholicism, but Judaism too

But anyway, here’s a story of a Jewish person who turned in the person raping his child, and was shunned by his community, harassed, and kicked out of his residence.

Hasidic Jews, that is. These are the hardcore orthodox types. People who take their supernatural beliefs way too seriously, and then inflict them on other people.

Religion has got to be one of the top enemies for children.

(Islam is even worse in that they don’t need to worry about covering up chid rape quite as much as the other religions, because Mohamad set the awesome example of marrying a six year old while he was in his 50s, and Sharia says you execute the rape victim, not the rapist, so what’s left to cover up?)

In general, fuck religious people. Even the ones that do no wrong help prop up communities like this by passing on supernatural beliefs that have nothing to do with the modern-day world. If you don’t like my attitude, here is a cup of I don’t give a fuck that you can drink.

This is basically looking like the same bullshit the pope and various bishops have pulled repeatedly.


I only really found out about all this when my father scanned his father’s pictures. Suffice to say… The odds for my existence seem like they might be lower than usual. I’m a lucky guy. Thanks to all those that helped.




A. Data on witness:

1. My name is MARIA CLARA (RECHEN) L[REDACTED], born October 25, 1918, in Lwow, Poland. My current address is [REDACTED STREET ADDRESS], Alexandria, Virginia, [REDACTED ZIP CODE], USA. I am a housewife.

2. Before and during WWII, I resided at Zimorowicza 16, Lwow, Poland, until October 1941. From October 1941 to August 1942, I lived on Marcina Street, which was that part of Lwow later known as the ghetto. From August 1942 until June 1943, I lived with my rescuers, the Polinski family, on Longina Street, Lwow. From June 1943until May 1945, I was in a Labor Camp in Erkersreuth/Selb, Bavaria, Germany.

3. I was single during the years of World War II and married in 1947.

B. Data On Rescuer

1. My rescuers were JOZEF POLINSKI and his wife JOZEFA POLINSKI, both approximately 42 years of age at that time, and their daughter, WLADYSLAWA, approximately 13 years of age, all of whom lived on Zamarstynowska Street, Lwow, Poland. The family owned and operated a small variety shop on that street and lived in an apartment above the store. In October 1942, the family moved to a villa on the outskirts of Lwow, on Longina Street.

I was in constant contact with the POLINSKI family until their death some years ago. They resided at 51/3 Monte Cassino St, 51-681 Wroclaw, Poland. Their daughter, WLADYSLANA (POLINSKI) KUZILEK, currently resides at that address.

2. JOZEF AND JOZEFA POLINSKI were husband and wife. They had two children, WLADYSLAWA, as indicated above,and LESZEK, 7 or 8 years of age. The family lived together, as indicated.

C. Data on rescue story:

1. I was born of JAKUB and JOZEFA RECHEN, an only child, while living at Zimorowicza 16, Lwow, Poland. When the war started in 1939, we continued living at that address, initially under Russian occupation, utnil the Nazis invaded our town in 1941. On October 1, 1941, my father was “arrested” by the Gestapo, and disappeared without a trace. Shortly thereafter, my mother and I were forced to vacate our home and were forced by the Nazis to move into the disgnated ghetto.

2. In January 1942, while I was trying to purchase some food in the street, I was told by another Jew that I might find food in the shop of Mr. POLINSKI. Although he was Catholic, he was described to me as the “Jewish King” because of his unselfish help to needy Jews. I was told that he had volunteered as Janitor at Nazi quarter so that he could and did steal food for the Jews. I went to him and asked his help in finding potatoes. He disappeared for a while and came back with a sack of potatoes on a sled. He asked my address and pulled the sled to my house and personally delivered it to my mother as the ghetto was still in an open state. He refused money for the potatoes.

The next day, he came with his wife JOZEFA. They brought more unobtainable food for us and adamantly refused payment. They offered further help to us.

A few days later, they brought their two children, WLADYSLAWA and LESZEK, to meet my mother and me.

3. The actual physical rescue performed by the POLINSKI family occurred on August 10, 1942, when I and 3,000 other Jews were taken during an “action” and moved to Janowska Camp in Lwow, where the train took daily groups to unknown destinations.

4. On the movement to Janowska Camp, I was fortunate to be able to pass a message to the POLINSKIS, through a by-stander. Mr. POLINSKI got in touch with a friend inthe “Jewish Militia” which was attached to our Jewish Council. In the very last moments, when our train was loading, my name was called and I was released. On that day, only I and a young mother with a little son were miraculously saved; the rest went to one of the death camps.

5. Upon my release at the train station, the “Jewis Militia” friend was waiting for me and advised me not to return home. He took me to the POLINSKI home, where they hid me. During the next few weeks, the POLINSKI family kept me in hiding. Some of these days, JOZEF POLINSKI had me moved to the home of JOZEFA’s brother, JANEK, and his wife, ANNA, in a different part of town, where I was kept during the days in a small chimney space. On at least one occasion, while i was in the chimney, the Gestapo looked down the chimney from the roof, but could not see, in the poor light, where I was hiding. During September 1941, JOZEF POLINSKI moved me to the home of distant relatives of his family, in a town called Brody, near Lwow, for two weeks. These relatives did not know I was Jewish, but were told that I was hiding for political reasons. I do not remember their names or addresses.

In October 1942 JOZEF POLINSKI bought a villa on the outskirts of Lwow, on Longina Street, and moved his family and me there. During this time, the POLINSKIS acquired “aryan” papers for me. I posed as “Maria Rak”, the daughter of a school janitor. The papers had belonged to the janitor’s decased daughter, who was a nun. I was never asked to pay for these papers. JOZEF POLINSKI was attempting to get papers for my mother, also, but could not get them before she died in the ghetto. In the spring of 1943, the Nazis confiscated POLINSKI’s villa on Longina Street, and we moved, as a family, to an apartment in the same area. I do not remember the street name.

I stayed hidden with the POLINSKI family unti June 1943, when I voluntarily moved, as indicated below, to a Labor Camp.

6. I was never asked to pay for food, lodging, or the false papers provided me. I had no money and could not have paid.

7. I bleieve that their motivation was simply one of desire to help those of us who were being eliminated on the basis of religion. At no time during or following our relationship, and to this day, have they ever exhibited any motivation other than cmopassion.

8. All of the above named and their associates unnamed were in peril of their lives for any one of their many, many acts in my behalf and on behalf of others. The result would have been certain death for all of them, should their actions have been discovered at that time.

9. JOZEFA POLINSKI told others that I was her distant cousin and that I needed to hide because I was married to a Polish officer who was wanted by the Gestapo.

10. My relationship with the family at that time was very warm and our mutual feelings could only be described as that between closest relatives. They were fully protective of me and made sure that I had all available basic requirements.

11. In addition to JOZEF and ZJOZEFA POLINSKI and their daughter, at that time WLADYSLAWA, their son, LESZEK, who was only 7 or 8, did contribute marginally to my maintenance. JOZEFA’S sister, LOLA, married to a Jew, whom she was hiding at the same time and saved, was involved to a degree, in the cover up story. JOZEFA’S brother, JANEK, and his wife, ANNA, were involved in sheltering me. There were others involved, in Lwow and in Brody, but I have forgotten their names now because of the elapsed time.

12. By June 1943, the situation becamse too dangerous because there were groups of Nazis going through apartments, one by one, close by, searching for innocents. Again, JOZEF POLINSKI was able to put my name on a list of “volunteers” for a labor in Germany, where I would pose as MARIA RAK, and would undoubtedly be more safe than in Lwow. On June 10, 1943, I arrived in Erkersreuth/Selb, Bavaria, and was assigned to a labor camp near the Rosenthal factory, where I was put to work. I survived in the labor camp until April, 1945. As the American armies approached, our “Lager fuhrerin” decided to send a few of us trouble-makers to Flossenburg, a death camp. When we arrived there, we found that the Nazi guards were running away and they paid little attentiont o us. They released us and we met the American Army on our return trip to Selb. Having some English, I was able to get a minor position in the Field Red Cross of the 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, where I met the Assistant Ajutant, CWO James B. L[REDACTED], whom I married in 1947, in Austria. We returned to the USA in June 1947 and 3 years later I became an American citizen.

13. I witnessed the POLINSKIS delivering false papers to “ZOSIA” and her brother, “ADAM” (last names unknown). Both were from Krakow and they later departed for Warsaw, where, I understand, they both survived the war. There was no payment made to the POLINSKIS for these papers.

14. (See Paragraph 5, above.)

15. I wish to nominate the following to the “Righteous Among The Nations”:
They are all three most deserving of the award.

Dated Feb 8 1993
Maria Clara L[REDACTED]
[notorized by City Of Alexandria]

Ronnie L, born Maria Clara Rechen, is Clint’s grandmother (dad’s mom). Born 10/25/1918 in Lvov, Poland. Died 11/13/2003 in Alexandria, VA.
Daughter of Jozefa and Jacob, she was the only survivor of the holocaust in her family. She was liberated from a work camp by Clint’s grandfather (James Bernard L.), who stormed Normandy 20 minutes into the D-Day invasion.

Furthermore, here is what she wrote about her father:


“My father: Jacob Rechen.
Born 28 August 1880(circa) in Lwow,Poland and deported by Gestapo on 1 October 1942,died on or about that time in the prison, at the age of about 64 years.

He was born as a son of a well-to-do family, his father being chief cantor in the Temple and his mother being one of the best and most known at the time fashion designer and owner of a fashion house. My Father started his early career working with printing houses, later changed to advertisement field and through most of his working years kept this line, parallel to other enterprises.

He was director and representative of “Piast” Insurance Co. for the whole region of Southern Poland, he had exlucisve representation of French Movie Corp. “Goumont” for Poland, later was co-partner in “Fox” representation for this part of Poland. While having those positions, he edited and published several publishments in the theatrical, radio and movie fields and from those and advertisements had a very handsome side-profit.

In very early Thirties he was elected a representative and director of P.A.P. (Polish Publicisttic Agency) which had at that time the exclusive right to advertisement in radio, a novelty in those years. This position was very lucrative, with a high permanent pay plus percentage from advertisements from So. Poland’s regions.

His income in the last 15 years, before the war was very high, he owned, bought and resold serveral houses, with a good profit and at the beginning of war was an owner of a apartment and commercial building on Pl.Bernardynski and apartment house on Galaba Str., had several hundred of stick in mineral and petroleum fields around Drohobyez-Boryslaw, and two of his personal friends owed him at that time $10,000 and $7,000 repsectively–which never were returned to him or his family. Many of his profits were invested in jewelry for my Mother and myself, quite a few were also inherited from grandparents.

Both of my Parents traveled every summer to foreign health-resort while I traveled separately, also abroad. My Father never refused any of my requests and had our family in all available luxuries. (I had my 1st fur-coat at the age of 12 yrs.) We have led active social life, attending all possible concerts, theatre, movies, horse-races, having visitors from other cities, visiting them in return, etc., etc.”

And here is what Germany said back, 35 years later:

“Dear Mrs. L[REDACTED]: Today I received the following letter from BLEA in your matter of compensation:

‘In the application of compensation your client claims that she was forced to stay in Ghetto for the period 15 July 1941 till October 1942 for wearing the jewish star. From October 1942 until she was liberated in April 1945 she had to live under inhumanly circumstances – illegal – and with an assumed name.

The applicants time in arrest however has only been proved partly so that a full recognition of the claims can not be approved of. The office feels that a comparable agreement on the basis of anadjudgement of the claims of DM 4.500.–would be suitable to liquidate all compensation claims. Should you agree with this settlement you are kindly requested to sign the inclosed draft on the lower left hand corner and to send it to the office as soon as possible. This proposition, however, bears no obligation for either side, it is rather a possibility to come to an agreement.’

I kindly ask you now to inform me whether you would want me to sign this proposed settlement of DM 4.500.– for the liquidation of all your claims for compensation in accordance with the ‘Republic-Compensation-Law’ or if you wish to reject this proposal. I would strongly recommend that you accept this agreement.”

Fuck that.

Yea, when you hear about restitution for Palestinians who were kicked out of their family homes — or Japanese-Americans put in concentration camps in America during WW2 — this is what I tend to point to. Restitution is bullshit. It is a pittance given decades later. It is never what was taken. Too little, too late. It is just so that people can say, “Oh, they paid restitution, they’re absolved of all sin now, and everybody’s all better.” NO. This *doesn’t* make it fine.

Fuck the racists of the world. 

Book burning isn’t like the 1800s where burning a book permanently removed it from the zeitgeist. There is no way to destroy every Bible, Koran, and Torah on the planet. Even if every physical copy was burned, these would still exist in digital format. Book burnings these days are purely symbolic. And hey — if doing it causes 100 religious assholes to trample themselves to death, AWESOME! Now what videos can we post that will trick Christians into trampling themselves to death? ;)

in India, the destitute & homeless often use Cow dung as a fuel (probably the only free fuel) to bake bread with. (This is also common in some other areas of the world.)

I always figured it would kind of taste bad — with a particular “smoked shit” flavor. I prefer Mesquite.

But then, they worship cows as holy in India.

So if you were a marketeer, you could simply say, “Holy shit smoked bread”. (more…)

People, this is just a P.R. move for her to make more money.

She said she still believes in God and Christ. “She remains a believer and continues to read theology and post Biblical passages on her Facebook page.”

This is like a Republican who hangs out in bathrooms giving blowjobs claiming to be straight simply because he’s not a member of the gay community. I can’t believe people are buying this shit. (more…)

I hate all the cowards who justify burqua and mask bands for security reasons. People have been arrested and/or ticketed for wearing Halloween masks on Halloween, because we live in a police state where you have no expectation of privacy in public. However, just because I don’t have an expectation of privacy, does that mean I can’t wear a mask or disguise?

You know a lot of crossdressers/transsexuals have been arrested. It’s been illegal to go in public in drag, or wearing a wig. It’s a disguise. Therefore you make the police’s job harder. Therefore we should criminalize it. Same logic we’re seeing now.

How about we all just walk around with a fucking camera attached to our head? After all, making things easier for the police is apparently the goal of our society now.


I should be able to wear whatever the fuck I want in public. Weather that’s wearing a burqua, a Guy Fawkes mask, dressed as a woman, or my birthday suit [i.e. naked], IT SHOULDN’T FUCKING MATTER. We can put whatever makeup we want on our face; we should be able to put whatever we want on our face, period, period, PERIOD.

The idea that this is bad for crime is bullshit. Last I checked, criminals already wear masks. The law doesn’t stop criminals from breaking it. A mask law doesn’t stop masked criminals from robbing your bank any more than gun control prevents guns crime — CRIMINALS DON’T FOLLOW LAWS.

Indeed, burqua bans are merely another way for the authoritarian state to spin the current “security crisis” of “terrorism” and Muslim fear into a process of decreasing freedom.

And the idea that this will change Muslim culture is ridiculous; by ticketing people practicing their own culture, you make martyrs of them. Not dead martyrs, but legal martyrs. Either way, ISLAM LOVES MARTYRS. In fact, such a ban will probably stop Muslims from emmigrating to those countries, where their culture would eventually get diluted and amalgamated into the prevailing national culture. SO IT DOESN’T EVEN FUCKING WORK.

Facial recognition software can now identify 50,000 faces per second, and the cost of placing cameras everywhere is now cheap. There will be more and more. Look to the UK to see how it’s done – they have cameras with microphones that tell you not to do things the government doesn’t want you to do. With a voice modulator that makes it a child’s voice, because studies have shown that Little Brother is actually more convincing than Big Brother (i.e. Big Brother of 1984).

So again: Fuck burqua bans. It’s an idea made to appeal to the liberal mindset, but in fact is is merely a conservative authoritarian freedom-taker. One which both the Obamicons and TeaPartiers will swallow up whole.

Meanwhile, I will sit here, being Clint, agreeing with neither the left/liberal/democrats/Obamicons, nor the right/conservative/republicans/TeaPartiers, but instead agreeing with FREEDOM. The freedom to do what you want with your own fucking body, clothes, hair, make-up, and personal appearance. The freedom to escape the laws the 2 parties YOU voted for impose on us.

Remember what Ben Franklin said. Those who trade liberty for security deserve neither. I hope the burqua banners drop dead as fast as the religious fanatics. You’re all against freedom. You just use different excuses to increase control. Fuck you, and get your fucking laws off my body. I’ll do what I want. (more…)


Here’s a repost of something Modemac posted on Facebook. This describes how I feel so accurately that I am reposting it as my own opinion, even though I didn’t write it..

20100324 - Clint - 0 - The Xanatos Scream - by IMBJR from alt.slack [SubGenius]

I am a Dobbist.

As a SubGenius, I occasionally find myself interacting with normal Pinks who have no idea what the hell a SubGenius is. As we know, most attempts to define our faith tend to attract outbursts along the lines of, “Oh, it’s a joke! Ha ha ha!” or “That’s not funny!” … But that doesn’t really satisfy the question of what the “spiritual tendencies” of a SubGenius are. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for most SubGenii to be tarred with the label, “you’re an atheist.”

B&B - SubGeniuses - Bob Bob Bob

SubGenius = Atheism? Not quite...

To many religious persons, atheism is the worst state of spirituality in existence – the absence of God. Atheists, on the other hand, revel in this state – they declare themselves to be free of the trappings of religion, even as they grumble and complain about the way that atheists are distrusted and discriminated against in spiritual circles.

Except, that doesn’t really describe my spiritual leanings.

20090705 - X-Day - GEDC0385 - Clint, Christopher Lee - a meeting of the shirts

A Meeting Of The Shirts.

I’ve been called an atheist by Scientologists, Christians, and even some pagans; but that’s not really accurate. Atheism as a statement of spirituality causes many people of all leanings (including non-religious) to leap to conclusions, some of which may be wildly inaccurate. Also, I consider hard-core in-your-face atheists who scream “there is no God!” in my face to be just as obnoxious, offensive, and stupid as theists who scream “you’re going to Hell!”

20090730 - Venn diagram of open-minded groups

Atheists not included.

For years I considered myself to be an agnostic, but upon reflection I’ve decided that agnosticism isn’t really a “choice” for me, either. [Clint’s note: The preceding sentence is not really how I feel, thought the rest of this post is.] Agnosticism tends to be a middle-of-the-road choice that lets one avoid making hard and solid decisions, and it can often be justified by such wishy-washy arguments as, “I’d like to believe in God, but I haven’t seen any real evidence to prove it. Show me some outstanding empirical evidence, and I’ll be a true believer in God.” Except, of course, that such evidence is not forthcoming; nor are we likely to see such evidence in the course of our lives – or, indeed, for the entire lifespan of the Universe, if scientific theory and discovery continues to move along the path it seems to be traversing.

So, if I don’t want to spend my life questioning the existence of God, yet I don’t deny God outright, then what paths are open to me?

20080704 - X-Day at Brushwood - 161-6116 - pavilion with Bob Dobbs banner

I suggest this path... Cool people in that tent/shelter.

Polytheism to me seems even more foolish than atheism, and I have no intention of picking up the hammer of Thor or the cross of Brigid at any time soon. Rather, upon reflection, I choose at this time to take on a name coined by Reverend Godfather (Reverend Magdalen’s Dad). He told me this at X-Day, and I liked the word; so now I am offering a definition of the term.

I am a Dobbist.

20080706 - X-Day - Versificators shirt - (by Scalpod) - 2656062825_33db550f2f_o

Put this in your pipe and smoke it.

If an atheist refuses or denies the existence of God; and an agnostic questions the existence of God; then a Dobbist MOCKS the existence of God.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0261 - Carolyn, Clint - communion wafer foreheads

Fuck you, Christian god.

This may be succinctly seen in the phrase that we first hear at the beginning of SubGenius Pamphlet #1:


Jesus Christ creates hate -- look how easy it is to make them spew hate - "MARIJUANA - What Would Jesus Smoke?" - Jesus used (not smoked) Cannabis, says the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and many others

Jeeze & Chong.

When one considers all of the crimes, desecration, and foolish acts committed in the name of God over the course of history – or even some of them – one can see that God is indeed a threat to the peace and security of the world; even to the point where World War III might turn out to be a clash of religions between the East (Islam) and the West (Christianity).

postcard - religious satire - Muslim asses praying - b40c

Fuck you, Muslim god.

In the face of a God such as this one, I would rather look at the Universe as a strange and sick joke at our expense, put there especially for God’s amusement.

20090620 - Artomatic - GEDC0119 - Parthena - pope painting, thumbs up

Fuck you, child-rape-accessory Pope(s).

God may exist, but if he exists then he is certainly laughing at us. Therefore, as a Dobbist, I will look for that which is funny and sick in this world, and laugh right back at God. He deserves our mockery, and certainly not our respect.

20080702 - X-Day - 160-6020 - defiled pagan mini-shrine

Fuck you, Buddhist & Pagan gods.

One quote that might fit in with this sectarian view comes from Sam Harris (an outspoken atheist) in “The End of Faith:”

“We know enough at this moment to say that the God of Abraham is not only unworthy of the immensity of creation; he is unworthy even of man.”

20090704 - X-Day - GEDC0305 - Wilhelm's Bob Dobbs painting

Here's someone worthy of man. He could sell you a can of beans, and then sell you your farts afterward.

Why should we fall prostrate to an alien God from a corporate sin galaxy, when instead we can point at him and laugh at the fact that he has a small penis? (Considering the everlasting emphasis placed on sex in all of the major religions, it seems obvious that God must be compensating for something.)

postcard - 0 - possible BDSM club awkwardness - b42c3 (b&w)

God, why are you so obsessed with penises? FUCK OFF!

The Church of the SubGenius is built on humor, though over time it has naturally seen many Schizms – as we are commanded by J.R. “Bob” Dobbs to do. This is my Schizm: I am not a Holocaustal nor an Ivangelical, but rather a Dobbist. It may turn out to be Short Duration Personal Schizm, and perhaps on this coming X-Day, “Bob” may show me to be a complete idiot for writing these words.

Bring it on, “Bob!” I’m ready for you!

For now, and at this point in time, I am a Dobbist.

20090702 - X-Day - GEDC0213 - Dobbshead painting


//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.[originally posted 3/25/2008] Because I am outspoken, have a powerful web presence, and have unpopular and unapologetic opinions, I tend to attract trolls from time to time. For example, the guy who argued that we must protest South Parkbefore the series even came out. Honestly, I might be the actual troll here, as I deliberately put some stuff up to bait people into leaving responses, which is the definition of trolling. But that definition usually applies to neutral forums, not to posting to your own forum. So I’ll go ahead and call the people who attack me on my own spaces “trolls”, in the “I’m rubber you’re glue” spirit.

This is in response to my “What Would Jesus Smoke?” blogposts HERE, as well as my What Would Jesus Smoke (and other Jesus) Flickr images HERE.

These pictures draw “Christian soldiers” from all over the place, causing them to hurl entertaining vitriol in my direction. I fucking love it.

I always thought “Ye who has not sinned should cast the first stone”, but hey, Christians don’t seem to know much about being Christ-like, just like Muslims don’t seem to know much about being Mohammad-like. (And if they did, they would all have 6-year-old wives like Mohammad.) My uncle Sean has already published, analyzed, and commented on this letter, and there are already a few comments over there on his blog. He is more calm and collected, and can say how I feel better than I can. :)

Anyway, this gets ugly. Very ugly. Read on to see the love God puts in all Christians’ hearts. (That was sarcasm.) (more…)

I actually have come to the conclusion that the golden rule — at least when summarized as “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” — is part of the problem with religion, and is a bad rule that should be thrown out.

Do unto others as others as I would have others do unto me?

What if I enjoy being whipped? Does that mean I should whip others?
Or, closer to home, most Christians would love someone coming to their door to talk to them about God, therefore, the golden rule dictates they should go to other people’s doors to talk about god. After all, if I want my soul saved, I should want your soul saved.

Funk dat! The golden rule operates under the idea that symmetrical reciprosity is some great ethical ideal… But really that’s just simplistic thinking. Christian Scientists not allowing their child medical care are, after all, operating under the golden rule: They don’t want their souls to go to hell by using Evil Science, so they are treating others — their children — the same way.

The golden rule is full of flaws; I’ll leave it to the commentators to come up with other examples against it. (But it only takes one.)

I’ll take the pagan “An’ it harm none, do what ye will”, over the Chrsitian golden rule any day…. In order to not harm someone, sometimes you have to treat them differently than you would want to be treated. It’s a much more nuanced and realistlic ethical soundbite.

And yet another way in which Pagans > Christians. But then the Christians killed and forcefully converted them all. After all, they were just treating them the way they’d want to be treated: Led to the Proper God.

[NOTE: I didn’t quite have the wording of the rule right, so I updated it based on comments. However, it doesn’t change my stance on it.] (more…)

[UPDATE: NOTE: For the purpose of this post, and to placate those who want to get into gritty details: Any time I say “agnostic”, I mean “strong agnostic” as defined HERE.]

One of the things that bugs me about religion in general… Is that the very basis of it all is a foundation built upon assumptions that have no evidence to support them. I’m talking about “faith”. It’s just about the poorest foundation for any belief system. Idealism can sometimes work as the foundation of a belief system, though it’s not always logic. Practicality can as well — though it runs the risk of becoming calculating, almost reptilian. Even cynicism can be a logical foundation for a belief system. But faith? Pffft. What kind of idiot builds their belief system on that? (Hopefully not you. But if so: Don’t try to convince me. You’d be wasting both our time.)

This applies to atheists too.

How do you know God isn’t lurking somewhere, unless you can go there and see? You can’t. Nobody can. It would take a God to disprove God, which is a Catch-22. There’s no logic in that. It is quite annoying when somebody says, “I conclusively know the nature of the entire universe, and, knowing all, can say there is no god.”

Who do you think you’re kidding? Not me. To believe that there’s no god actually requires a hefty serving of… FAITH! Silly atheists.

But despite the fact that atheism makes the same mistakes as theism — at least their god is a god of reason, and not arbitrary faith and dogma. Atheists don’t tend to do a lot of the stupid shit theists tend to do. There’s not nearly as much to criticize them on.

Once I saw a big atheist brouhaha (which I can’t spell) about religious altars being put at the roadside where people died. How dare state money be involved? But seriously, guys. If my family member was killed in a car accident… And they allow a memorial to be put up in the very spot it happened… I would hope that it would involve whatever that family member would want. Even if it’s a pentagram dedicated to our dark lord Satan. Or (*gasp!*) a cross.
I’ve also seen some atheist newsletters that made me feel… Like I was exposed to a cult. They were into their non-belief just a little too much. Unsubscribe. Now.
But that’s about it. No religious wars. Nobody convinced that they will get sex for suicide bombing. None of this mystical bullshit that gets forced down our throats all the time. One nation under god? Really? Fuck that.

In the end, the most logical thing to do is to do nothing. Make no assumptions. You’ll find out. Or you wont find out, and blackness will envelop you as your soul and consciousness ceases to exist forever. What’s that feel like? I don’t want to know. But I’m not going to comfort myself with some b.s. sky fairy, nor am I going to be so cynical as to deny the possibilities that may be out there.

Agnosticism. It’s how I’ve always referred to myself, when not referring to myself as a SubGenius. On paperwork and such. (It always creeps me out when paperwork asks that! None of your business!)

Etymology: Greek agnostos unknown, unknowable
1 : a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (as God) is unknown and probably unknowable; broadly : one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god

Yup… That’s pretty much what I just said. (more…)

A good illustration at the fucking idiocy of anyone who thinks the earth was created 4004 years ago.

Cute kitty about 3/4ths of the way through!



I'd rather be watching TV! [Wikipedia page] Oh yes! A new AdultSwim show! They’ve pretty much never made anything that I didn’t appreciate as being both funny and extremely unique and F’ed up — usually a combination of all 3. 90% of my favorite shows from the last decade have come out from the various studios employed by AdultSwim. In this case, we have a new studio called “Easily Avoidable Entertainment”. Which is quite appropros.

Anyway, this is a [only] 4-episode live-action sitcom. It’s probably the 3rd *fully* live-action show to ever air on Cartoon Network/AdultSwim, with the others being Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job, and Delocated.

In fact, this show reminds me of what you would get if Delocated and Moral Orel had a baby: A parody live-action show that’s completely sacriligious.

Basically, the Virgin Mary is kind of a horny older blonde woman, and in 23 years of marriage to Joseph, he’s never gotten to take her to the bone zone. That’s because she’s still fucking God. By episode 3, God wants a threesome. But not with Joseph. With someone else. Enter Satan, in the form of a hot girl. Of course Mary checks her out too. No, I’m not making any of this up.

Jesus? He is some fat schlubby guy who totally looks older than the 23 years of age he claims to be. And Mary Magdalen happens to be 2 siamese twins named Mary and Magdalen. Jesus, who does not yet realize who his real father is, decides to follow Mary and Magdalen as HIS messiah.

Yup. Your typical AdultSwim weirdness. We watched all 4 episodes in 2 consecutive nights, though really — at 44 minutes, anyone could take this all in in one sitting. It’s half a movie.

Here’s another review for the show: [REVIEW].

BAD STUFF: Low production values. Somewhat stilted acting. But this is on purpose. They are parodying soap operas. Is the idea of parodying a soap opera simply an excuse to get the audience to accept bad acting? Who gives a fuck?!

CONCLUSION: AdultSwim‘s broken ground again, in yet another sick twisted way. IMDB: 8.5/10 (if it were on IMDB< anyway). Netflix: 4/5 stars (if it were ON Netflix, anyway).

RECOMMENDATION: If you like AdultSwim, sacriledge, making fun of soap operas, or endeavors “so good they’re bad” — this is definitely worth checking out.

I also found 3 out of the 4 episodes on YouTube:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:
Not yet posted, but may show up here eventually.

EXPECT THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO BE PULLED. Save with or snatch off D____oid if you are so inclined. (more…)

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures (more…)

Half-uncle Sean Prophet, now an atheist and no longer a member of the Church Universal And Triumphant, pretty much feels how I feel about religion, and answers the questions asked of him amazingly well. Interviewed by Kathy Weber, this originally aired on KULR TV in Billings, Montana, and is all about the cult my grandfather Mark Prophet started before I was born.

Sean’s own blogpost about this can be found HERE, and includes his own comments on the interview, so you might want to hop over there instead.

My own blogpost is essentially an “echo” for friends and family and whoever else might stumble over here instead of to Black Sun Journal. Which, by the way, is an excellent blog about religion, philosophy, the environment, and other such issues.

Also, you might want to go to and order a copy of half-aunt Erin Prophet’s new book, Prophet’s Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and Triumphant.  (See also this blog.)

Anyway, here are the 5 parts of Sean Prophet’s interview:

I stayed up late last night and poured the net for cool flickr links… And if anyone is wondering, the NIN single is encoded VBR. (more…)

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