September 11th

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My documentary watching has definitely tapered off in 2008, now that I watch dvd extras for my favorite shows and movies instead of documentaries. Regardless, I watched a LOT of documentaries in 2007. Here they are, sorted by topic. (more…)

Even one of Arizona’s Senators thinks there was a 911 cover-up…. Whatever did happen, we are not getting the full story of. (WTC7 collapse didn’t have a single page in the 911 commission report, despite it being one of 3 steel structure to ever collapse from fire?) And of course there’s the predictable backlash from people who have already decided they know for sure what happened (I guess they know OJ was guilty/innocent too!). The comments on the original story are basically to the effect of “to even consider otherwise is craziness”. Of course, kindergarteners will think you are crazy if you say Santa Claus is just one big conspiracy. There are further comments from people whining that the WTC buildings were designed to withstand only small “office fires”, which is just more FUD. Actually, if you watch the PBS documentary about the buliding of the WTC — The WTC was SPECIFICALLY designed to take jet impacts (I can’t remember for sure, but I believe the architect said multiple jet impacts), after a plane hit the Empire State Building and caused a scare prior to the WTC being built. I think we need to build another WTC and fly some planes into it and see what happens, as a research project. At the very least, it would make a great Pay-Per-View event! (more…)

Bush immune to amendment. Cell phone-enabled speeding. Jesse Ventura. (more…)

D.C. stadium visitor forced to delete pictures (no, it was not Glen) “We have the authority to ask them to remove the picture from the camera.” (“ask” could be the operative word in that statement) STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, people.

TECHNOLOGY WAR: All cars in the last 2 years broadcast their identity in plaintext on RF spectrums. In other words, they could, for example, create a bomb that only explodes when a specific car passes it, without any sort of camera attached. NOT GOOD. And sold to us as being “for your protection”, of course. How long until it’s illegal to disable these?

If the War On Drugs is so important that we have the highest prison population in the planet because of it — then why are the police allowed to be above the law? Cop+Wife stole pot and cocaine from evidence room. Not charged. Think you wouldn’t be charged if you stole this from an evidence room? Why do they get off free? With great power comes more responsibility, not less! Remember — this is the cop that baked the weed up into brownies with his wife, ate them, then called 911 saying, “I think we’re dying. Time is going really, really slow.” It was all over the news. Of COURSE they’re not charged! Now he can continue to be a cop elsewhere! And really, I think all drugs should be legalized — but the fact of the matter is, it is a crime that they themselves arrest people for, but somehow they themselves are exempt at the same time. It’s quite easy to to not question the validity of enforcing a bad law, when that law is not forced upon you.

UNDERLY-HARSH PUNISHEMNTS, VIDEO INCLUDED: How much jail time do you think you would get for pushing a cop down some stairs? Officer Fernando Trinidad is scum. If it’s the other way around, however, cops can push you down some stairs, and, get this–only lose 8 hours vacation time. Your tax dollars at work to abuse you.! They actually charged her w/battery on a law enforcement officer, but they were of course dropped. It’s a typical police tactic to charge someone they abuse with battery, so that they will go away and not complain about the brutality in exchange for charges being dropped. But of course, once dropped, these people usually sue (and they should — cops lie when they make deals all the time, and would like to put you in jail, if they decided their gut told them that was there you belonged).

911: AOL News site bans links, because this corporation doesn’t like other news sites talking about 911 conspiracies Real nice. AOL customers pay for the privilege of being censored? Or, if it’s free — the “value added” by using it is that you don’t get alternate viewpoints. Just fucking dandy. Anyway, this is old news, but PrisonPlanet just heard about it… probably because nobody uses AOL services :) ZING! causes police anger – of course cops are anti-free speech if it means criticizing police or bringing their abuses to light. Record Year For Hollywood (what about all the big bad nasty pirates with peg-legs and swords?!). No link between Saddam and Al Qaida! DUH! (more…)

His name is Daniel Hamburg [wiki page here], and he used to be a congressman. He and his wife were arrested for trying to hand-deliver a letter, in Ohio, about voting fraud in 2004. Just yesterday, he interviewed with Alex Jones, and said that he believes the U.S government helped the 911 attackers. 10 minute video here:

Now, Alex Jones comes off as a cook kook, and is quite extreme. His style makes people have no credibility in him. I’ve been following him for several years now, and while he will always exaggerate to help his cause, his is dead on with certain things. Alex Jones is where I first heard the government could turn on your cellphone and listen to you, years before CNN acknowledged that the government could do this. (They used this type of surveillance to put away a Mafia member. I’d link to the CNN article, but CNN takes its articles down after a few months.) Alex Jones has predicted many things ahead of time. And he has been crusading about 911 and FEMA for quite some time. Watch for his inspirational cameo in the movie The Waking Life.

Suffice to say, this is all very interesting. And none of it is really new news to me, but I thought I’d cover these topics now and again…

Also: black man tased within 45 seconds of being pulled over for going 5MPH over speed limit on thanksgiving. This MPAA shit is hilarious too; they pirated code and used a software product to stop pirates. So when the original coders found out, they contacted the ISP, who pulled the plug on the MPAA! Fight fire with fire, a rare victory in the technology war.

But that saddest thing I have read… Possibly all year, is the story of Lynn DeJac. Prosecutors made a deal with the alleged real murderer, granting him immunity from prosecution. She went to jail for THIRTEEN YEARS for killing her own daughter (also 13 years old). THEY FOUND THE A GUY’S CUM DNA IN THE DEAD 13 YEAR OLDS VAGINA, AND HIS BLOOD ON HER WALLS. Original detectives believe he is guilty.

So What is the logical thing for the prosecutor Frank Clark to do now that she is released? TRY HER AGAIN! What the fuck?! Imagine your boyfriend kills your daughter, then you go to jail 13 years, then you get out, and now you’re on trial again, despite DNA evidence! Despite the fact that the police were called on Dennis Donahue (the boyfriend) the night before. Despite the fact that Donahue followed the 13-year-old as she went to bars (WTFx2). Despite Donahue allegedly pulling a knife on a random guy the day before. Despite the fact Donahue was arrested for murdering another woman later!

Double jeopardy for the mother, no justice for the child, and the murderer goes free. I think Frank Clark might be one of the sickest fucking prosecutors I’ve ever seen. That jurisdiction quite literally made a deal with the devil to get a conviction — and now that the conviction is overturned, they are trying her again to save face.

Frank Clark should be fired for dereliction of duty, and Lynn DeJac should sue for no less than $100M. In fact, part of the reason they are going to re-try her is probably because if they manage to get a conviction, she wont be able to sue as easily. They’re not just saving face, they’re saving money. Perfectly logical, right? (more…)

And above all: Top 25 Censored Stories Of 2008. I consider this to be one of the most important annual articles to be read. (more…)

Video of cop beating handcuffed teen14 ultimately tasered for cussing — Won’t someone please think of the children?  Oh wait.  Prepare to have your boners measured by a machine, and if you get hard, you stay in jail.  Martin Sheen questions 911. (more…)

George Carlin questions 911; Medical marijuana patient commits suicide; cops put wrong man in jail, then leave him there for 30 days despite not matching the description of the right man; “Don’t Tase Me, Bro!” police report analyzed. (more…)

    And, to top things off, NYC rejects listing worker as 911 deathFarmers *finally* sue DEA over hemp farming. The Spider-Pig photo pool is just… So odd. I wish every AdultSwim cartoon was as popular as The Simpsons, because I’d love to see such tomfoolery under a less cliche title. Simpsons has been done to death, but it isn’t getting old either, so I’m not really complaining. :) (more…)

    … wordpress ate my blurb. Just read on for the links. (more…)

    Busy day full of bad news. Corporate censorship by Verizon. Cop fined just $400 for shooting at people in an off-duty road rage. But if you cough on an officer, expect to go to jail. More stuff below. Please make sure to read about the [black] student getting her wrist broken by the [white] security guard, after he made her go back and clean up her cake she spilled. It’s the last link. Please read it. This shit makes me nuts. (more…)

    Might I recommend a radio show? The SubGenius Hour of Slack. I think it just might be the weirdest radio show I’ve ever listened to (that’s a trick answer). An hour of insanity, coming out at a semi-regular intervals. This has been going on for 20+ years. Strange talk (60%?), media barrages/cut-ups (15%), strange songs (10%) … This show will really make anyone listening to it go “WTF”. Good for work.
    Also: Bush Nominates 911 “Zionist” Judge as Attorney General. Boys, ages 9&11 may end up on sex offender registry for life. Taser girl. Taser guy. Just don’t tase me, bro’. (more…)

      911 comedy.   Johnny Rotten.   CENSORSHIP: Tom & Jerry, Christians (via false DMCA).   Big brother is watching, pointlessly.  Salt Water as fuel?   Pigs.  Oh, and did you know that Fair Use is worth more than the economy than copyright? (more…)

      New record for this blog.  Due to the anniversary of 911, some of my 911-related posts got a few more hits than usual.  This pushed my ~400-600-a-day average up to 953 for today.  Been a bit higher leading up to 911 too.

      WTF: Market Crash Forecast Suggests New 9/11 … Very interesting stuff. Uh oh! Should I worry? Originally from Dow Jones Financial News. Pointed coverage at Marc Parent blog. Also: New York cops defraud 911 familes. UK gun crimes have since 1997 firearms ban. FOR CAROLYN: If You Wear Crocs, You’re an Idiot. (I don’t necessarily agree… In fact, peoples’ disdain makes me want Crocs that much more…)


        Chinas Tallest Building (steel-framed) Catches Fire and Does Not Collapse.  Steel structured buildings don’t collapse due to fire. They never have (unless you count WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7, which mysteriously collapsed despite not even being hit by a plane).  Things are not what they seem; who knows what they really are… (more…)

          Cop taped beating man in post-Katrina New Orleans gets off scot-free (except for losing his job)“Loose Change” 911 documentary co-creator charged for desertion of army – despite having served 3 years, and left over 2 years ago.  New BBC documentary to expose 1933 plot to overthrow US government, which included George W. Bush’s grandfather.  U.S. Senators Call for Universal Internet Filtering (related: Deep Packet Inspection & Net Neutrality).  Man convicted of indecent exposure for masturbating in his own jail cellStudents jailed for having extremist materialFairfax Virginia Police Officers Sean Cheetham, Lt. Michael Grinnan, and Lt. Lance Schaible, Sued By County Planning Commissioner For AssaultThe cat that can predict death. (more…)

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