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Controversial semantic History lesson of the day: The word ‘faggot’. A hurtful word, but most of that is based in cultural, not semantic history. Radha had used it enough to cause genuine disturbance with me, so I researched it a bit.

Historically, it means ‘old lady’. It came to mean “you are as weak as an old lady”. (I wonder if this has any relation to the other definition, “a bundle of sticks”, which are generally weak enough to break)

In the UK, boarding school bullies would forcibly sodomize the weaker boys, and they would be “faggots” for being weak enough to be raped. Faggots for being a weak old lady that allowed ‘her’self to be raped.

Now, who do you think the real gay person is in this scenario? The person fighting to not have a penis go in their ass, or the person fighting to get their penis into another person’s ass? That’s the irony of the situation: If anything, the original ‘homophobic’ use of “faggot” was actually used by gay bullies to mock straight rape victims for being as weak as easily-rapable old ladies. Humans are disgusting.

So it’s really not a homophobic word, it’s just become that way, especially in America.

Ironically, when young american kids call other kids this — kids so young they don’t understand sexuality (not sure if that still exists with the internet today; i didn’t know what an orgasm was until middle school) — they are really just using the “generic pejorative” historical definition, because they don’t understand what gay is (at least, pre-internet. Maybe today every 5 year old knows what sodomy is, I don’t know, I hate children and don’t pay attention to them anymore).

So, y’know, calling, say, the police “a bunch of faggots” isn’t saying they are gay. Anyone evolved to the modern point of enlightenment knows there is nothing wrong with being gay, so how is calling someone gay an insult? More gay police would actually be a very positive thing.

It’s saying they are as weak as old women, and that’s why they have to resort to things like tasering schooldchildren and grandmothers and shooting dogs. Because they are weaker than old ladies. Fucking pig thug faggots. Nothing to do with their sexuality. It’s also bound to offend police because the majority of police are homophobic (find me a study that proves otherwise, because i can and did look one up before writing this). And an offended officer is good. Offended officers get mad, make mistakes on video, and occasionally face actual justice. Level-headed officers know how to get away with it.

So again: Fuck the police. If you support them, fuck you. If you think that little girl should have been thrown to the ground of her class, you are a faggot. And not the gay kind, because I wouldn’t give a shit about that. (If I could, I would turn 90% of the male population gay. More women would become available. Gay rights would be solved the next day because men are the ones in power. Win win. Bring on the gay missiles.)

“Thanksgiving Prayer” by William S. Burroughs

Thanks for the wild turkey and
the passenger pigeons, destined
to be shit out through wholesome
American guts. (more…)

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures (more…)

gays are unamerican they should be rounded up and executed . and slapped 10 times with a dil doe. the bible says being gay aint right so maybe we should make a gay city it seems like they taking over anyways they wanna be in public now . gays have been around for thousand of years but now they are growing some balls to come out in public due to the fact that we have the dumbest public in years cuz theyve all been dumbed down by tv. but anyways i have nothing against gays i just dont want my kids to be exposed to that lifestyle.

(ephasis added by me)

The guy’s an Obama supporter too. Go to his YouTube account and give him hell. Rate his videos 1 star, ha ha.

“I’m a petty, petty man, Bart. Three months detention.”
-Seymour Skinner (more…)

RM says: “Honestly, this issue has less to do with homosexuality (for me) than my belief in states’ rights. As a person of christian faith, I strongly believe that to win people over to our faith, we must live as positive examples, rather than legislate positions.

This is why I believe that the federal government should stay out of issues like abortion. It we (Christians) want to support the respect for life, that should happen in our homes first. Not legislated from Washington.

So, congratulations, you have helped me shape my position on this issue. I choose to remain politically neutral to gay marriage, but personally opposed. And if I can influence others to my perspective, so be it.

So, consider this a victory by you on this debate. You sank my battleship.”

If only spreading sanity could be successfully accomplished 1 person at a time…. Though it still took me well over an hour. (more…)


Read on for the links, and an explanation (in the comments) of why Apple’s legal action is both unnecessary and hypocritical. (more…)

Haha – Twittering the Twitter Revolution. Funny article, written in “twitter-speak”, about a journalist who tried to wirte about how un-compelling twitter was, but ended up getting sucked in to it for over an hour. I love how the twitter t-shirt says “wearing a twitter shirt”. TECHNOLOGY WAR: Social Control: Emotion-Tracking Wearable Device Lets Your Boss Monitor Your Feelings. I covered this on my blog before, when Microsoft announced the patent for a similar device. Well, HERE IT IS. You wear this, and you think happy thoughts while wearing this, or you get fired. This is the corporate future of slavery. It is best to REFUSE AND RESIST. Better to be homeless and free, than wage-enslaved with a wristband. LIVEJOURNAL: Six Apart/SUP Erases Porn, Sex… and Fandom from LiveJournal popular interests. People are still around, but only in the shadows. This is what you get for adopting a corporate blogging platform. Had you self-hosted your blog with open-source software, nobody would have been able to censor you or make you hide. This is why people need to find solutions for themselves, instead of depending on corporate offerings for everything. Back in 1995, the only webpages were personal webpages in personal spaces. Today, almost everyone’s space — even my own — takes place under a corporate umbrella. We are trading freedom for convenience (and I have too). This is bad.

Dear Babyboomers: The National Debt is a Grandchild Tax. Thanks for less than nothing!  Ryan Somma has captured exactly how I feel once again, with his sarcastic congratulatory letter to babyboomers are are about to retire. So long, and thanks for all the fish debt! My dad predictably quipped “Every generation thinks the last screwed up the world for him”. Of course, he grew up during the 1950s — the most prosperous generation in American history. And inherited ~$1M from his parents. So… It’s quite easy for anyone to cynically quip “every generation had it this bad” while sitting atop an ivory tower. As Ian so profoundly said: “Not caring — the privilege of the rich.”

    And: Remember when Iran’s president said they have no gays in Iran? Perhaps this explains why people get free sex changes in Iran. “in traditional societies there is more pressure to conform to standard gender roles”. Odd indeed. And in some ways, more progressive than America. In other ways, it’s ass-backwards, because you can’t be both gay and have a dick. But on the other hand, hey: Free surgery. (I’m thinking of “Deep Thoughts” where Jack Handy says “Hey, free dummy!”) And, they let people be who they want to be without standing in the way with such excuses as, say, money. In many ways, that is superior to how America handles it (only the rich get what they want). Of course, Iran is a sucky shithole of a country, but still.

    Heavy cell phone use tied to poorer sperm quality. Of course, correlation is not causation. However, it’s also good to be cautious. Me? I will now be buying a cellphone just to put it into my pants as birth control.

    Students expelled for kissing on the bus. WTF? Isn’t our DNA the ultimate authority here? It’s almost as if the 1984-esque future where sex is illegal is something the establishment (in this case, the schools) actually wants. This is like punishing someone for being a human being.  I say Theresa Riley is a bitch, and a joke! I know her type…

    Pennies suck!! And this is why we should get rid of them!  Another excellent article from my half-uncle’s blog — usually he writes about religion sucking, but in this case, it’s about pennies sucking, and not being worth having. And he’s right.

      Man recycles his trash, cancels his trash service – a year later, the trash company sues him for NOT taking his trash out!  Just… wow. If we ever get to the point of not needing the trash companies, they apparently wont go down without a fight. It seems to be a trend that dying industries behave like a cornered dog, but the trash company?!  There’s plenty of trash to go around!  They should be congratulating this guy for not making as much as everyone else.  Ohh, his fires smell funny.  Maybe he’s burning a bit of trash?  Either way — gotta love a city ordinance forcing you to create garbage! And a lawsuit to boot…

      Woman ABOUT TO DIE -- summarily executed for the crime against humanity of doing drugs -- notice how fucking cheerful the scumbag fascist cop that's leading her to her death is?Dildos in Texas! Cartoons in a post-911 world. New Bush coins. 41yo cop fucks 16yo girl after arresting her, drunk-driving cop, and cop who killed a 4yo boy ALL go free — would you?. Compassionless douchebag. Stop drug Executions!! (more…)

      Fuck Comcast. U.S. Nuclear technology proliferated to enemies. Catholic bishop blames child abuse on the children. Church denied insurance because it supports gay marriage. (more…)

        And of course, How Sony censored the Father Christmas cartoonLakota Sioux IndiansLesbian pride. (more…)

        Ween 2008 tour plans. Fuck the drug war, no matter what your level of fanatacism [Thailand!]. Fuck Islam.! Fuck YouTube/Google! Fuck Yahoo! Fuck GM [and China]! Don’t fuck kids! (more…)

          They also tend to have low IQs, are 3X more likely to be left-handed, and are often short. Watch out for short, stupid, left-handed people. (more…)

            Read on for the links. Technical difficulties today; I’m going to have to underachieve. (more…)

            Many cities are removing the ability to contest parking tickets in person. Meanwhile, a mother is charged — for talking about the birds and the bees with her children. Read on for details about these two egregious violations of our rights. America is only getting worse, and I’m open to suggestions as to where else to emigrate. (more…)

            It’s just amazing the things our government will fight to make us feel protected, while ignoring fighting actual things that actually would protect us, like, say, tuberculosis. Meanwhile, they will also read your email, to make you fee safe…

            You see, technically, when you talk on the phone, your convo is broadcast in public. You would have no expectation to privacy, and warrants wouldn’t be needed to wiretap. THAT’S NOT HOW IT IS, because Congress specifically protected phone communiations. They just this year added that same protection to email…

            So what do you think happens? The [Bush] Administration wants things back the way they were. Fucking conservatives. Read on for the links, the Manassas felony war on porn, and flashmobbers arrested for pointing fingers at teach other and saying “bang”. Apparently even adults can’t play cops and robbers anymore. (more…)

              And of course, Americans love censorship.  At the very least, watch Brohemian Rhapsody! (more…)

                Also: Sentenced to 7,000 lashes, just for being gay!  Read on for the links and ensuing debate. (more…)

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