The War On Terror

WAR ON TERROR: Bin Laden body was flown To US military mortuary

It’s sad that ANONYMOUS and Wikileaks have more credibility to me than the U.S. government. Very sad.
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Honestly, I think Palestine is the one showing restraint.

If someone told me the UN mandated that a bunch of non-american citizens* get to come into my house and forcefully take it away from me without any compensation, then force me to live within new borders that are not of my choosing [let’s say, New Jersey] …. I’d make sure to blow ANY of them up using ANY means necessary. Because that’s what happened.

I got a college buddy who’s parents still have the deed to their house, but they were forced out and it was given to their jewish tenant (who’d been paying them rent up to that point). He tried to sell it back to them but Israel blocked it. He then tried to give it back to them, but they refused, because that would acknowledge the illegal confiscation. Suffice to say they were lucky and made it to America but not until after his sister was killed. They got to drink their own urine too. [sarcasm] Yay world war 2 never ending for a whole country! [/sarcasm]

None of this was started by the people who were there. There’s always a lot of friction between various groups in the middle east, but nothing of the magnitude of the original resettlement has been done since. There were several waves of Jewish emmigration to Israel, but not until the end of WW2 [and the 1967 war] did they literally decide to take over the country by simple virtue of being there and having the UN say, “Yeah, go ahead.”

This shit wouldn’t fly in America. If the UN forcefully resettles a whole nation of people here, taking away people’s land with no choice, I’m joining the tea party and as many militias as possible…. But I probably woudln’t need to because our gun ownership is among the highest in the world, and Americans wouldn’t take that shit any more than the Palestinians had. We would fight. We would blow them up. And if we were lame enough to use suicide bombers instead of remote controlled cars [miniature or normal] with bombs on them, they would be honored as patriots the same way kamakaze fighers were for Japan in WW2. We wouldn’t call them cowards, we’d call them brave. Moral relevancy is an interesting thing, isn’t it?

Anyway, you don’t get to just steal countries by UN mandate.

[[*Let’s say Hispanics, since they’ve been coming here a lot, just like Jews were coming to Israel a lot in the early 1900s.]] (more…)

isn’t it interesting that Israel can build all kinds of illegal settlements in Palestinian land:

and then turn around and declare Palestinian homes that have been in Jerusalem since pre-1967 illegal, and bulldoze them:

I’d love to see this explained without resorting to mindlessly-repeated rhetoric. (more…)

Does anyone remember the great American genocide? Where we systemetically killed almost an entire race of people (the Native Americans) and then took their land? We then moved them to “reservations” (which are glorified concentration camps) where they are exploited to this day? (We performed forced sterilizations on them in the 1970s. Some reservations have a life expectancy of only 44yrs, with an unemployment of 85%.)

Did anyone know that the God, Jesus Christ, Christianity, Catholicism, and Pope were a big proponent of the cultural attitudes that created this? It was considered “colonizing”. The missionaries were doing the work of God by spreading Christianity, and enslaving non-Christians, while taking their party:

From Indian Country Today:

Documents from the 15th century, such as the papal bulls, show the papacy played a role in the genocidal onslaught that affected millions of indigenous people on the North American continent. In 1455, for instance, Pope Nicolas authorized Portugal ”to invade, search out, capture, vanquish and subdue all Saracens and pagans” along the west coast of Africa, enslave them and confiscate their property – which set the tone for European interaction with the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere.

Now I have to ask — How is the Israel/Palestine situation any different? We have Jews that lived in Europe for centuries. Then Hitler came and killed a bunch of them. So they left. But they went to Palesetine (Jersusalem), because their silly religion says that is their holy land.

But there were already people living there — their whole life.

What happened to those people?

Like the American Indians, they had their property taken away from them, in part due to attitudes fostered by religion.

Like the American Indians, they had their land taken away from them, in part due to attitudes fostered by religion.

Like the American Indians, they had their sovreignity taken away from them, in part due to attitudes fostered by religion…

Like the American Indians, they had their lives taken away from them, in part due to attitudes fostered by religion.

Like the American Indians, they now live in reservations/concentration camps, with a lower life expectacny, higher unemployment, and less medical care.

You’d think the Jews would learn from their own oppressoin, but it appears all they learned was how to dole out the same medicine they took in the 1940s.

I guess this helps explains why my half-jewish grandfather, who liberated my jewish grandmother from a nazi labor camp after storming Normandy on D-Day, was still a racist to his dying day, denying my sister entry to his house because she dared to marry a black man.

Two wrongs do not make a right, and even people (or nations) who have fought for a good cause are often oblivious to their own hypocrisy.

It seems the very people involved in doing good during WW2, and stopping Hitler (which we only did after Japan attacked us; had Japan not attacked us it would be another Rwanda that nobody hears about) …. Did not actually learn any more lessons from it.

Killing people, occupying their land, taking away their rights — just because you are one religion with different attitudes than the other — just because your religion tells you that you have a greater claim to their land than the people currently living there do — is not right.

We’re lucky the American Indians didn’t have access to rockets and strap-on bombs when we genocided them in the colonial days, and that America was a relatively empty land at the time. If we had been densely populated like Israel, and had the technology existed in the colonial days — I have a feeling the American Indian/White American conflit would have been an exact mirror of the Palestinian/Israel conflict.

Maybe that’s why we support them so much?
Maybe we see ourselves in them?
Maybe having to declare Israel wrong would mean having to declare America wrong as well?

Maybe people dont’ want to think about how the Native Americans are STILL being oppressed 200+ years later.

Maybe the Palestnians have history books too, and know that after 200 years of lying peacefully submissive, the American Indians are still an oppressed people. So why should they wait around 200 years? Why should they sit there motionless, and not fight back, when history has shown that people oppressed tend to stay oppressed? *Especially* when it’s for religious and/or racial rasons.

I don’t know.

One thing I do know: The violence they perpetrate (over 3000 casualties in the last *WEEK*, 25% children, with depleted uranium being found in the wounded) is only made possible via the American Taxpayer. Your money goes to hurt other people in the name of God. After all, God is the only reason why the Jews felt like they had to have Jerusalem/Israel anyway.

It’s sad how people are fighting wars without even realizing that their religion is the cause of them.

It’s even sadder that Democrats, who are supposedly anti-war, voted in Obama, who appointed Rahm Emmanuel (son of a murdering pro-Israel terrorist himself; his father was a member of Irgun, an Israeli terrorist group that committed terrorism against arab people). In other words, expect no “CHANNNNGEEE!” or “Hope” for the Palestinian people. I voted for Nader who would have withdrawn all support from Isreal. I don’t want to see the Jews there killed, but you also don’t steal a whole country from someone. And 60+ years passing by doesn’t suddenly make it right.


It’s a crazy day today! Check it out… The Jessica Rabbit picture is a realization of many childhood fantasies! (more…)

Carolyn & I went to the Drafthouse Friday to see Janeane Garofalo. This is the first time I’ve ever seen stand-up comedy in VA, and I only ever saw comedy in DC twice (Michael Ian Black, and Andrew Dice Clay last Friday — will talk about that below). Ironically, Michael Showalter opened for both Michael Ian Black and Janeane Garofalo. Michael Showalter is awesome, being from The State and Stella. “I’m Doug. You can’t keep me here like some kind of manimal. I’m outta heeeeere.” Hell, even the M.C. “Cedric” or whatever who introduced them was pretty funny — Though he called everyone’s attention to Carolyn at one point, and she was busy wiping nacho cheese off her face. (“Nevermind, she’s eating a chicken wing”, he said.)

Showalter was funny, and even joked about Asperger’s Syndrome sounding like “ass burgers”. “Gee, you’re already socially awkward. Let’s see what name we can come up with to make you feel even more awkward?” He also read a note to his noisy downstairs neighbors, which was pretty funny. I should have taken notes, because I can’t remember ANY of the bits that he did, but they were funny.

Janeane, however, was awesome.

Reporter videotapes cheerleading competition; charged with felony possession of obscene matter depicting sexual conduct of a person under 18! So… um… Why isn’t the school in trouble for hosting public competitions that depict sexual conduct of persons under 18? Now the reporter will fail security clearances, even though the charges wont stand. Looks like the system can fuck you, even if you don’t deserve it. Or maybe the guy had more on the videotape… But videotaping a cheerleading competition is grounds for your arrest and search of your videotape?!?! Hello? It’s a public event. Photographers rights! Buuuut… SCHOOLS ARE STUPID… SO… When an athletic girl strains ligament, is hospitalized, put in a brace, given crutchesguess what happened next? (This was Hillsborough — I assume the same one where they dump arrested cripples onto the floor to make sure they are handicapped.) The school took her crutches away from her — FOR NOT HAVING A DOCTOR’S NOTE — causing her to further damage her knee. And have surgery. Inevitable lawsuit ensues — and I hope they get millions. YOU DON’T DO THAT.

    WAR ON TERROR: U.S. tortures their prisoners of war – no shit – more news from Captain Obvious. How many of these accounts have to come out for this to stop? Does nobody give a shit that we are treating some individuals as bad as China or Nazi Germany? The constitution was specific: ALL persons have rights, not just citizens. When the constitution talked about voting, it said “citizens”, not “all persons”. Duh. But the global government does not care about constitutional rights — hell, United Nations Secretary-General stands behind the censorship of Fitna. I seem to remember appeasement didn’t work with Hitler in World War 2 — so why are politicians trying to appease fundamentalist muslims who want to censor anything that might offend them? If the United Nations is supposed to define human rights, why be a fucking hypocrite about free speech? FUCK YOU, secretary-general Ban Ki-moon — this IS about free expression, contrary to your attempt at doublethink by stating otherwise.

      SCIENTOLOGY IS A DANGEROUS CULT: IRS documents leaked (full pdf). Another great leak brought to you by ANONYMOUS, the full version of the Church Of Scientology IRS-related documents. Grab this while you can. Grab this now, and own a piece of history regarding how Scientology deals with money. Probably about as bad as Sony BMG, which was raided in France, and found to be operating their network with pirated software. Now they are being sued for piracy. Remember Sony going out of its way to sue anyone who “pirates” any of their technologies, and to even stop modchips? They’re hypocrites (just like the UN today). What are they thinking? They’ve rootkitted their customers, they’ve idiotically sued a great accessory shop because they dared to sell their PSPs, and now this? All I can say is: Another day, another shitty Sony story. Viva la France!

      We have groups of people attacking goths, other groups of people (600 large) literally “hunting emos” — real violence being perpetrated for no good fucking reason whatsoever. Meanwhile, “terrorists”, many of who are innocent, language in Guantanamo — 2000 days and counting. And LinkedIn now has RSS feeds! (more…)

      Penelope Cruz to engage in steamy lesbian sex scene with Scarlett Johansson in Woody Allen(YUCK)’s upcoming “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. At least, according to this fansite. This is the best girl-on-girl news since the (confirmed by both) tryst between Jenny McCarthy and Jenna Jameson!

      TSA Forces Woman To Remove Nipple Rings For Flight — ***NOT*** POLICY. Just an example of how the everyday american loses their rights. You don’t fight TSA, or they can taser you to death and have you arrested. So what happens when they ask you to do something they have no legal power to do, and you need to go somewhere? You apply a pair of pliers to your own nipples, that’s what.

      WAR ON DRUGS: New York Governor Admits Past Cocaine, Marijuana Use, Few Are Bothered. If someone can be president or governor after doing the stuff — they certainly shouldn’t be arrested for doing the stuff. causes police anger – of course cops are anti-free speech if it means criticizing police or bringing their abuses to light. Record Year For Hollywood (what about all the big bad nasty pirates with peg-legs and swords?!). No link between Saddam and Al Qaida! DUH! (more…)

      President Bush today will veto legislation meant to ban the CIA from using waterboarding and other harsh interrogation tactics.

      The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Story of Abu Omar, kidnapped from Italy by the C.I.A., “rendered” to Egypt, where he was tortured — for years. Imagine 7 months non-stop in handcuffs & a blindfold. Imagine not seeng your husband for 2 yrs. While it was the Bush administration that sent THIS guy to egypt, it was a democrat — Bill Clinton — who started the extraordinary rendition program. I point this out, because people seem to think the democrats care about the constitution. They don’t — and you can be damn sure that under Obama, our rights would continue to erode, albeit at a slightly slowed pace.

      I had no clue Sangria was not legal to sell in Virginia. Your kidneys will thank you if you read the cola article. Any good CartoonNetwork fan should be pissed off at B.E.T.  Fuck Nato’s recommendation for a pre-emptive nuclear war — we don’t need your goddamn war!  Also, the link where you can look up your name and see how many people in Georgia have your name is pretty entertaining.  I think it’s absolutely hysterical that somewhere in Georgia is someone named Clinterical. (more…)

      And of course, an insane tale if I’ve ever heard one — Grandmother arrested at McDonald’s for not pulling forward. Can anyone please identify the arresting officer? [UPDATE: Officer Matthew Parco] And put that piggy on a diet? Pretty much everyone is failing to see how this is a proper course of action–including the mayor and the people who ran the jail (who wouldn’t put her in a cell or a jumpsuit–checks and balances, baby). Voting machines fail, causing many people to not be able to vote. Torture. Taser lawsuit victory. Cops shackle stabbing victim to wheelchair, then Officer William J. Cozzi beats him – video included. This guy was a stabbing victim, and they charged him for not cooperating… Just how cooperative are you supposed to be after getting stabbedwhile drunk? It’s not necessarily you’re fault that you’re now drunk and stabbed in a hospital. I’d like to know more but what was done was uncalled for no matter what. At least he didn’t beat a handcuffed suspect until his NECK BROKEthat officer got … drumroll … a ten-hour suspension for breaking a neck! And who said cops aren’t above the law??? (more…)

      Woman ABOUT TO DIE -- summarily executed for the crime against humanity of doing drugs -- notice how fucking cheerful the scumbag fascist cop that's leading her to her death is?Dildos in Texas! Cartoons in a post-911 world. New Bush coins. 41yo cop fucks 16yo girl after arresting her, drunk-driving cop, and cop who killed a 4yo boy ALL go free — would you?. Compassionless douchebag. Stop drug Executions!! (more…)

      Fuck Comcast. U.S. Nuclear technology proliferated to enemies. Catholic bishop blames child abuse on the children. Church denied insurance because it supports gay marriage. (more…)

        And of course: Teacher trapped inside a toilet for four days.   Hopefully it wasn’t in “The worst toilet in all of Scotland”, because this happened in Scotland! (more…)

          OMGWMATAWTF.   GWAAAAAART (flickr).    Gitmo tetimonyRobert Restaino is a douchebag. (more…)

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