Iraq causes police anger – of course cops are anti-free speech if it means criticizing police or bringing their abuses to light. Record Year For Hollywood (what about all the big bad nasty pirates with peg-legs and swords?!). No link between Saddam and Al Qaida! DUH! (more…)

U.S. brainwashes 840+ detained Iraqi childrenpolygraph tests given to ensure they accept a more moderate version of Islam. So are we winning yet? The guy in charge of the program says: “If these kids pass the test, that goes a long way toward facilitating their release. With respect to the ‘irreconcilables,’ those whose views cannot be moderated, he proposes to put them away in permanent detention facilities.” I’m not saying these kids are good people, but this is no way to win a war. It’s not actually winnable. The more people killed, the more people angry, the more people want to kill, the more people killed, repeat ad infitum. (more…)

And above all: Top 25 Censored Stories Of 2008. I consider this to be one of the most important annual articles to be read. (more…)

    And a bunch of religious idiocy.  Religion slowed the adaptation of the lightning rod, causing thousands to die unnecessary?!? (more…)

    6 Volt Battery Hack! Jews. Twin Peaks!!!! Courtney Love at her most intelligent ever! Blackwater, Dyncorp/Halliburton = evil. Wish I didn’t have to take this seriously. Excellent taser article — videos included (schizocripple tased to death).


    RoboCop: Coming Soon to a City Near You. IRAQ whistleblowers facing incredible consequences. (more…)

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