Underly-Harsh Punishments

I gotta figure out how to get this Tim And Eric album.  Anyway, read on for the list. I think I’m slowly learning what not to do to mess up the formatting with the new version of wordpress. (more…)

D.C. stadium visitor forced to delete pictures (no, it was not Glen) “We have the authority to ask them to remove the picture from the camera.” (“ask” could be the operative word in that statement) STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, people.

TECHNOLOGY WAR: All cars in the last 2 years broadcast their identity in plaintext on RF spectrums. In other words, they could, for example, create a bomb that only explodes when a specific car passes it, without any sort of camera attached. NOT GOOD. And sold to us as being “for your protection”, of course. How long until it’s illegal to disable these?

If the War On Drugs is so important that we have the highest prison population in the planet because of it — then why are the police allowed to be above the law? Cop+Wife stole pot and cocaine from evidence room. Not charged. Think you wouldn’t be charged if you stole this from an evidence room? Why do they get off free? With great power comes more responsibility, not less! Remember — this is the cop that baked the weed up into brownies with his wife, ate them, then called 911 saying, “I think we’re dying. Time is going really, really slow.” It was all over the news. Of COURSE they’re not charged! Now he can continue to be a cop elsewhere! And really, I think all drugs should be legalized — but the fact of the matter is, it is a crime that they themselves arrest people for, but somehow they themselves are exempt at the same time. It’s quite easy to to not question the validity of enforcing a bad law, when that law is not forced upon you.

UNDERLY-HARSH PUNISHEMNTS, VIDEO INCLUDED: How much jail time do you think you would get for pushing a cop down some stairs? Officer Fernando Trinidad is scum. If it’s the other way around, however, cops can push you down some stairs, and, get this–only lose 8 hours vacation time. Your tax dollars at work to abuse you.! They actually charged her w/battery on a law enforcement officer, but they were of course dropped. It’s a typical police tactic to charge someone they abuse with battery, so that they will go away and not complain about the brutality in exchange for charges being dropped. But of course, once dropped, these people usually sue (and they should — cops lie when they make deals all the time, and would like to put you in jail, if they decided their gut told them that was there you belonged).

911: AOL News site bans PrisonPlanet.com links, because this corporation doesn’t like other news sites talking about 911 conspiracies Real nice. AOL customers pay for the privilege of being censored? Or, if it’s free — the “value added” by using it is that you don’t get alternate viewpoints. Just fucking dandy. Anyway, this is old news, but PrisonPlanet just heard about it… probably because nobody uses AOL services :) ZING!

You heard that right. *OFF-DUTY* officer shoots at moving vehicle. Officers are not actually generally not allowed to shoot at moving vehicles EVER, because it’s too dangerous to the public, and any occupants in the vehicle who aren’t responsible for driving it away. In this case, he not only hit the mother twice, but he hit her 8-year-old child in the knee. Both were hospitalized for five days.


This is the America everyone voted for?

ARTICLE: http://www.fox6.com/news/local/story.aspx?content_id=cb56fb87-54cd-4a16-87ba-78be29c2978b&rss=tick
BACKUP: http://www.badcopnews.com/2008/03/26/woman-her-and-8-year-old-child-shot-by-nutcase-san-diego-california-police-officer-franklin-white-in-road-rage-incident-says-rain-of-bullets-was-attempted-murder/

Starbucks hates Wiccans? We’ll see what the lawsuit eventually says. Smoking while pregnant found to be neglible (but not harmless) during the first 5 months of pregnancy. Sounds like an interesting study whose results are bound to be very unpopular, and thus highly contested due to the irrational emotions children bring out in people. I blame DNA.

http://www.acm.vt.edu/~clint/download/imagedump/police-brutality-thumbnail.jpgABUSE OF AUTHORITY: Cop’s tactics in arresting a DUI cause a man to go into a permanent coma. He was never charged. 17 years later (3/2008), he is charged with murdering disc jockey Donald Munsey. This is what happens when you ignore a problem. Penalties for police should be GREATER than those for civilians, not less. Those with more power must also have more responsibility for those actions. Christ, even Peter Parker’s uncle knew that. Either way, the growing trend is hurting both the people, and the law itself, because many have little respect for the law when they behave like this. And did Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Office in Maricopa County treat alcoholic inmate worse than a dog? Sheriff had bragged about treating dogs better than humans at their jail. Inmate dead from lack of medical attention. “Jurors won’t much like an alcoholic who steals from his family. But they also might recognize that being arrested is not a death sentence. And that once a person is in Maricopa County jail, he’s our responsibility.” Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s attitude and actions are quite pathetic to me.

http://www.acm.vt.edu/~clint/download/imagedump/police-brutality-thumbnail.jpgOf course the victims were black, and Tarika an innocent, unarmed bystander — now dead. The baby will always have a missing finger to remind him of what our society did to his mother, all over some marijuana and crack, which in this case were far less harmful than the authorities. IIRC, she was running upstairs after hearing the raid begin, but that didn’t stop police from firing bullets in the right direction to kill her (from another floor?) anyway! A fucking misdemeanor?

MySpace. Kindergartener handcuffed. Baltimore cops beat themselves. Arsonist fireman sentenced to only 6 weeks per fire. Weed ATM. (more…)

Lots of links today. No time to summarize. See below. The Flickr photoset was pretty neat; the cell-phone study is important; becoming a quadriplegic due to police abuse and only getting $100K really fucking sucks. Read on for the links. (more…)

And of course, an insane tale if I’ve ever heard one — Grandmother arrested at McDonald’s for not pulling forward. Can anyone please identify the arresting officer? [UPDATE: Officer Matthew Parco] And put that piggy on a diet? Pretty much everyone is failing to see how this is a proper course of action–including the mayor and the people who ran the jail (who wouldn’t put her in a cell or a jumpsuit–checks and balances, baby). Voting machines fail, causing many people to not be able to vote. Torture. Taser lawsuit victory. Cops shackle stabbing victim to wheelchair, then Officer William J. Cozzi beats him – video included. This guy was a stabbing victim, and they charged him for not cooperating… Just how cooperative are you supposed to be after getting stabbedwhile drunk? It’s not necessarily you’re fault that you’re now drunk and stabbed in a hospital. I’d like to know more but what was done was uncalled for no matter what. At least he didn’t beat a handcuffed suspect until his NECK BROKEthat officer got … drumroll … a ten-hour suspension for breaking a neck! And who said cops aren’t above the law??? (more…)

i can haz websiet? 24: 1994 Pilot – Jack Bauer saves w/AOL. The Library Of Congress is on flickr! Virginia House Of Delegates Passes Salvia Divinorum Ban. WAKE UP: It’s Safer to Be a Cop Than a Farmer. Taser death. Sucker-tasing of innocent caught on cam. “Human Fear” weapon uses pheromones. (more…)

I’ve had the Overly-Harsh Punishments tag for quit some time, indicating how people get FUCKED FOR LIFE by the simplest things. Cop blocks driveway, you ask him to move, now you can never work in a security-cleared job again. Shit like that. But there’s a flipside to the coin — cops who do even worse things, but get extremely lenient punishments… Or no punishment at all! This is just as bad. Both phenomenon must be brought to light. Thus, the new tag: Underly-Harsh Punishments.  I have back-tagged my old stories as well.

Woman ABOUT TO DIE -- summarily executed for the crime against humanity of doing drugs -- notice how fucking cheerful the scumbag fascist cop that's leading her to her death is?Dildos in Texas! Cartoons in a post-911 world. New Bush coins. 41yo cop fucks 16yo girl after arresting her, drunk-driving cop, and cop who killed a 4yo boy ALL go free — would you?. Compassionless douchebag. Stop drug Executions!! (more…)

COMEDY: “I can has aborshin?” (go vote 5 cheezburgers for Lauren’s creation!) HAPPY NEW YEAR!: Man shoots gun to celebrate, cops go after wrong man, shoot bullets blindly into residence, hit 4 people. (In order to protect you from guns, we had to shoot you!) OTHER AUTHORITY BULLSHIT: Texas is the leader of putting innocent people in prison for life. Gee, their culture couldn’t possibly contribute to Guantanamo, could it? Charges against woman tasered while handcuffed dropped. Fresno cops who run over and kill people stay on duty. Cop hits cripple at crosswalk in violation of state law requiring yielding always — they charge the cripple and not the cop. (Police sure as hell don’t care about the letter of the law when it applies to them!) UK forces wrongly-imprisoned man to pay rent for his prison stay. (Only guilty people get free prison??) Baltimore police being sued for $100M for shoving money up a guy’s ass. FREEDOM OF RELIGION? NOT HERE: Parents may be forced to return adopted childbecause they are athiests! (Didn’t our forefathers fight for these rights? Oh yea, I forgot: We are in an era of erasing rights as fast as possible.) ALSO: CFRs=migraines? (more…)

Max Headroom! Two articles relating to the war on drugs today – including how having a bible in your car can be used as probabl cause for searching your vehicle! What bullshit! Bush: A Timeline. Cops can rape crackheads on duty and keep their job. Virginia. Fuck Western Digital.


    D.C. has the highest AIDS rate among U.S. cities. Injured veterans being told to payback their incentive money because they didn’t finish their tour. No constitutional right against unreasonable search for poor people on welfare (I thought our rights were fucking inalienable? Now you have to fucking buy them!). Don’t shit where you eat, my friend. (I just saw Ween.) Articles below. (more…)

      Cop assaults woman, but gets away with itbecause he’s a cop; Arrested, charged, and convicted — he will ultimately end up with no criminal record. Cops are dicks because they are allowed to be, which is very obviously true in Virginia as well; cop broke the law and killed someone, but wont even be charged — because he’s a cop. And I love the double-think on sirens. Sirens were originally to stop the conflict between the burglar and the occupant by scaring him away sooner. But if a cop gets in trouble for breaking the law for not using his siren? Suddenly now, sirens create hostage situations! I call shenanigans. Either way, you better be careful, because even bumping a cop can result in you having to spend 6 weeks on a repirator with your open stomache exposed. They can also tase you for hanging out at Denny’s too long. At least, if you don’t show your id. (Recall that showing ID upon notice is not American, not American law, and is part of the “Papers please” example of fascistic culture.) And of course if the guys after being tasered, the taser will never be written down as the cause of death, because Taser International will sue a coroner who puts tasers down as a cause of death. So when the police taser someone to death, and then turn around and say “statistics show there are 0 taser deaths” — please be aware that is bullshit. Corporate-purchased doublethink.
      P.S. Today, the French are stupid. (more…)

      Busy day full of bad news. Corporate censorship by Verizon. Cop fined just $400 for shooting at people in an off-duty road rage. But if you cough on an officer, expect to go to jail. More stuff below. Please make sure to read about the [black] student getting her wrist broken by the [white] security guard, after he made her go back and clean up her cake she spilled. It’s the last link. Please read it. This shit makes me nuts. (more…)

        No shit, Bush! Refuse breathylizer if you’re a pedestrian! Cop fined $25 for killing 4-year-old. Also included: Links to official sites for Danzig, Agent Orange, and an unofficial site of all the Looney Toons cartoon noises… (more…)

        Carpe Diem (click that!!!). Cops get off too easy. I wish I was a cop; then I could pistol-whip people, go home, and have a beer.
        Got hearing? Got Milk? Got Habeas Corpus?
        Don’t tase me, bro’!! Good editorial.
        By the way — I can’t wait for the Ween concert!!! Danzig too. And maybe Bad Religion??
        I’ve seen 7 out of 10 of “The 10 Best Animated Movies For (Traumatizing) Kids“. What, no “Sailor Moon & The 7 Balls“?!?!?
        This blog linked to once again in local news, as Fairfax Commonworth Attorney Republican candidate Patrick McDadestrongly believes” the Steve Cornejo murder case (shot by a disinvited party guest of mine who started a fight) should be reviewed. Looks like I’m voting Republican?!?! (more…)

        Also: Janeane Garofalo joins 24 cast. Read on for my thoughts.

        And a politician running on a political platform of giving 40,000 blowjobs (80/day * 500 days). Also: Microsoft trying to thwart proper voting machines, and schools not allowing any student to touch another student (at all). (more…)