I am sad to hear that my favorite creative mind in science fiction, Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, has died.  It was just a few hours ago, after suffering breathing problems. It’s not like I’ve read more than 6 or so of his books … and it’s not like I even enjoyed the 2001 movie.  But some of his works brought me great joy as a child, to the point of remembering them above all other books that I have ever read.  It is truly regretful to lose such a great creative genius.!ty-and-the-starrrs.jpgThis is the cover to The City And The Stars, my personal all-time-favorite Arthur C. Clarke book. And considering I don’t really read these days, and he was my favorite author way back when, that definitely puts it in my top books ever. But hey, I like science fiction & fantasy. You can click through to the wikipedia page and read about it if you are so inclined, but basically… In the future, there are only 2 small cities of humanity left, and neither one knows of the other. The main character lives in a city that is so eternal that even the people are recycled. You are born as an adult, able to speak and walk, and live for 1000 yrs. Then you go back to the chamber, get assimilated into the eternity crystals, and are stored for a million years or so. At around age 20, you begin to remember past lives. The society is pretty much timeless, to the point of having a designated jester born every 40,000 years, just to keep things interesting. The jester has little to do with the story, but all that basically just paints the backdrop for the actual story. I loved this book as a child — even more than Childhood’s End and Rendezvous With Rama, my other two major favorites.

If there’s any 3 Clarke books to read, it would be those 3.  Don’t fall for the 2001 trap; you’ll have to read at least 3 books to get out of it.

    Today, my links are more random than usual.   The death of the universe wikipedia pages are particularly fascinating to me. (more…)

    News. (more…)

    The most interesting thing is the wrongful death lawsuit against this guy I kicked out of my party for being an asshole. You’ll have to click in to get to that.
    Meanwhile, they found a they found a LOT of Water Ice at Mars’ South Pole.
    This is GREAT news!!

    And check out Netsukuku — it’s a computer network that no government can stop, and it requires no ISP, no money, no nothing except wifi access to other people. This is the best idea I’ve heard in awhile. You can do all the normal internet things on it, of course.


    An asteroid named after Rammstein, a plea to a hard-to-reach friend, Simpsons and Futurama characters drawn ANIME STYLE, and tortured innocent man not being allowed to sue the CIA for bullshit reasons. Read on for clickable links. (more…)

    Philip Schneider, a conspiracy theorist who worked for the government and supposedly battled aliens who supposedly have many bases on Earth and are influencing global politics. WHOA.  If there’s any hint of truth to this whatsoever, wow. 
    Masterpiece Optimus Prime – wow, all-metal highly-poseable transformers?!  SWEET! (more…)

    Some interesting links today. Ford says Bush fucked up, cops killed an unarmed man, Bush admin hides all kinds of info, an incredible astronomical size visualizer — great if you like to think about the vastness of space, and Bush & Saddam as college roommates! (more…)