I gotta figure out how to get this Tim And Eric album.  Anyway, read on for the list. I think I’m slowly learning what not to do to mess up the formatting with the new version of wordpress. (more…) peer-reviewed journal research article behind the news stories about antidepressants working no better than a placebo. This link was going to disappear from New Scientist story (New Scientist wants a subscription), so I needed to save it. Speaking of mental health, apparently if you take Garfield out of Garfield, you get a comic strip about Jon Arbuckle: A deranged schizophrenic man who talks to himself. It’s twistedly funny. Check out this comedy gold: Garfield minus Garfield. And also speaking of crazy — you know the RIAA lawsuits against the very fans who fund them? These were for the artists, right? WRONG! No artist has seen a penny. Just like the karaoke licensing scam, the artists don’t actually get any of this money, so it’s foolish to support such licensing under the guise of “protecting the artists”. So here’s the article: RIAA Keeps Settlement Money, Artists May Sue., the RIAA isn’t as bad as Asshole Officers James Bryant and Chris Webley of Coquille — some guy broke a windshield, so, during the arrest, they broke his neck. He is now on a respirator for life. Of course the police think this is totally acceptable — after all, the guy swung at them! (Or so they say.) What this article doesn’t mention is that it’s more dangerous to be a fisherman, taxi driver, or garbage man, than it is to be a cop. They hurt people not out of self-defense, but unjustified paranoia. Douchebags!

I had no clue Sangria was not legal to sell in Virginia. Your kidneys will thank you if you read the cola article. Any good CartoonNetwork fan should be pissed off at B.E.T.  Fuck Nato’s recommendation for a pre-emptive nuclear war — we don’t need your goddamn war!  Also, the link where you can look up your name and see how many people in Georgia have your name is pretty entertaining.  I think it’s absolutely hysterical that somewhere in Georgia is someone named Clinterical. (more…)

Is the war on drugs won yet? Catnip repels mosquitoes TEN TIMES more effectively than DEET. (more…)

COMEDY: “I can has aborshin?” (go vote 5 cheezburgers for Lauren’s creation!) HAPPY NEW YEAR!: Man shoots gun to celebrate, cops go after wrong man, shoot bullets blindly into residence, hit 4 people. (In order to protect you from guns, we had to shoot you!) OTHER AUTHORITY BULLSHIT: Texas is the leader of putting innocent people in prison for life. Gee, their culture couldn’t possibly contribute to Guantanamo, could it? Charges against woman tasered while handcuffed dropped. Fresno cops who run over and kill people stay on duty. Cop hits cripple at crosswalk in violation of state law requiring yielding always — they charge the cripple and not the cop. (Police sure as hell don’t care about the letter of the law when it applies to them!) UK forces wrongly-imprisoned man to pay rent for his prison stay. (Only guilty people get free prison??) Baltimore police being sued for $100M for shoving money up a guy’s ass. FREEDOM OF RELIGION? NOT HERE: Parents may be forced to return adopted childbecause they are athiests! (Didn’t our forefathers fight for these rights? Oh yea, I forgot: We are in an era of erasing rights as fast as possible.) ALSO: CFRs=migraines? (more…)

Women no longer need to have periods. Douchebag officer Randy Cosens repeatedly tasers 13-year-old girl as she lay restrained on a hospital gurney. And check out how the cops torture people using these restraint chairs. (more…)

A non-toxic, non-psychoactive compound in marijuana may block the progress of metastatic breast cancer, according to a new study by researchers in California. Slashdot discussion HERE with many insightful comments, especially THIS ONE.

Also: Cannabis compound reduces skin allergies in mice [], cannabis compound slows lung cancer in mice [], cannabis extract shrinks brain tumours [], Cannabis can help MS sufferers [], Cannabis can protect the brain from damage from stroke [].  “Have you ever stopped breast cancer from metastasizing…on weed???”

    And, more importantly: Study finds that marijuana MAY work like Prozac, by increasing cell growth in the hippocampus, which is associated with decreased anxiety and depression.  Details below. (more…)

    Amazing news today. More medical marijuana evidence — some of the most compelling ever. Legal drugs kill over 520,000 people a year, while all illegal drugs kill only about 3,000 people a year. Meanwhile, this particular brain cancer kills 7,000 a year, andcan be treated by the THC in marijuana. It’s no wonder our brains evolved neuroreceptors that have no known use other than to receive THC. Obviously, some of us actually need it. Also amazing: Man charged with disorderly conduct for standing on a sidewalk in Times Square. And, of course, the fact that Dumbledore, from Harry Potter, is actually gay. (more…)

      To help pay down the debt, Republicans have decided to take $25 away from every child on child supportRFID = cancer.   Least caloric alcohol.   Cops raid house, burn it down, force pet dog into the fire, laugh at how the dog died, and refuse to let its corpse be cleaned up, causing neighbors to gag in their own yards for 5 days. Apology? No chance. This is America! (more…)

      WATCH OUT CABLE-MODEM USERS: Comcast Cuts Off Heavy Internet Users. SpeakEasy did something similar to me… They had a pre-sales discussion where they told me I could download as much as I wanted (screenshots of the chat below), 24/7, with no repercussions, then told me if I downloaded more than 100G in a month, I would be terminated. They even tried to use the $300 termination fee against me, as if I would pay that for them terminating the contract. Now, Comcast as at it as well, only this time — you aren’t even told how much you can[‘t] download…. Amazing bullshit. Everyone go to and type in your phone number. You will be pleasantly surprised by the choices you have.
      Other stuff too… Read on for the rest, including Bizarre dermatologic lesions. (more…)

      Californians Make Run on Countrywide Bank. My house’s mortgage is through Countrywide. Does this mean I am in danger? Does anyone know? Also: “I GOT MY DAWG” and more. Lesbians? Read on. (more…)

      26 karaoke bars sued by ASCAP – ZOMB KARAOKE IS PIRATING! Yes, people can catch HIV though oral sex. Ron Paul is not the answer. Texas Prepares to Execute Man for Driving a Car Near Scene of Murder. (more…)

        HELP! What color should we paint our upstairs room? Go here and leave a comment about some of these colors!  Prosecutor To Refile Charges Against Man For Possession Of His Own Medication — After Higher Court Reverses Conviction and 25-Year Sentence.  Violent Femmes are suing each other!!!! And more… (more…)

          Also: new ‘Simpsons’ Songs CD coming out.  Some politics updates (Bush censors scientists — not news to me!), and a NON-abuse of authority. (more…)

            Plus: Echinacea really helps.  Indonesia Vice President endorses marijuana for culinary purposes. (more…)

            Also: hard-core rat porn, SUBGENIUS: Art Mines 2, HEALTH: Cuban health care more complex than ‘Sicko’, Sopranos “Nikki Leotardo” hoax was created by my cousin’s husband, and more fucked up religious doctors refusing to treat people…with tattoos?!?! (more…)

            Religious doctors that fuck your life up, a good reason not to have a cellphone, HIV results in 60 seconds. Oh, and the iPhone comes with a $175 cancellation fee, if you end up not liking it. (more…)

              Also: Kevorkian is still truckin‘, but unfortunately making no progress.  DON’T MISS the top 25 censored news stories.  They are great. (more…)

              She was hot before (she's starting to get it back again)Kinda messed up. But nice that she survived (video)! What a trooper! What a horrible injury! At least she looks human again!

              Plus: 101 Steps To Becoming A Better Blogger. (more…)

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