• WATER WARS: UN rejects access to water as basic human right — You have no right to live; you are a slave. “A hungry man is never free.” – Even truer for a thirsty man. They actually removed all references that recognized access to water as a human right from their resolution! Bottled water buyers have increased the potential profit so much that there are now likely corporate influences on global politics. The privatization of water has been one of the most important events to happen to us as a species in decades, is a much bigger deal than fighting over oil and energy, and is generally under-focused in the media. It’s only going to get worse. (tags: water rights UN)
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This Is Your Brain on God. Very interesting article about research into stimulating your brain to make you perceive God. Other research has already shown that our brain has been hardwired to have religious experiences from the start, so this is the next logical step. By the way, Comcast HDTV sucks. Just look at these screenshots. Comcast is a shitty company. Drop them now. Find alternative ISPs using peer-reviewed journal research article behind the news stories about antidepressants working no better than a placebo. This link was going to disappear from New Scientist story (New Scientist wants a subscription), so I needed to save it. Speaking of mental health, apparently if you take Garfield out of Garfield, you get a comic strip about Jon Arbuckle: A deranged schizophrenic man who talks to himself. It’s twistedly funny. Check out this comedy gold: Garfield minus Garfield. And also speaking of crazy — you know the RIAA lawsuits against the very fans who fund them? These were for the artists, right? WRONG! No artist has seen a penny. Just like the karaoke licensing scam, the artists don’t actually get any of this money, so it’s foolish to support such licensing under the guise of “protecting the artists”. So here’s the article: RIAA Keeps Settlement Money, Artists May Sue., the RIAA isn’t as bad as Asshole Officers James Bryant and Chris Webley of Coquille — some guy broke a windshield, so, during the arrest, they broke his neck. He is now on a respirator for life. Of course the police think this is totally acceptable — after all, the guy swung at them! (Or so they say.) What this article doesn’t mention is that it’s more dangerous to be a fisherman, taxi driver, or garbage man, than it is to be a cop. They hurt people not out of self-defense, but unjustified paranoia. Douchebags!

Take the test. My results below. 9 types listed here. Thanks, Parthena. (more…)

    And, more importantly: Study finds that marijuana MAY work like Prozac, by increasing cell growth in the hippocampus, which is associated with decreased anxiety and depression.  Details below. (more…)

    Read up on Asperger’s Syndrome at WikiPedia, if you don’t already know what it is. I just took a 171-question quiz. Apparently, I am average, although it is pretty clear that in every category (especially “Talent”), I leaned slightly in the Aspie direction. That is, for almost every section, my neurotypical score was lower than my Asperburger score. UPDATE: 20100201: The test now has a version 2, so I took it again. I will place my new results below the old results.

    Version 1:

    Your Aspie score: 100 of 200
    Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 96 of 200
    You seem to have both Aspie and neurotypical traits

    Version 2:

    Your Aspie score: 106 of 200
    Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 107 of 200
    You seem to have both Aspie and neurotypical traits.

    Do you have Asperburger’s Syndrome? Take the survey HERE and find out.


      Also: nutcase swat team cop kills six 17-20yos at a party, manhunt ensues, cop shot dead by other cops.  … And remember “The Anarchists’ Cookbook”? Now kids are going to jail for having it.  WTF?!?!?!  This whole planet sucks.  Beam me up Scotty… there’s no sign of intelligent life here. (more…)

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        Trent Reznor Says “Steal My Music”.  (I will.)  The Top 20 Most Bizarre Experiments of All Time (an amazing read).  Big Brother(more…)

        Study finds liberal brains deal with change better. This at least explains why conservatives can be so fucking stupid and stubborn. They just keep hitting that key over and over again… Dumbasses. Burning Man pics. Alex Jones arrested. Prisons still purging books on faith from libraries. Mandatory Keyloggers in Cyber Cafes. Arrested for serving a salty burger.

        I really am leaping for joy over the study of liberal brains versus conservative brains. This really confirms some of my own beliefs… I’ve often puzzled at some of the inexplicable leaps in logic conservatives use to justify the refusal to deal with newness or change or conflict. The idea that someone’s attitude with the police somehow makes police brutality more acceptable comes from conservatives, not liberals, and is apparently, to me, explained by their lack of brain activity in the conflict area! I guess they can’t reason. I don’t know. I’ve never quite been able to put my finger on it, but I can tell if a person is “broken”, and I typically do not like these “broken” people, and they typically are always conservatives once I find out more about them. Almost always. Idiocy does enjoy a wide distribution among all belief systems. . . (more…)

        911 pics on flickr.
        Nightmare On Elm Street for real
        Also: Human beings may be hard-wired to believe in God.


        Teens Prosecuted Via Child-Porn Laws — For Emailing Photos To Each Other. “Mind-reading” brain-scanner developed for use in interrogation. Max Headroom: Recount of 11/22/1987, where Hackers took over PBS and pretended to be Max Headroom. (more…)

        This is what happens with 50 people wear Best Buy-like uniforms and walk into a Best Buy semi-pretending to work there, but not actually doing any work.

        Pictures were taken. Hidden cameras were used. Police were called.

        This is absolutely wonderful!

        And Best Buy deserves this too.  They are arresting people for trying to purchase items at their internet-advertised prices and in one case for paying with $2 bills, even though they are legal tender.

        Boycot Best Buy!  They screwed me over on my warrantee, refusing to fix or replace my $400 cd player, but not before wasting over 12 hours of my time with me bringing it in for repairs that they later said were only cleanings (they never fixed the unit, not even once).  I have since refused to buy any items from Best Buy.   I listened to skippy music for over a year.

        (And Mom & Dad, I still have no use for those Best Buy gift cards, does anyone want to buy them back from me?) 

        I knew it back in 1993 when my sister started at my high school, and they had cameras everywhere (which they didn't when I went there).   (By the way, Woodbridge High School sucks and the administrators are incompetent assholes.)

        Anyway, the real point of this blog is to point out some of the new bullshit they are doing.  "Pop" quizzes on your mental health, where they find out that everyone has a problem and everyone needs drugs.

        Read for yourself:

        Some excerpts, in case you are too lazy to click the link:

        When Chelsea arrived in her school homeroom that day… No explanations were issued… All she knew was that she was about to take … a TeenScreen mental health screening program for suicide and social disorders that is being implemented in schools across the country, often without parental knowledge or consentAll her friends were told that something was wrong with them… This all began in April 2002 when President Bush launched a new mental health commission.

        Some related sites:


      • Phyllis Schlafly ( )
      • Also, if you are a parent, learn your rights under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment.

        This is flagrant corporate abuse to try to peddle expensive pharmaceutical drugs to more and more people.  We all need are Soma, right?  I am reminded of A Brave New World, and also the movie Equilibrium ( ).

        Everyone should refuse and resist. 

        Also, marijuana can act much like prozac — for many people — and at a much cheaper cost.  But nobody wants that, because no corporations make money off of marijuana.  It's total hypocracy and corporate abuse tied together.

        You know.. Movie-watchers always come back for more movies. They must be psychologically depdent on them! Oh no, think of the children!

        After some time, they buy more and more movies, and sometimes have to have a dealer supply them with a steady influx of movies (Mmmmm, Netflix). Advanced movie watchers even buy special paraphanilia such as projection TVs, so that they can “draw the movie deeper into their eyes” or “hear it louder”. This obviously causes additional harm to the movie-viewer, so movie-watching paraphanilia should be banned, even when it could be used for legal purposes like watching Fox News. In fact, we should test people to make sure they have not watched movies lately. If someone has a past record of watching movies, they should not be allowed into college in the future. In Thailand, they shoot you in the head with no hearing if you watch movies.

        I feel sorry for anyone who has watched a movie just to have fun.