So who did the Windows Update that came out last night? Since I had automatic updates, I had no choice. But I tried to stop it by killing some processes. This was a bad idea. I should have just let it go.

Now [UPDATE: it’s fixed now], all non-bolded text on all webapages are italics, including any text box I type in. Firefox and I already decided Firefox 3.0 is something I’d like to avoid based on trying it out [UPDATE: it wasn’t a firefox error, it happened in IE as well]. So what the hell is happening? How can a Windows Update affect Firefox? [UPDATE: It didn’t. My Arial font got corrupted.] Is Microsoft pulling some shit (forced incompatibility)? [UPDATE: No.]

This just goes along with my general rant against changing computers. If I set something up, it should stay exactly as I set it up – for the rest of my life. This is progress? Now I have to find a new web browser, and kiss my working plugins goodbye? I need the NoSquint plugin to live on a 52-inch monitor. [UPDATE: To add to this rant .. a font file, once installed, really shouldn’t be touched. Ever!]

UPDATE: My arial font may be corrupted.

UPDATE: Fixed by downloading arial font HERE.


Particularly funny are the D&D stats! Did you know George W. Bush constitution is really high? I think it should be 0. (There’s a joke that exactly 3 readers got.)

I hear great things for those who self-host using the software, but the changes they’ve made to the dashboard are absolutely deplorable to me. Hell, my links of the day do not even look the same, despite me changing nothing. And how do you “Save and continue editing”, something I’ve found VERY NECESSARY to do? They have a save button, but it takes you away from the editor. So now I can’t save a post without having to close out my editor, returning to the view of the post, hitting the edit button, and waiting for the editor page to load back again?! WTF. Who the hell REMOVES functionality? How the hell is that progress? What is the point of changing the entire appearance of the dashboard, without adding any functionality (and in fact taking some away)? This is as bad as the latest version of Microsoft Word, where they changed everything around, making it so that years of training became useless. WHAT THE FUCK, WORDPRESS? (more…)

Read on for the links, and an explanation (in the comments) of why Apple’s legal action is both unnecessary and hypocritical. (more…)

This Is Your Brain on God. Very interesting article about research into stimulating your brain to make you perceive God. Other research has already shown that our brain has been hardwired to have religious experiences from the start, so this is the next logical step. By the way, Comcast HDTV sucks. Just look at these screenshots. Comcast is a shitty company. Drop them now. Find alternative ISPs using

We have groups of people attacking goths, other groups of people (600 large) literally “hunting emos” — real violence being perpetrated for no good fucking reason whatsoever. Meanwhile, “terrorists”, many of who are innocent, language in Guantanamo — 2000 days and counting. And LinkedIn now has RSS feeds! (more…)

CENSORSHIP/RELIGION: Network Solutions takes down website for hosting anti-Islam movies — free speech online is controlled by only a few corporations, and they just want everyone to get along so that we keep buying stuff. When your domain name holder can pull your account at any time, you don’t truly have the freedom to express what you want. Avoid NetworkSolutions, and avoid GoDaddy. Go elsewhere for your needs; these guys are not YOUR friend, not even when you PAY them.  But you can still watch it on Google Video HERE.

Speaking of religion… SCIENTOLOGY IS A DANGEROUS, CRIMINAL CULT: Read about Gareth Cales and Sean Carasov — it looks like Scientologists poisoned Sean Carasov’s cat, then had him arrested for “threats” which have not been disclosed, much like Keith Hanson. Ultimately, on the protest day, Gareth had to have the police intervene to keep them from being followed into the subway. This is scary stuff. All Scientologist leaders should contract cancer and die. The world would be a much better place. All hail ANONYMOUS and XENU! 6AUP602!

WAR ON DRUGS HURTS CHILDREN (VIDEO SEGMENT): Douchebag U.S. Prisons Deny Man Temporary Release So Dying Daughter Can Have Last Wish – To Hug Her Father. Um, what about a conjugal visit? Man is in jail on a drug conviction. Remember: Drugs are victimless crimes. It probably hurt the child a lot more to lose a father, than how much “society” was hurt by the father’s actions. Yet here, a child has become a victim to a compassionless system; the American Justice system — which imprisons the most non-violent people of any system in the planet. Laws are not Morals, and in my book, non-violent criminals are, for the most part political prisoners.

Speaking of children…Child tasered to death after Mom makes him return to store he works at to face discipline for stealing Hot Pockets …. I guess before tasers, they would’ve shot him in the head? Of course, if you shoot someone unarmed, you tend to get sued. But if you TASER them & they die from “exicited delirium”, then a cop gets to blame the victim, avert the lawsuit, AND get away with cowardly murder. This is the 3rd taser death this week, and at least the 2nd time in a week I’ve read about a mother losing her son because she called 911. This is why I propose a softer “811” manned by people who actually risk their lives by not shooting anyone they perceive as a threat. It would basically be handled like the stereotypical people in white who bring you to the insane asylum.

What would Homer Simpson look like in real life? Like this. And it’s creepy. Blu-ray cracked! Of course BluRay movies were already being pirated. Anyway — Download “AnyDVD HD” while you still can. Netflix will send BluRay discs, y’know. Meanwhile, the FBI is creating links that will make you get raided if you click them — better not have Firefox prefetch on! Maye I should change every page on my blog to redirect to one of those links, huh? Yeah, it’s pretty fucking stupid: FBI Posts Fake Child Porn Hyperlinks. Also, related to the failed war on drugs: LSD and Psilocybin research begin again — after 35 years. First Cocaine Lab found in Brazil. Grow your own pot in the Czech Republic – they just descriminalized it. (more…)

Haha – Twittering the Twitter Revolution. Funny article, written in “twitter-speak”, about a journalist who tried to wirte about how un-compelling twitter was, but ended up getting sucked in to it for over an hour. I love how the twitter t-shirt says “wearing a twitter shirt”. TECHNOLOGY WAR: Social Control: Emotion-Tracking Wearable Device Lets Your Boss Monitor Your Feelings. I covered this on my blog before, when Microsoft announced the patent for a similar device. Well, HERE IT IS. You wear this, and you think happy thoughts while wearing this, or you get fired. This is the corporate future of slavery. It is best to REFUSE AND RESIST. Better to be homeless and free, than wage-enslaved with a wristband. LIVEJOURNAL: Six Apart/SUP Erases Porn, Sex… and Fandom from LiveJournal popular interests. People are still around, but only in the shadows. This is what you get for adopting a corporate blogging platform. Had you self-hosted your blog with open-source software, nobody would have been able to censor you or make you hide. This is why people need to find solutions for themselves, instead of depending on corporate offerings for everything. Back in 1995, the only webpages were personal webpages in personal spaces. Today, almost everyone’s space — even my own — takes place under a corporate umbrella. We are trading freedom for convenience (and I have too). This is bad. retreats on women’s rights after Muslim clerics protest – fuck Islam. Sherrif threatens journalist with arrest for writing about his son’s arrest – um, this is America, remember Sheriff? $28M taxpayer money gone because of idiot cops Juan Curry & Samuel Nassan — who shot an unarmed 12-year-old car-thief boy in the back, killing him on Christmas Eve. (Of course he was black.) I twittered that I farted, and was immediately followed by “FartSurvey“, a twitter account. WTF? Read on for alternate summaries / tags. (more…)

I’ve added a sidebar to include my last 10 twitters, so that non-twitter-using, non-facebook-using readers who visit my blog’s URL can still enjoy my micro-blogs by simply looking to the right.

Duh! I never RSS-subscribed to my friends’ facebook status updates! That’s one of the more obvious feeds that I should have subscribed to a long time ago!

Now that I’ve added the the TwitterSync Facebook application, my twitter statuses are automatically updated to Facebook. So now everyone can on Facebook see what I’m doing, even if I never go there. It makes sense to get the opposite – to get everyone else’s updates without ever having to go there. Frankly, I was surprised Facebook had an RSS feed for that. I thought these companies rarely did anything to keep you from having to login over and over (which I hate), so I’m happy.

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.So I’ve decided to start micro-blogging, after seeing that several friends have been using twitter for some time.

Friends, feel free to go here and friend me at You can also RSS subscribe to my twitterings HERE, though I think it’s easier to simply set up a Twitter account, friend people, and subscribe to the generic feed for all your friends’ twitters (much like flickr’s generic feed for all your friends’ new photos). It’s less work in the long run. Of course, if you already subscribe to Clint And Carolyn’s Managed RSS Feed, do nothing — our twitter feeds have been added to our aggregate feed. Yahoo Pipes rules! And if you are on facebook — I’ve installed the TwitterSync application, so my Facebook Status will now be set via twittering! So my twitterings wont just be enjoyed by those on Twitter! If you use TwitterSync and I am your Facebook friend, I will stop following you on Twitter so I don’t see everything twice.

So anyway, this is a twitter.bat that I wrote, to easily twitter from the command-line. It is designed for married geek couples, supporting multiple users. It is made for the 4NT command-line intepreter, but might work under I’ve also included my LiveJournal Twitter Crosspost script ( Get the code for these below

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY? Internet Censorship death sentence. Life sentence for stealing 50 cents of donuts. Ban fat people from restaurants.  Interesting stories today. (more…)

Holy shit. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile, but it’s geek humor, be forewarned. I get every joke (except Jeeves saying ‘gay’). I even knew what a blumpkin was… hahaha… I even knew that guy was going to say something along those lines.  It was still freakin’ hilarious. Thanks Eve!

There’s a funny video in here, so I suggest you take the jump and check it out. A guy literally brings a lion to a party and lets it chase the guests a bit. (more…)

I guess this will never happen because people are too scared of identity theft, and RSS doesn’t really have that much security, buuuut….

I want an RSS feed that tells me everytime my credit card is charged, and everytime my bank account changes.  That would be awesome.

Nancy ‘voice of Bart Simpson’ Cartwright gives $10 million to Scientology. This sucks. Guess it’s good I only rented those dvds.. Marvel Comics revives Capt. America (spoilers past the jump). MySpace deletes huge Atheist group — MySpace is Christian, you see, sine it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch. Athiests are even reporting that their profile has been edited in some cases. LOCAL: Army psychologist awarded $450K after idiot pig Barbara R. Johnson-Rauf rear-ends him and then has HIM arrested for reckless driving (acquitted!). Don’t you love getting into accidents with cops? By the way, I got a gun pointed at my face once for daring to stop to ask for directions. (more…)

A few tips here on how to use google to keep track of who is keeping track of you. (more…)

MySpace. Kindergartener handcuffed. Baltimore cops beat themselves. Arsonist fireman sentenced to only 6 weeks per fire. Weed ATM. (more…)

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