WAR ON DRUGS: Federal marijuana decriminalization bill introduced — tell your congressman to support it here. Surveys tend to show that around half of Americans support decriminalization of marijuana. Since this is not a direct democracy, and you don’t get a vote, letting your congressman know what to do is the only way you will be represented. So speak up. Of course this wont make a real difference, as only 1% of marijuana arrests occur at the federal level. But federal penalties are draconian and extreme. (tags: marijuana Democrats BarneyFrank)
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  • I gotta figure out how to get this Tim And Eric album.  Anyway, read on for the list. I think I’m slowly learning what not to do to mess up the formatting with the new version of wordpress. (more…)

    Haha – Twittering the Twitter Revolution. Funny article, written in “twitter-speak”, about a journalist who tried to wirte about how un-compelling twitter was, but ended up getting sucked in to it for over an hour. I love how the twitter t-shirt says “wearing a twitter shirt”. TECHNOLOGY WAR: Social Control: Emotion-Tracking Wearable Device Lets Your Boss Monitor Your Feelings. I covered this on my blog before, when Microsoft announced the patent for a similar device. Well, HERE IT IS. You wear this, and you think happy thoughts while wearing this, or you get fired. This is the corporate future of slavery. It is best to REFUSE AND RESIST. Better to be homeless and free, than wage-enslaved with a wristband. LIVEJOURNAL: Six Apart/SUP Erases Porn, Sex… and Fandom from LiveJournal popular interests. People are still around, but only in the shadows. This is what you get for adopting a corporate blogging platform. Had you self-hosted your blog with open-source software, nobody would have been able to censor you or make you hide. This is why people need to find solutions for themselves, instead of depending on corporate offerings for everything. Back in 1995, the only webpages were personal webpages in personal spaces. Today, almost everyone’s space — even my own — takes place under a corporate umbrella. We are trading freedom for convenience (and I have too). This is bad. retreats on women’s rights after Muslim clerics protest – fuck Islam. Sherrif threatens journalist with arrest for writing about his son’s arrest – um, this is America, remember Sheriff? $28M taxpayer money gone because of idiot cops Juan Curry & Samuel Nassan — who shot an unarmed 12-year-old car-thief boy in the back, killing him on Christmas Eve. (Of course he was black.) I twittered that I farted, and was immediately followed by “FartSurvey“, a twitter account. WTF? Read on for alternate summaries / tags. (more…)

    I’ve added a sidebar to include my last 10 twitters, so that non-twitter-using, non-facebook-using readers who visit my blog’s URL can still enjoy my micro-blogs by simply looking to the right.

    Duh! I never RSS-subscribed to my friends’ facebook status updates! That’s one of the more obvious feeds that I should have subscribed to a long time ago!

    Now that I’ve added the the TwitterSync Facebook application, my twitter statuses are automatically updated to Facebook. So now everyone can on Facebook see what I’m doing, even if I never go there. It makes sense to get the opposite – to get everyone else’s updates without ever having to go there. Frankly, I was surprised Facebook had an RSS feed for that. I thought these companies rarely did anything to keep you from having to login over and over (which I hate), so I’m happy.

    //” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.So I’ve decided to start micro-blogging, after seeing that several friends have been using twitter for some time.

    Friends, feel free to go here and friend me at You can also RSS subscribe to my twitterings HERE, though I think it’s easier to simply set up a Twitter account, friend people, and subscribe to the generic feed for all your friends’ twitters (much like flickr’s generic feed for all your friends’ new photos). It’s less work in the long run. Of course, if you already subscribe to Clint And Carolyn’s Managed RSS Feed, do nothing — our twitter feeds have been added to our aggregate feed. Yahoo Pipes rules! And if you are on facebook — I’ve installed the TwitterSync application, so my Facebook Status will now be set via twittering! So my twitterings wont just be enjoyed by those on Twitter! If you use TwitterSync and I am your Facebook friend, I will stop following you on Twitter so I don’t see everything twice.

    So anyway, this is a twitter.bat that I wrote, to easily twitter from the command-line. It is designed for married geek couples, supporting multiple users. It is made for the 4NT command-line intepreter, but might work under I’ve also included my LiveJournal Twitter Crosspost script ( Get the code for these below