VIDEO: Hannah Montana Coon Repellent: Bold Yet Sassy

Having had a lot of raccoon experiences in my current house, I ended up at this video………. A must-see if you don’t mind raccoon, rednecks, and Hannah Montana body spray.


VIDEO: Real Eagle vs Hawk Death Match Caught on Video

Holy shit. Do not fuck with momma’s eggs! Momma gonna fuck you up…. ‘MURICA


COMEDY: CATS: Nom Nom Nom: Kitty Loves You

The orange cat near the end is our cat Oranjello!

Someone else made this… I simply ran into it. That is my mother-in-law Anne’s hand in the picture. Vicky originally took it.


VIDEO: ANIMALS: Elephant Using a Smartphone

MOTHER OF GOD this is the coolest fucking elephant video i’ve seen in my goddamn fucking life, holy shit!!!

I mean… holy fuck. Is this CGI? No? What the….. I had no clue they were capable of this. I knew they were smart, but still. I thought they were kinda locked in their awkward bodies and prevented from doing anything as cool as this.