ANTI-MEME: Actually — You Are Less Beautiful Than You Think

Remember the viral video campaign where women told painters what a they looked like, then a stranger told the same painter what the same woman looked like, and that painting was better looking than the original, and the women cried when they saw how good looking the paintings were? 

And this was supposed to prove that people were more beautiful than they thought?

Yea, it was a real nice feelgood sentiment.

But as I had commented on everyone who posted it — it didn’t prove what they said it was proving. It simply proved that people won’t talk smack about someone knowing they are on the other side of the curtain.

Well anyway — Once you dip into actual science, the opposite is true: Everyone is worse-looking than they think they are.

Sorry to burst your bubble, everyone. But truth is truth.

You also are probably not as good of a driver as you think you are.