TASERS: Chicago cops Taser 8-month pregnant woman for parking violation

What. The. Fuck.

They tasered her for trying to “take off” – but they were ticketing her for parking in a handicapped space she wasn’t supposed to be in, so was she supposed to just stick around in the space she was ticketed for?

Her crime? Ripping up the ticket. This is a parking ticket. This is not a situation to use a taser, which not only can kill a person, but also can affect the unborn child.

She was never actually a threat to anybody. This should be a huge fucking lawsuit. And the superintendent’s excuse?  “You can’t always tell whether somebody is pregnant.”

What a load of shit. Pregnant or not, the only sensible policy is that tasers be used in place of actually shooting someone. And if your’e going to tell me that shooting someone for ripping up a ticket is valid, you really don’t belong in America.

Yet another story that’s something I’ve never quite heard of before, and involves, of course, a person of color.

And oh, they also dislocated her boyfriend’s elbow after he sensibly tried to stop near-lethal force against his girlfriend & child.

LINK URL: http://rt.com/usa/news/chicago-taser-pregnant-rent-324/

FREEDOM: Police Preemptively Raid Apartment & Arrest Activists Ahead of NATO Summit

USA likes to espouse itself as being the freest country in the world, defender of life and liberty.

Yet people are pre-emptively arrested for wanting to exercise their first amendment rights, 25% of all prisoners on planet earth are in our jail system, we have the highest imprisonment rate, and have killed tons of civilians in our various oil wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya).

America’s dead. Perhaps a better use of everyone’s energy is to figure out how to get the fuck out of America, because our “freedom” is mostly based on economics, not principles of actual liberty.

Fuck Chicago Police (for the 10,000th time).

But fuck america for allowing this to happen, and fuck americans for voting in leaders like Bush and Obama who only decrease total freedom, and for having no backbone to fight this bullshit.

LINK URL: http://dissenter.firedoglake.com/2012/05/17/police-preemptively-raid-apartment-arrest-activists-ahead-of-nato-summit

THIN BLUE LINE: Excessive force lawsuit filed following Fermilab shooting

Yup. If you are a 17 year old passenger in a car that sideswipes an off  duty cop, the cop can chase you down, fire indiscriminately in a car full of 5 teenagers, and NOT GET CHARGED FOR SHOOTING YOU AND  PUTTING YOU IN THE HOSPITAL IN CRITICAL CONDITION.

 Is it any wonder people don’t respect american authority? American authority does not submit to law. They are simply thugs who do what they want — and the system lets them, which is why they do it.

No charges. For shooting an unarmed teenage passenger in the back after chasing down their car in road rage. The officer is not even named. Fucking ridiculous.

LINK URL: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-excessive-force-lawsuit-filed-following-fermilab-shooting-20120228,0,1687644.story

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