VIDEO: MOVIE: REVIEW: Jesus Henry Christ (2012)

Clint/Carolyn: 4/5 stars, 8/10.

Native ratings: 3.0/5 Netflix stars, 6.1/10 IMDB.

Carolyn adds: “Quirky. Not as comedic as Clint lead me to believe.”

W.L. Swarts points out that this is basically a Wes Anderson movie:

Yea. This was definitely a very unique and quirky indie comedy-drama, though the comedy stops and it simply becomes an interesting dramatic story.

The real gold in this movie are the quirky, absolutely unique characters. They’re worth getting to know for 90 minutes!

Best line? “Why were you expelled?” “Heresy.” Very funny coming from a 6-year-old who’s smarter than every adult in the movie.