VIDEO: MOVIES: REVIEW: Skyfall (2012) [James Bond]

Clint: 2.9/5 stars, 5.8/10.
Carolyn: 2.9/5 stars, 5.4/10.
Native ratings: 4.2/5 stars Netflix, 7.9/10 IMDB.

I should have remembered that neither Carolyn nor I are James Bond fans. Carolyn thought she had never even seen a bond movie, but then I reminded her that we watched whatever the new one was in 2004.

I’d never seen any of the 3 movies with the current (Daniel Craig) bond….This guy is a TERRIBLE Bond. He’s the least JamesBond-y of all the James Bonds. Ever.

And man this was movie generic and kid of pointless. It had entertainment value, which kept us from outright disliking it… But this is very much just “ok”.

And what the hell is “skyfall”, anyway? “Skyfall.” “Done!” … Then never mentioned again. Meh.

And the computer parts! Fucking ridiculous, not even a realistic unrealistic like one would hope for. There’s more realistic computer usage in childrens’ cartoons!

Also: Adele is terrible. Not helping. Not helping.

Big disappointment.

NOT. ENOUGH. ACTION. Javier Bardem as a crazed killer is already cliche, too.