VIDEO: MOVIES: REVIEW: John Dies At The End (2012)

Clint: 5/5 stars, 9.6/10.
(4/5 stars, 8/10 after first/too drunk viewing)
Carolyn: 5/5 stars, 10/10.
Native ratings: 4/5 stars Netflix, 6.9/10 IMDB.

Holy fuck, this is the most unique movie I’ve watched in awhile.

A supernatural fantasy/psychological horror/drug comedy that does not take itself too seriously.  This movie is WEIRD. SO WEIRD. And kind of confusing.

The first time I watched it I drank too much leftover New Year’s champagne and was a bit too out of it to fully comprehend everything, so I knew I liked it, but I couldn’t really remember any of the plot points, or what the hell had just happened. I watched it again about 4 days later with John The Canadien; Autumn left in the middle of the movie, while Jesse, Melanie, Randy, Chablis, and Steve stopped by mid-movie and watched most of the rest with us. They all kinda loved it or really liked it.

It’s based on a book (that Chablis had read, and Carolyn now wants to obtain).

Anyway, Paul Giamatti & Clancy Brown were welcome additions to the mostly-unknown cast. The screenplay adaptation was done by a screenwriter of Bubba Ho-Tep & the Beastmaster movies.

The movie definitely had its cheesy moments. It was pretty much on purpose. Regardless, this is NOT a movie that you can guess what is going to happen next on. It is a wild ride. It is pretty much impossible to guess where the plot is going. That makes this very charming.

Anyway… Great fucking movie! SEE IT, SEE IT, SEE IT!

Carolyn: Slightly confusing, but thoroughly enjoyable.  Based on a book, which apparently people liked better than the movie.  Be careful when injecting unknown drugs.  They might be part of an alien infection from a parallel universe.


VIDEO: MOVIE: REVIEW: The Negotiator (1998)

Surprised! I was expecting a mindless action flick, and then this turned out to be way better than we expected.  In the same league as Training Day or L.A. Confidential.  Lots of angry tension in this movie, and fortunately not too many laughably unrealistic scenes.

Carolyn: 4.7/5 stars, 8.7/10.
Clint: 4.6/5 stars, 8.6/10.
Native: 3.8/5 stars, 7.2/10. Netflix incorrectly thought we’d like this less than average (3.2). BUT SO DID I, so I can’t blame Netflix’s system here.

I was glad that I had forgotten the plot points from the trailer to this movie (which I probably only saw in the late 1990s), for that made it more fun to watch. Had no clue Kevin Spacey was going to be in this. Or Paul Giamatti. Bonus.