FREEDOM: What You Lose When You Sign That Organ-Donor Card

And this is why I no longer check organ donor on my driver’s license. If you’re going to make 2 million dollars from my organs, Carolyn should get those profits, not some for-profit corporate hospital. Hey Carolyn? When I’m dead, negotiate a better deal than $0.

Honestly, if we all could take a line of credit out against our future organs, there’d probably be no student loans left ;)

Okay. That’s all a bit fallacious because not all hospital costs are profit — even though we pay way more for the same procedure here in America than in most places, and a lot of it certainly is profit, and I do think we should get something for it. 10% finder fee.

But Carolyn not being the ultimate decider? FUCK. THAT. That’s the real crux.


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