VIDEO: Shrek The Dark Ogrelord

Today’s moment of WTF is 36 seconds of disturbing Source Filmmaker Shrek Vs. Hitler…ness.


FREEDOM: New York City bike tour bicyclers not allowed to carry hydration packs for security purposes

Further proof that every time something goes bad, we respond to it by taking away freedom.

Remember how unfair it was when the teacher punished the whole class because ONE person chewed gum?

One would hope our leaders would be more mature than that.

One would be wrong.

Another city full of docile pussies who can’t stand up for their rights, and thus get them taken away in the name of safety.

I wonder how many more bombs have to go off before pockets are declared national security hazards?


VIDEO: WTF: CATS/DANCING: Ballet Zoom: “Cats”

Dafuq did I just watch?!??!?!?!


MUSIC VS. POLITICS: Megadeth Frontman Dave Mustaine Endorses Rick Santorum | TPM2012

…the Skull Beneath dave mustaine’s Skin seems to have Hook In Mouth disease. this is a Bad Omen for all. someone should read him his Last Rites. he needs to give His Last Words and shut the fuck up. he is truly In His Darkest Hour. someone should get him some more Mary Jane. his Take No Prisoners attitude is ridiculous, and he shouldn’t support people who support Holy Wars.  to see him trumpeting the Symphony Of Destruction by the Skin Of His constantly-griting Teeth just feels like a Countdown To political Extinction. Washington Is Next? i hope not. i guess it’s No More Mr. Nice Guy, and that’s probably why metallica kicked you out of the band, dave. Go To Hell. 


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