Wow. They played videos and everything. 5 minute videos, even. Videos of rock. Barely any commercials at all. Not like today’s MTV … or MTV2, for that matter.

00:00	Split Enz - History Never Repeats
02:25	38 Special - Hold On Loosely
07:00			MTV: id: rocket ship blasting, moon landing, MTV logo flag
07:25			MTV vj - voiceover
07:37	April Wine - Just Between You & Me
11:28	Rod Stewart - Sailing
15:50			MTV vj - Stevie Nicks involved in Heavy Metal?
16:16			commercial: Dolby Noise Reduction
16:50			MTV vj - Inside Line edition #1 - Heavy Metal movie premiere, soundtrack, Elvis Costello
18:37	Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
22:32			commercial: The Movie Channel
23:00			commercial: MTV: contest: REO Speedwagon
23:20	REO Speedwagon - Keep On Loving You
26:30			MTV vj - One Night Stand / lear jet contest
36:43			commercial: Nickelodeon
27:15			commercial: MTV: before MTV vs. after tv (uses at least one clip used in Headbanger's Ball ids) - Phil Collins - first stereo music channel
27:54	music video not identified by MTV
30:53	Pretenders - Message Of Love
34:04	Lee Ritenour - Mr. Briefcase
37:31			MTV: id: boring color-changing MTV logo voiced over
37:42	The Cars - Double Life
41:38	Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
46:15			MTV vj - records can be worth more than baseball cards teaser
46:30			commercial: MTV: first stereo music channel - why settle for half the sound? - simulated sound comparison
47:00			MTV vj - records can be worth more than baseball cards story
48:47	Robert Palmer - Looking For Clues
52:25			commercial: MTV: television used to be called a vast wasteland, BEFORE MTV
52:44	Shoes - Too Late
55:22			MTV vj - MTV is only available on cable, which allows better sound quality than FM stereo! OMG!
55:42	Stevie Nicks - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (with Tom Petty?)
59:38	black screen with music, seems like network error
60:07	Rupert Hine - Surface Tension (first 5 seconds or so only)

Mood: hot
Music: Perry Farrell – Say Something