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WORDPRESS USERS: Use wordpress’s built in “follow this blog” feature :)
Try out Clint & Carolyn’s Managed Feed. The managed feed will subscribe you to everything Clint and Carolyn do online – blogs, pictures, comments, youtube, favorited flickr pictures, shared items, twitters. However, it has not been updated in several yeras.

EMAIL USERS:  These services used to email you whenever a new blog is posted. No clue if they still work:


Note that email is the worst way, and you have to basically click every link in every email you receive, in backwards order, to actually read everything. You are much much better off using Google Reader, or even LiveJournal.

3 Responses to “Subscribe (RSS/LiveJournal/Tumblr)”

  1. Ace Says:

    This is Awsome!!

  2. dougspostalescape Says:

    Thanks for the usefull info. i am just starting this blogging stuff need all the help i can get

  3. Producer of Starvival Says:

    Hi Clint,
    I am the Producer of a new Reality/Comedy Web-Series entitled Starvival that I would love for you to check out as a new potential show for your reviewing pleasure… or displeasure.

    What is Starvival?
    Starvival is a quirky, cutting-edge, Reality-Comedy Series about the dream-quest of a brave up-and-coming Hollywood Actress who puts herself into the most humiliating and life-risking situations unfathomable to the average person. Viewers follow the knee-gripping journey of Danielle Barker, a vivacious young Starving-Artist, tackling the uttermost absurdity found within the world-wide-web.
    Ambitiously going after her almost impossible dream of being a Hollywood Star, our Heroine exposes industry con-artists (and perverts!) while resorting to the most outrageous odd-jobs in order to survive. With her life on the line, a “Bodyguard” standing by, a Father strongly opposed to this idea, and the reluctant assistance of friends, Danielle produces Starvival using basic editing software, guerrilla-style shooting, and a half-broken camcorder to nervously capture the event.

    Starvival has gathered a loyal and enthusiastic following with only 10 Episodes on-line and more to come. Here is the link to the 9th Episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFBY1g7r7wA.

    Would love to hear your thoughts as all feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks Clint and I hope to hear back from you.

    Producer of Starvival

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